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  1. Trading everyone but Soto sounds like a tear down to me.
  2. Hey Captain Obvious, why not wait another 45 minutes for this bold prediction? 😉
  3. Reason = $$$$$ or as Dire Straits put it, “money for nothing.”
  4. We won't need to expand by more than two to see Jones if it comes to that. Promote Jones, demote Leyba. Then you still have two spots to expand the roster.
  5. I'm sure that Armstrong is capable of putting together a streak of competent outings. But I'm also sure he'll eventually follow that with another streak of bad outings. Selling him doesn't bother me and I won't let any short amount of success that he has change my mind about that.
  6. I didn't expect us to actually get something for Armstrong. Does that count as unexpected? 🙂
  7. Martin is the Lawler of his era, i.e., two years earlier.
  8. I think folks here overestimate the value that a good (not great) right-handed hitting firstbaseman has for other teams. And while I don't think Mancini is a great hitter, he's still the second best hitter on this team. Neither Hays nor Mountcastle have stepped up as hoped. Only Mullins has been better. So Trey has more value here than anywhere else. I would expect them to re-look at a Mancini trade during the off-season when more teams will be looking at building out their rosters for 2022.
  9. So, on June 4 there wasn't a single team in baseball that was willing to claim him. But, on July 30 we were able to pull in some cash? How is that dumb or bad?
  10. Armstrong is one of those dime a dozen right-handed relievers and we actually got something for him. Does anyone think that another team would actually give up a prospect for Armstrong? No way.
  11. How do you let Leyba and Wynns hit in this situation with Mountcastle on the bench. I’m not a Hyde basher, but that was pathetic.
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