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  1. Had the same problem with Gameday but it seems to have caught up now.
  2. Eshelman couldn’t throw strikes. Only decent pitching came from three guys you’ve barely heard of.
  3. Maybe one of these guys makes the 26 man roster.
  4. When I read his chat, I immediately thought of your past comments on this. He is definitely off base with his comment there.
  5. It's totally unimportant. Why do we even care? He'll pitch two innings and they'll move on.
  6. NCRaven

    Play Ball

    Teleworking! Thank you COVID. 🤣
  7. I still think he played Matt “Guitar” Murphy in the Blues Brothers. But the credits say Matt Murphy played Matt Murphy. Watch it again and tell me it’s not Eddie. Now waiting for Corn to post “it’s not Eddie”.😀
  8. I agree with you that people use the term in a loose way. I disagree that they expect six or seven straight no-hitters.
  9. Actually, I don't think anyone thinks that, espcially Elias.
  10. I was stationed in Germany from 84-87. My mom got me a subscription to the Sunday Sun. They’d have all the league stats leaders, Marylanders in the Minors, and great reporting. The Sporting News weekly would have every box score for the past week. It was the baseball paper of record when you actually read words on paper. I miss those days. Mainly because I was 24 and didn’t make creaky old guy noises when I sat down or stood up. But I digress.
  11. Agree with all this. But, I still hold out hope that Mountcastle will improve enough defensively that he doesn't have to come out in the late innings.
  12. For two of those, I am truly sad. 🤣
  13. Bat. Would have been special if he could handle short.
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