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  1. WHat is going on? Mounty another walk and Williams a hit!, oh well. Forget about it. Get them next time.
  2. Just tuned in. Why Hunter and Bordo?
  3. I don't think Harwell, Miller, Angel, Proctor or BroLow were blatant homers, either. Just a little angst, please, when some other team hits one. Palmer is the only one left who can criticize, and it looks like he is being shuffled off to Buffalo.
  4. Not a fan of Thorne, either. Tired of him cheering for a Yankee or Red Sox homer. I want to hear some angst from the home team guy when opponent hits one. Ernie Harwell, John Miller, Joe Angel, Proctor and Bro Low are the ones for me. Palmer is getting tiresome. After 30 years, I've heard most of his stories once or twice. Sounds like Thorne is getting an Angelos special. "He wasn't fired, we just didn't complete negotiations on his contract and he left us for another position."
  5. According to SG, Ruiz has cooled off. 2 for last 18. Couple of dongs keep slug % up but 4/23 in last 7 games
  6. He should have asked the OH.. would have told him how to use Givens and would have avoided the learning curve.. Oh well.
  7. What year of the "plan" is winning supposed to begin?
  8. Eiither O’s pitchers are great or Rays hitters are not very good, yet. Did you hear that every game is worth 2.7 regular season games?
  9. Should have done a suside squeeze.
  10. Oh yea of little faith. Nice. Beam me up Scottie.
  11. We’re still in the race for #1 in 2021. Got to be careful. Too many like today ans we’re second again.
  12. Hyde going with Givens for inning and a third. That worked out well a lot last year.
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