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  1. Listening to the Red Sox radio team melt down was fun. Mentioned the anniversary of the "Curse of the Andino" several times. "How could we lose to the worst team in baseball, they are a terrible team. Should have been a cake walk for us with Sale on the mound."
  2. What year will that be?
  3. Maybe Robert's is doing a game or two while the club is in FL. I think he lives there and so it would save the price of a hotel room and a couple of meals if someone had to come in from out of town. Gotta keep the expenses under control.😁
  4. A big 4 hit evening for the Balt boys. Makes for a quick game, if you don't make too many gaffs on D. Maybe they are listening to Hyde and tightening it up. Now he has to jump on the offense and get it to come around. ;
  5. The O's brought the B team tonight. Other that Sanchez, there isn't a starter on the field. This is the good D no O team tonight. Won't win many when you don't score.
  6. 6-4-3 DP. Lowther pulls a rabbit out of the bases loaded hat.!!!
  7. Listening to NESN radio. They are blasting Orioles ownership. Won't hear that on O's radio broadcast.
  8. Wheels just came off the Lopez mobile. Good first two innings. Not so much this inning. 3 HR and 7 runs.
  9. George Kell. Went out on top. Went to the AS game as the Os rep in 1957. Played 3rd. Elected to HOF in 1983. Retired after 57. Followed in 1958 by Brooks.
  10. Quick game, lots of action and best of all----Os win!!!
  11. Maybe Buck talking Ute Jake Fox. Lol
  12. Braves announcers been heaping love on Os players. Talking about Musina going to HOFand how he was one of a few to hang it up after winning 20 in his last season. Not complementary about Os management. Not given current stats on spring training. Wondering if there is even a PR guy available. Talking about what a tough division Os are in.
  13. CATCHER dropped a relay throw that allowed Urias to score from first.. P runner for Galvis.
  14. Ground rule double for Ruiz. 2-1 Os.
  15. Mountie stings a line drive to left that gets to the wall for a 2.
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