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  1. If you don't understand an analogy, I have no interest in explaining it too you. As has already been explained by a number of people, adding a few pitchers on the cheap and a journeyman at third base does not move the needle on making the Orioles a winning team. Note: The Orioles have already added Bailey, Rucker, and Stewart, three pitchers "on the cheap." Not to mention Iglesias at short.
  2. If a manager doesn't use his closer because he's already pitched three days in a row, and the reliever he does use blows the save and loses the game, does that qualify as not trying to win? Or is it simply trying not to overuse a pitcher so that they can win more games later? The Orioles not wasting money today on middling talent to win a few extra games instead of using it in other areas, or in the future, to win more games down the road, is a similar situation. Admittedly on a larger scale.
  3. Video surveillance doesn't have a long existence within the game. The technology to see the signs and then transmit the information to the dugout and then the players on the field simply didn't exist. Even today, if a player on secondbase sees the sign and signals to the hitter, it is not a violation, i.e., not even a misdemeanor, much less a felony. It's the introduction of technology that is a big change. You don't even need to get a player to second if you can simply put a camera in centerfield.
  4. But, how do we punish horse thieves today? 10 lashes with a buggy whip?
  5. I agree and have made the same point, many times, and that's why I mentioned 1983 World Series Champion Oriole Todd Cruz. 3B was a train wreck with Cruz, Glenn Gulliver, Aurelio Rodriquez and Leo Hernandez sharing time at the hot corner. Yet they were champs. I think that an outfield of Mountcastle, Hays, Diaz, and Santander could be excellent. Rutschman, by all accounts, will be a stud. Just think that the infield is where the most improvement is needed (outside of pitching). 3B and Nunez might not be #1 on that to do list, just think it's certainly an area that could be upgraded at some point.
  6. No. The historical reference simply puts the Pete Rose ban in context with the history of the game. It wasn't an isolated incident. The ban has been in place and used over a long period of time. The comment was pertinent.
  7. I certainly think he has more value than Ruiz, but that's not a high bar to hurdle. Just don't think either is a long-term answer for the O's. Can he be the thirdbaseman on a playoff team? Well, I guess so, Todd Cruz was. But he would be along for the drive, not in the driver's seat.
  8. MLB sent a memorandum to all of the teams outlining what was not allowed. One of the reasons that Luhnow was hit hard was that he failed to ensure that the memorandum was distributed to staff and players and to reinforce the league's position on the issue. He basically showed a disregard for the issue. Having the punishment be flexible based on the individual circumstances seems reasonable to me.
  9. I don't think either Ruiz or Nunez will be on the next good Orioles team. Along with about 34 of the current 40 man roster!
  10. Actually league bylaws, I believe. Fines against teams would not be covered by the CBA which governs relationships between the teams/league and players.
  11. Alex Cobb will suffer an oblique injury during his first outing and go on the injured list. He will be replaced in the rotation and on the 26 man roster by Kohl Stewart on the 2nd day of the season. That's all I got.
  12. Very disappointed that Drungo hasn’t chimed in about how McGlobney Park collapsed during the 1904 season killing a chipmunk and a blind umpire who couldn’t find his way out. The McGlobney Spider Monkeys moved to the Federalist League the next season and later became the Montreal Expos. 😉
  13. In a recent MLBTR chat, the moderator explained that while the algorithm is usually a pretty good indicator, there could be circumstances that could cause it to under or overestimate an amount. They admitted that Mancini was likely to come in under their projection. Right handedness and below average defense in the outfield and teams lack of desire for that skill set lowered his value.
  14. Mancini was a ROY candidate. He came in third in the AL. So if Mountcastle turns out to be better than Mancini, how does that not make him a ROY candidate?
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