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  1. According to BA, Nander De Sedas is a draft eligible sophomore for the 2020 draft. https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/nander-de-sedas-joins-exceptionally-deep-group-of-2020-mlb-draft-eligible-sophomores/
  2. If they are so bothered by stealing signs... Why don't they just make it impossible to steal signs. Not like we don't have the tech. Just put a gadget on the catchers wrist with a flap that has buttons on it, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, whatever. Let him call pitches by lifting the flap and pushing a button. Button sends a signal to pitcher with an ear piece with the designated pitch. Pitcher shakes off, catcher pushes another button. Rinse repeat. Or an apple watch on catcher to send signal to pitcher's watch... whatever... The players know how apple watches work so maybe that's good enough...
  3. I would love to see Ljay come home! My son played with and against him growing up. High quality kid who throws strikes. Very coachable and will out perform expectations in my less than knowledgeable opinion.
  4. Gunnar Henderson Stats Summary LG LEVEL G AB R H TB 2B 3B HR RBI BB IBB SO SB CS AVG OBP SLG OPS GO/AO Minors 2019 GCL ROK 21 77 17 23 34 4 2 1 11 9 0 20 2 2 .299 .375 .442 .817 1.06 Minors Career - Minors 21 77 17 23 34 4 2 1 11 9 0 20 2 2 .299 .375 .442 .817 1.06 Bobby Witt Jr. Stats Summary LG LEVEL G AB R H TB 2B 3B HR RBI BB IBB SO SB CS AVG OBP SLG OPS GO/AO Minors 2019 AZL ROK 28 125 21 32 38 2 2 0 16 9 0 27 8 0 .256 .304 .304 .608 1.39 Minors Career - Minors 28 125 21 32 38 2 2 0 16 9 0 27 8 0 .256 .304 .304 .608 1.39 Bobby who? I know some would naturally compare Bobby with Adley based upon their draft position, but to me this is the real comparison. So far so good!
  5. http://www.neacsports.com/sports/bsb/2018-19/releases/PSB_Toby_Welk_Selected_in_the_21st_Round_of_the_2019_MLB_Draft Birth Date: May 2 Major: EMET Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, archery, hockey, stickshift Favorite Food: Venison Favorite TV Show: Meat Eater Favorite Movie: American Sniper Favorite Actor: Bradley Cooper Favorite Actress: Jennifer Aniston Favorite Sports Team: Philadelphia 76ers, Phillies, the Birds Favorite Athlete: Julia Green, Josh Donaldson Favorite Book: Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Favorite Vacation Spot: Thunderdome Favorite Musician: Eric Clapton Dream Job: Work designing manual transmissions Favorite Video Game: Apex Legends Pre-Game Meal: Chicken and rice Pre-Game Ritual: Visualize success, eye black applier Preferred Super Power: Graduate with a 4.0 Sheetz or Wawa: No question, Wee-wa Chipotle or Moe’s: Welcome to Moe’s! Hidden Talent: I can remove covers from baseballs Sport other than your own you like to play: Hockey Career Goal After Graduation: Start a successful career, along with a family. Eventually start an outfitter out west for guided hunts. Fun Fact: I like to hit baseballs hard Goal for upcoming season: Outwork everyone, and earn the respect we deserve. Nickname: Tobiatron, Tobes, Tobasaurus, Tobechut
  6. Signed up! I should win a prize for best name... Hoos on First!
  7. I am guessing that might not avoid the luxury tax issue for the Dodgers. Eating the salary is probably sending the cash along and the Dodgers still have to pay the salary which counts against them. Therefore, they have to shed a salary to stay under, not just get money back. I am not sure of course, but it makes sense to me that is how it works.
  8. Go see the future in Bowie! Lots more fun than Baltimore atm. I got to see Kremer, Bannon and Diaz yesterday. Mountcastle reminded us he has a bat. Good times!
  9. Now is the time to find out what we have. They should be learning. We know what Adam has now and can guess going forward it willbe worse. He has been in decline for like 3years right? Will only be worse, and maybe a lot worse soon. I'd rather the young guys not come up and copy his free swinging ways too. He is not someone to emulate at the plate. We will not be competitive until at least 2020 and probably more like 2021. During that time we have to give the young guys experience and outfield is one area where we have quite a few real prospects.
  10. Why? How does he help a youth movement? Why block our young outfielders. Spend that money on scouting, international development. Anything but a purely clubhouse presence who is getting worse and will not be worth the money or roster spot. We have Davis for that....
  11. I think it is time to say goodbye to Adam as an O's player. He might linger in baseball a bit, but his days as a front line starter are over IMO.
  12. You do not use the QO on Adam. He will earn nothing close to that for one year and surely would accept. I do not think an aging free swinging poor defensive outfielder in decline is going to get a big contract.
  13. If they resign Adam, to me it is a sign nothing in management has changed. Adam has been great but he is not what this team needs going forward. He is an aging free swinging poor defensive outfielder in decline earning a lot of money. Moving him to right field blocks guys who should be playing and he is just going to get worse all around for lots of money that should be spent elsewhere. Resigning him would not be a good baseball business decision aiding a youth movement centered on a competitive window starting 2020 that should put an emphasis on OBP for one thing. If they resign him, it would be an emotional decision and one I do not think DD would consider, but Buck would... What happens with Adam going forward may be a litmus test that reflects if things are changing and who is really in control.
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