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  1. <p><p><p>Happy Birthday</p></p></p>

  2. I would love to see the a grand bargain made that makes it harder for teams to manipulate service time in exchange for the end of arbitration and players being made free agents sooner. The best outcome for MLB IMO would be to greatly increase the supply of FAs which I think would lead to a marketplace that works better than the one now where salaries skyrocket due to not enough supply.
  3. I think they are being highly optimistic assuming anywhere near that growth. I think we are in the early stages of the decline of cable television as we know it. More and more people are cutting the cord. Some sports are already being made available over the top. The days of every household that wants TV being forced to pay for RSN's whether they care about sports / baseball or not is not going to last forever and when it does end I suspect the revenue situation in baseball is going to look dramatically different than now. In that regard Angelos cashing out of MASN in the near future may
  4. Agreed. The vast majority of the time (I'd guess somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 to 90% of the time ) the long term / big money contract for a FA on the open market ends up being something the signing team regrets. In most cases maybe even before the deal is halfway through.
  5. Let's assume that they truly had never seen the tape... Why do you think the NFL wouldn't have corrected the record with any of the big names (Peter King, Mortensen, etc..) by reaching out to them to say we've only ever seen the dragging video? That is what I'm struggling to get my head around - how that could have gone unchallenged at the time if indeed the NFL never had seen this video.
  6. I would hope that there was a lot more to the investigation / interview about the details than to take a sentence or two of spin. It would have made me feel better about the situation if I had heard it LaCanfora or someone like that report that Rice's story varied from what the video shows and that precipitated further action.
  7. Has Chris Mortensen backtracked like Peter King has on the tape having been seen by the NFL? If it's true (which I honestly don't believe at this point) that the video had not been seen I'd love to hear the NFL explain why they wouldn't have reached out to Mortensen, Peter King or anyone else to correct the record. JasonLaCanfora tweeted that the description that Ray Rice gave to to the Ravens was in line with what the video shows. If that is accurate I'm not sure why the content of the video would have changed their minds as to what they thought was appropriate. I think its more the rea
  8. Unless there was a chromecast MLB app so your phone is only required to initiate the stream and not mirror the content to the TV the $50 Roku Stick maybe the better alternative if one doesn't want to deal with wiring up cables. If there is an MLB app for Chromecast released, agreed that would be a nice alternative.
  9. The blackout rule is disgraceful. I was in the Las Vegas metro area for a little while and the following teams were blacked out: Oakland Athletics San Francisco Giants San Diego Padres Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Arizona Diamondbacks Los Angeles Dodgers Except for Mariners games, if the Orioles were on the West Coast I had no option to watch. And there was no way to subscribe to cable or satellite and get those teams games either. Basically a complete blackout - impossible to watch home games for any of the above teams. I think there are other areas (Iowa maybe) where MLB has the
  10. NFL Sunday Ticket has a streaming only option and makes MLB.TV look to be a cutting edge top notch streaming option by comparison. I wish they'd improve but compared to other organizations whose business core competency is not streaming media (Netflix, etc...) they are among the best.
  11. Structure as well... Can't compare it to other businesses where goal of companies is to maximize profits and destroy their competitors. While the Yankees goal is to win, their goal is to have their competing businesses do well enough to grow the industry as a whole. It's also hard to compare it to the real world in other ways... If Google wanted to hire the best 100 engineers they could do so, they aren't limited to only hiring 25 at the highest level. If we're comparing baseball to the real world that is terribly unfair, artificially limiting the number of jobs available. Players natu
  12. Not sure how best to improve it but I think the ideal setup is one where there is a compensation systems that causes some pain to the team signing the free agent and gives some benefit to the team losing the free agent if the structure of MLB remains as it. In a perfect world there'd be a more free market approach for players but I think it would be dangerous if it didn't also come with a free market approach for teams as well. I.e. don't tie Mike Trout to the Angels for 6 years and don't prevent Tampa Bay from moving to a market like say Brooklyn simply to protect an existing teams market.
  13. I don't think anyone at the very top of the draft would do so but for anyone picked in the range where it's not a sure thing that it makes sense to sign it may make sense to try and avoid Philadelphia. Players drafted by Philadelphia are at a disadvantage by either not being able to use "advisors" to the same extent as they could with any other franchise or having their eligibility in danger if they do.
  14. I don't think they mean after a player was drafted but beforehand. Phillies may have a much harder time getting access to players pre-draft. Players may be advised not to talk to Phillies representatives about anything including what their number is. I could also see some college programs cutting off access to Phillies scouts to protect their players. I don't see any agent not doing their best for their client if they were unfortunate enough to have been drafted by Philadelphia but I could see them acting in a way to make it less likely that the player they are advising gets drafted by t
  15. <p><p><p>Happy Birthday</p></p></p>

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