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  1. Yips got her, a Yankees second baseman I think. Chuck Knoblach wasn't it? He overthrew first and hit her in the stands,
  2. Luke Leto – Leto was one of the top players in the country a few years ago, but he seems to have lost some athleticism with age, and now figures to be a corner infielder or outfielder. He has plus power potential in his left-handed bat, and a strong arm. He could be taken in the first five rounds, but he may be better off heading to LSU now. https://motorcitybengals.com/2021/02/26/detroit-tigers-2021-mlb-draft-high-school/
  3. That feels strange to read and yet so very satisfying!
  4. https://pressboxonline.com/2021/05/26/jonathan-mayo-orioles-ss-prospect-gunnar-henderson-has-tremendous-ceiling/ https://www.mlb.com/orioles/news/orioles-gunnar-henderson-homers-in-five-rbi-night
  5. I wish all the O's draftees make it, but I am especially rooting for this guy. Maybe it is the Oriole connection, but something about this kid makes me think he could be special. His enthusiasm is contagious!
  6. Kjerstad told the MLB Network in an interview this week that he improved as a hitter this season. "That was my main thing going into the junior year ... I wanted to have a little bit better plate discipline, be more selective, get more walks and cut down on the strikeouts," Kjerstad told the network. "I knew that would help me reach a new level in my game, and I'll be honest, my freshman and sophomore years in college, I was a young 18- and 19-year-old, and I was trying to swing it and hit long balls just because. "You dream about that as a kid, but I slowly started to realize, I don
  7. In a vacuum, I preferred Martin with the top pick. But, I'm drinking the coolaid for now and trust that Elias knows what he's doing. I like he had a plan, trusted his own people, and executed the plan. For that, his draft gets an A from me. Nobody will know for years if he was right. Time will judge this and all drafts. And while we must view the draft as a whole, I'm probably not alone when I will be watching Martin's progress as against Heston's.
  8. 20k is the signing bonus. Why can't they agree to a larger base salary or if they can't, just hire a bunch of janitors who play "rec" ball for the company.
  9. I was hoping for Martin's name to be announced. Was shocked and dismayed when it was not. I hadn't read anything on Heston as even a possibility and was not familiar with him at all. Trying to make sense and be positive about the selection, I started reading about him like everyone else. His selection is warming on me and I can see how his power would be a welcome addition to the lineup. Also, in evaluating Martin, he has a great stick but nobody knows where he will play on the field. What we do know is that before the season there was talk of him trying SS. That did not happen.
  10. I like Tork and Martin above anyone else. I want a bat in large part because I think it's safer than pitching. I feel both of these guys are going to be good. I am not sure that Tork is limited athletically or limited to first base either. His coach and an anonymous scout think he's playing first in large part because of outstanding athletes playing elsewhere on his college team. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/mlb/tigers/2020/05/21/potential-detroit-tigers-pick-spencer-torkelson-packs-more-than-just-powerful-punch/5236418002/?utm_source=oembed&utm_medium=onsite&
  11. I have not read the agreement and was relying on what you wrote. If the owners have bargained for and gotten the right to decide when the season starts, that is a huge chip. Nothing in your post that I relied upon said anything about opening up books or proving losses. You also said that the players agreed to negotiate in good faith if the games had to be played without fans. All of this means to me that the players are losers if they do not reconsider their position such that the owners limit the season in a way that renders finances moot. Again, if there is a written agreeme
  12. Well, I would say that the issue is not closed assuming everything you say is absolutely true. Based upon what you wrote, $170 mil the players get no matter what. That's roughly $5.7 mil per team. If there is no season, that money gets divided up, I guess between the players and that's it. That's not really much per player considering what they make. The players lose huge money in that scenario. They lose big the fewer games that get played from their prorating agreement. And the owners get to decide when to start play and how many games get played. So, if the owners decide
  13. According to BA, Nander De Sedas is a draft eligible sophomore for the 2020 draft. https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/nander-de-sedas-joins-exceptionally-deep-group-of-2020-mlb-draft-eligible-sophomores/
  14. If they are so bothered by stealing signs... Why don't they just make it impossible to steal signs. Not like we don't have the tech. Just put a gadget on the catchers wrist with a flap that has buttons on it, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, whatever. Let him call pitches by lifting the flap and pushing a button. Button sends a signal to pitcher with an ear piece with the designated pitch. Pitcher shakes off, catcher pushes another button. Rinse repeat. Or an apple watch on catcher to send signal to pitcher's watch... whatever... The players know how apple watches work so maybe that's good enough...
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