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  1. A game that was big in my memory was Hoyt Wilhelm’s no hitter against the despised Yankees on 20 Sep 1958. The Yanks went on to win the WS that year and the O’s finished with a losing record for their 5th straight season since returning to B-town. It was a cool and dreary day with drizzle in the air. My 15 year old buddy and I were hanging out doing whatever 15yr olds did in those days. Finally went inside and turned on the radio to catch the game. It was the 8th and the O’s were winning 1-O on a Gus Triandos homer. His 30th of the season to tie the ML record for homers by a catcher. Finally figured out Hoyt was pitching a no no. He got the first two batters out in the 9th and then Hank Bauer attempted to lay down a bunt, but it went foul. Boo’s from the crowd. Bauer popped out to end the game and like that, there was some hope for O’s fans. Took another 8 seasons, but this offered Hope! Thanks, Hoyt. PS: Hoyt 8K and 2BB, first Oriole no no in 60 years, would be 45 yrs before Yanks would be no hit again. Hoyt pitched in bigs until he was 49. Gus hated catching him. Here is a good article on the game: https://sabr.org/gamesproj/game/september-20-1958-orioles-knuckleballer-hoyt-wilhelm-no-hits-yankees
  2. I'm on the gulf coast of Fla about 60 mi south of Dunedin at the present time. The wind is from the NE at about 8 mph. (reported). Not your typical spring wind. In other words, not the 20 mph we've had for the last week or so.
  3. Thomas is getting pounded.
  4. Our AA pitcher needs some work. He can do it against the orioles.
  5. Our Sally league guy can get your big leaguers out? He needs the work to get ready for AA. 😀
  6. Do you think the Yanks dissed the O's by sending this guy down to pitch?
  7. Signing out. AA from here out.
  8. Strikes out first two Rays, Tsutsugo and Proctor. Hitting 96mph. Lots of fastballs. Walks Kiermaier. Strikes out Walls to keep score at 1-0.
  9. Hanhold on for the O's
  10. Walks Ruiz. Strikes out Herrera on some sliders that had Herrera look bad.
  11. Yandy Diaz in for the Rays. Strikes out Valaika and Mountcastle with a 98mph heater and an 89 mph slider. Looks like a big league pitcher.
  12. Gets a 63 ground out to stymie Rays.
  13. Walks Lowe to load bases. Pitching change. #95, no name on back. Make that Isaac Mattson, (?). in to pitch.
  14. Branden Kline on for the O's. Gets a fly out to center, and another fly out to center. Meadows walks, then a single to left against the shift, runners on first and third.
  15. Williams single. Velazquez hits into a 643 DP. Alberto shallow fly out to center.
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