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  1. NCRaven

    Nunez DFA

    This is silly. Every decision on a ML roster has a money element. I still think that other issues were more important for Nunez, but, of course, money is always a factor.
  2. I think they’ve had two years to evaluate Nunez and found him lacking and not worth his salary in arbitration. So, not necessarily.
  3. NCRaven

    Nunez DFA

    They are 4th and 5th outfielders.
  4. NCRaven

    Nunez DFA

    “Stupid move” was not exactly an in depth analysis either. Elias makes a good point, Nunez is not a good fit on this roster. That’s true even if Davis weren’t on it. He’s got one tool
  5. NCRaven

    Nunez DFA

    By mid-season, Santander, Hays, and Diaz in the OF, Mountcastle at 1B, and Mancini DH (or vice versa).
  6. NCRaven

    Nunez DFA

    With Mountcastle, Mancini and Davis on the roster, Nunez was an expensive and unnecessary player.
  7. He's 58 today. Just realized that I'm two years older than Jamie Moyer. How the hell did that happen to me? 🙂
  8. Better than I expected. Thought this was going to end up as cash considerations.
  9. Waiting for Drungo to tells us that the 40 man roster was adopted in 1889 when the Cleveland Spiders tried to have 67 players in the dugout for a double header against Cincinnati. Edit: The teams were probably in different leagues, but don’t let that stop me.
  10. Mike Elias has repeatedly said that Kherstad missed camp due to a non-baseball medical issue. If he used his recovery time to earn his degree, good for him.
  11. Or, players will not want to lose another big chunk of their annual salary after a short season in 2020 and possibly a short season in 2021.
  12. I think Elias could bring in another veteran starting pitcher. But, I don't know if it will be someone in the top 50.
  13. He did say a “strong option off the bench.” Not the starter.
  14. I love the Orioles. I don't like three true outcomes baseball. The more it happens, the less I'll care to pay attention or spend money on it. I'm 60, and some of this might come off as stay off my lawn stuff. But many of the games are not that interesting, at least for me.
  15. I agree. But I think he could be our next 2B man.
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