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  1. Hall. Too much "arm talent" to drop further. Had him at 3 and I'll stay with him til he makes the list.
  2. I went with Hall, health be damned. His stuff is incredible when he is on the bump. If he can mature physically, and stay healthy, he may be our best pitcher. I’ll go with the pure talent here.
  3. Wake me in February and I’ll start to care. It’s all posturing right now.
  4. This team could be exciting to watch by August and September next season.
  5. If they fired Laz Diaz, CB Buckner, and Angel Hernandez, umpiring, overall, would improve dramatically. This is especially true with Joe West retiring. Obviously, MLB will not fire any of those three umpires.
  6. Rodriquez health history is beginning to rival DL Hall's but is good when healthy. Davies is not good. And, his name is too close to Davis. I don't want any more Davis's. 😉
  7. Stroman is projected to get a four-year deal or more. I'm becoming a fan of Stroman, but, I'm not a fan of giving a pitcher a four or five year deal in free agency.
  8. Grayson and Adley have played plenty. Kjerstad, Hall and Baumler are continuing their rehabs in Sarasota. Lots of interesting names including top prospects, recent draftees, and international guys.
  9. I still remember Ryan holding Judge on at first base. He looked tiny. 🤣. Judge is huge.
  10. I think he may. But he might also value some diversity in the types of pitches thrown by relievers.
  11. I think we think we know the types of players Elias targets when we really know very little at all.
  12. Did they settle for those amounts or were those arbitration awards?
  13. Mountcastle is and always will be a beast. I don’t care what you infidels say. 😁
  14. That’s a close to two out of three. And, two out of three ain’t bad. 🤣
  15. I’m against changes that incentivize sustained mediocrity, also known as the Orioles for most of the post-1983 era.
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