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  1. <p><p><p>Happy Birthday</p></p></p>

  2. I seriously doubt Flacco will throw 20 INT's again. A lot of that was based on the lack of running game and desperation throws. Plenty of those picks are on Joe but he's better than that. The Ravens will improve the run game and Flacco's performance will improve based on that.
  3. I think Henne would be a good back-up. Tyrod has never looked good, outside of a few drives this preseason. Now that we've see Flacco wince in pain it's time to get a better back-up.
  4. This is what struck me: After 14 miserable years of changing parts, we finally have 5 good players under team control for a bargain. So what are we going to do to fill out the roster and make a run? Nothing, except sign a BP arm and trade for a 4th OF while writing off the posting system for international FA's and crying poor even after increasing attendance and blockbuster TV deals.
  5. Whatever the Texans do they'll be better off for it.
  6. The Texans could have a very fast turnaround. Good hire at HC, #1 overall pick, and some very good talent on that roster.
  7. They've got some talent on the roster and some extra draft picks. Someone will take that job.
  8. First ever baseball game, probably 1985 or 86...against the Angels, people booed Reggie Jackson and I asked my parents why. At a game vs Yankees in 1989, everyone was watching the scoreboard to see what Toronto was doing. About the fifth inning, everyone in stadium sees they lost to Milwaukee. About two or three innings later my dad stands up and yells as loud as he can, Milwaukee 5!!! Toronto 3!!! At a game probably 87 or 88 vs Detroit I spent most of the game playing with peanut shells under my seat. First pre-season football game in 1996. Final game at Memorial ever, vs. Tennessee, 1997
  9. I can't believe the 2000 Ravens had only 1 INT for a TD. And it happened in the last game of the season vs the Jets if I remember correctly...right before halftime.
  10. OK, then that's OK. I was thinking average top 5 salaries at TE...Pitta isn't worth it, but I guess he is.
  11. Yes, they both need to go and a hungry organization probably wouldn't keep Pees either. Not saying the Ravens aren't hungry but they're more loyal than hungry. I doubt there will be much turnover but I'd be surprised if Castillo is back. Whatever he brought to the table, it failed. Miserably.
  12. You can't franchise Pitta. He's not worth the money. Hopefully they'll get him on a reasonable deal. You need to upgrade the OL and get a solid #1 WR. Smith is taken away too easily. I like what Brown showed us this year and it'll be nice to have Pitta at the start of the season next year assuming he's back. But you've got to give Joe the weapons to succeed. You also need to give him a good running game. You gave him a huge contract and the stifled him with a weak OL, WRs and questionable coaching and play calling. It's time to really let him loose and if he throws 20 int again next year, so
  13. Ironically, the Orioles started winning when Roberts wasn't much of a factor because of injuries. I don't blame him for wanting out, but it's not like he ran out of Baltimore during 2007, when the team had no hope whatsoever to compete. And he went to a team that while better than the Orioles, has its own issues.
  14. Maybe it was because he wasn't meddling. But there are reports that Angelos kicked DD out of Duquette's office to have one there himself. Maybe the winning has made him more interested in being involved again. We'll never know the whole story here, and we won't know whether the O's were right or wrong until the end of the season and we see how good, bad or injured Balfour may be. But Angelos' track record with these kinds of thing speaks for itself.
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