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  1. Not saying that it's not worth discussing. Discussing it is exactly what we're doing right now. Just pointing out that the actual risk to most professional athletes in the prime of their careers is actually quite small. They are one of the few classes of people that can afford to make a decision like this when they are at very little risk to begin with by virtue of their age, health, and a job that doesn't bring them into contact with large numbers of people that might be infected under the conditions that they'll be playing in this year.
  2. Hate beating a dead horse; and with full knowledge that politics has been pulled into this far too much and a desire to keep it from happening here - Statistically, the chance of serious illness or death for a child or teenager is near 0. For an otherwise healthy, young adult in their 20's and 30's, it's barely above 0. Trey Mancini would, if ready to play, be at risk and fully justified in opting out. He would be entitled to his pay and service time. For healthy adults, the choice is simply one of convenience and personal choice, not medical necessity. And, the population of opt outs seems to be entirely composed of veterans that have already earned a significant amount over their careers. Nick Markakis was not going to make the HoF anyway, unless an Angelos is on the veterans' selection committee one day (apologies to Harold Baines for the dig).
  3. I think it was more about Reinsdorf and LaRussa being leaders at the table. He was their guy and they championed him hard.
  4. Other than us, I don't think anyone cares if we get everyone signed for a small amount under the total available. Not sure that the "optics" matter to anyone else.
  5. $5.2 falls between the #7 and #8 pick values.
  6. Why should they spend more than they have to? I he signs for slot, all that matters is that he signed. Having said that, I think they'll be at or very near the limit.
  7. A pleasant surprise for me would be if Elias realized that this ML season is meaningless and used it to develop nearly ready players that won't have a minor league season. Put Mountcastle at 1B every day with Mancini out. Put Diaz, Hays, and Santander in the outifield regularly. Let Richie Martin play 2B. If you have to play a one-hit wonder like Alberto, let him platoon at 3B. Surprise me by playing the kids.
  8. They announced that the full roster was submitted as required and more names would be released later. Probably need to talk to players first.
  9. This will year will tell us that Chris Davis is now through Year 5 of his 7 year contract. Halleluh.
  10. Healthy adults in their 20’s and 30’s are at very low risk. Most that test positive are asymptomatic. Those that have symptoms are usually mild cases. If you’re over 65, with a serious health concern, and living in a nursing home, you’re probably not a professional baseball player.
  11. Many of the theater seating rooms were on campus meeting rooms, not necessarily the players’ homes.
  12. Would it be more important if he agreed with you? Fan graphs is more data driven than other sites. They pretty consistently rated our guys higher than others. They said we nailed the draft. So, it isn’t just one guy, but two highly regarded analysts. And I wasn’t in love with our first two picks.
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