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  1. Chris Sabo forced to play right field in Camden Yards at the end of his career. Sad.
  2. To be clear, I do want Nunez getting the chance to put up a 30 homerun season. I just want him to do it as a DH. His primary glove should be a batting glove, not a fielder's glove. Forcing guys to play positions that they're not suited for - i.e., Mancini in the outfield and Nunez in the infield - forces me to watch worse baseball than is really necessary. We have some decent pieces on this roster or very near ML ready, but Davis forces us to use them improperly. We're not putting them in a position to succeed. And, I understand that it's not likely to change. Doesn't mean I have to agree with it.
  3. Tony, I knew you'd come to Nunez's defense! 🙂 I just don't believe in defensive metrics - all that much. Markakis was better than they said and Nunez is pretty brutal, in my opinion. He's a DH. The problem is well known, the one guy that clogs up the roster and complicates everything. Dump him and his wind aided spring training home runs and the situation gets cleared up pretty quickly. And, yeah, not happening. As to Mountcastle, I've decided that Corn is right and that we'll have six years to deal with any situation that arises with his control. He's not Acuna. Having said that, I'm willing to wait a few weeks if that's what they want to carry a lesser player north until they get the seventh year. A seventh year that a new CBA might do away with, by the way.
  4. It's only spring training, but some things I think I think (apologies to Peter King of Sports Illustrated): 1. Nunez should never play 3B in a real game. 2. Dwight Smith Jr. should never play in a ML outfield in a real game. 3. Trey Mancini should play at his natural position - 1B. Related point, if Davis is going to play, rotate him between 1B and DH with Mancini and Nunez. 4. Our fourth outfielder should be an actual outfielder, not an infielder, and be able to play in center. 5. The O's should bite the bullet and send Mountcastle north to play LF. Still time, but I think he's our best option there.
  5. Had to laugh. You said this right before Davis went yard.
  6. Wind doesn't seem to be bothering the Rays pitchers or fielders.
  7. Wait, you mean this is where he gets even worse?!!
  8. A Mr. Positivity like you isn't happy with the Orioles? Go figure. 😉
  9. Unless Rutschman is going to catch 162 games, a lefty hitting backup catcher that can play passable defense would come in pretty handy.
  10. I think our best alignment has Mancini at 1st Base and Nunez at DH. Unfortunately, there's that one issue that gets in the way.
  11. Or until someone better comes along. Mountcastle could be that someone.
  12. I’m not even ready to declare Hays or Santander Major League outfielders.
  13. With LeBlanc and Shepherd, we have Joey and Chandler. Hire Ross Grimsley to be pitching coach and one way that the Orioles will improve is by having a Friends-lier pitching staff.
  14. At the very least, I don't think he's been a forceful advocate for releasing Davis and accepting that it's a sunk cost.
  15. Didn't give a grade because the actions that he's taken won't bear fruit for a few years. The one action that he hasn't taken leaves me disappointed that I have to watch any Davis at bats. Any. At all. But, I'm resigned to it. I'm hoping to see players - prospects - that Dan Duquette acquired begin to move up and maybe even onto the Major League roster. Hays for (hopefully) a full season, and at some point Mountcastle, Akin, Kremer, Diaz, Zimmerman, Baughman, Wells, etc.. And, I'll eagerly watch the minors for progress by last years draftees.
  16. Greta Thunburg. She's got a big head start on Bono. Took him 60 years to get this bad.
  17. I assume that Mullins is still in our system for two reasons. 1) Someone in the front office - Elias or his development staff - believe that Mullins still has talent that can be harnessed; or 2) Just like 95% of minor leaguers, someone has to play the position, even if he'll never be a successful major league player. We don't want routine fly balls off of Akin or Kremer dropping into centerfield for a double all the time.
  18. If used primarily at 1B, I don't think Mancini's defense will have a negative impact on any team. He'd be an upgrade for them at the plate.
  19. I'm I the only one that thought you were just being a little sarcastic here?
  20. But what about my Tub-A-Glub of movie theater popcorn smothered in salt and butter. Oh...and a large Diet Coke.
  21. What a stupid comment. Manny was born in Miami and spoke fluent English.
  22. I can take my family to an Orioles game for less than a movie night.
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