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  1. Until suddenly it doesn’t! 🤣
  2. He’s not the problem with the offense.
  3. He’s pitched his ass off tonight. Offense sucks.
  4. Tony, Is your placement of Gunnar at 3B based on your evaluation, or have you heard anything specific from Orioles contacts? Also, isn't Westburg a pretty big kid too? At $'3" and over 200 lbs, he could profile at 3B as well.
  5. The more I think about Rutschman catching DL Hall this year, the more disappointed I am that there was no minor league season last year. Imagine where the rebuild could be if those two and Rodriquez had that year of development. Really hoping each of those pitchers can finish the season a level higher than they're starting. Would set us up for a big 2022 as far as introducing prospects to the bigs.
  6. The Orioles might not be “good”, but they don’t suck and that’s a welcome change in itself.
  7. It works fine for 4 innings.
  8. If you can pick a guy that wasn't on the poll, so can I. 😉
  9. You are incapable of following directions! Why not just pick Dave McNally? 🙂
  10. They're both extremely meh for me. Bring up Gunnar! Stop manipulating his service time. 🙂
  11. I've seen Akin pitch four times, twice in the minors and twice in the majors. He was awful every time. I've only seen Lowther once, when he pitched an inning in mop up for the O's this season. Since I suffer from small sample size syndrome and recency bias, I think Akin is really bad and Lowther is awesome. Zimmerman had two very good starts and has been mediocre to poor since. I've never seen Wells. So Lowther it is.
  12. Did you just say that webbrick is obsessed over an Oriole's negative aspects? I'm shocked. Shocked.
  13. Three days later, I look like an idiot. Thanks Cedric! 🤣
  14. We may already be seeing Mullins regress to his career norms, anyway. You knew he wasn't going to hit .400+ forever, and we should have doubted he'd hit .300 for very long. I expect him to continue sinking. Glad that Hays can handle center when Santander returns.
  15. I don't disagree. I don't think that replacing either of Severino or Sisco is a front burner issue for Elias. Once Rutschman arrives, that will signal an intention to improve the team overall. And I think that's when they will take a look at better back up options than either of the two we have on the 26 man roster now.
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