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  1. I wouldn't be surprised to see this happen. If he has a bad spring training, he needs more seasoning. If he has a good spring, he has to learn to play a new position, LF\2B. He needs to prove that IL player of the year was not a fluke. Do it again! 🤣
  2. May be available in this year's draft. Posted a .619 OPS at OK City in the PCL. Need MIF, get him.
  3. This team is going to be bad for at least 3-4 more years. In keeping with the PLAN, let Villar walk and sign 18 sixteen year olds. One of them might turn out to be a big league player when the team is next good.
  4. Newpapers provided the means of following professional sports or most any sports back in 1953 and before. You read about an event the day after it happened. TV was just starting to grow up and radio provided little instant feed back. Anybody ever try listening to AM radio at night? Scratchy and staticy with stations fading in and out a lot of the time on a summer evening. If the Baltimore newspapers followed anybody consistently it was the minor league Orioles. Other major league teams were little more than a score and maybe a headline if someone pitched a no hitter. I remember waiting for the Sunday papers so I could get the stats on anybody outside the leading top 10 hitters or pitchers in the league. The was more local buzz about the upcoming Hampstead Merchants men’s fastpitch softball game on Sunday then there was about a major league team. Nobody ever mentioned the Washington Senators that I can ever recall. This was northern Carroll Co in the early 50's. Washington was 2.5 hours away by the roads of the day. Changing the topic slightly, one of the greatest sports names started opening day for the Orioles in 1953. Stan Jok! He played about 10 games in the show for the Phillies.
  5. Didn't know anyone remembered "Rocky"!! Had a couple of seasons where he was also a top notch pinch hitter. Good call.
  6. Continuing with the objective of the team to get the 1-1 overall pick in 2021, the following are prime candidates for the 2020 O’s outfield. Remember, no one allowed with a +WAR for more than 1 season. They may have to keep a couple of guys with options to prove that they are not +WAR players in the big leagues. RF\LF DJ Smith, A. Santander CF\LF\RF Mason Williams\Stevie Wilkerson 5th Outfielder C. Mullins\Keon Broxton\ JT Stewart (May the least ML challenged win the honor.) Hays to the minors to prove that he can stay healthy for an entire season. No sense having him on the IL and drawing a ML salary. Mountcastle to remain in the IL to find a defensive position and prove that player of the year was not a fluke. Don’t want to waste service time on the O’s in 2020. Mancini traded for building blocks for the 22\23 contender.
  7. If the objective of the team is to get players good enough to compete in 22\23 then some changes have to be made. Winning 54 games is too many. Need to get down in the 45 range to have a good chance at 1-1. 1-2 is not an option. It’s like playing for the wildcard and not the division chanpionship. That being the objective, they need to part ways with any player who has more than a + WAR value for more than one season. That means find someway to move Villar, Mancini, Bundy, Givens, and Castro. Send any players with an option back to the minors and tell them they need to work on their defense or change positions. That way Mounty, Sisco, Stewart and Hays are not on the big club. Davis stays. Analytics will help him return to his former self. C Severino\Wynns 1B Davis\Nunez 2B Alberto 3B Ruiz SS Martin DH Nunez\Davis UTI Drew Jackson Can play all Infield positions and 5th OF. He’s available (.209 BA in PCL)
  8. I thought Brooks could do it by himself.
  9. Why Trumbo playing? Ugh.
  10. Here I thought that was the advice Melmo got from T-bat when he arrived from the Jays with his 41 homers.
  11. How about Melvin Mora? Never had more than 8 homers in a season in the Majors or minors until he turned 30 and then got 19. At 32 & 33 he hit 27 each year. It could even happen with the Orioles. Guess the Mets were sad about that.
  12. Robbed him of his chance for the HOF. Also got Hyde off the hook for Hess’ bad performance since. If he had left Hess in that game some would have attributed it to poor management.
  13. Glad the good defensive team is on the field. The bad one would be unwatchable
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