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  1. As a state employee, I enjoy watching people dig themselves deeper into holes.
  2. True. But, Hays has made it to the bigs - twice - and shows promise at that level. Diaz, Baumann and Kremer haven’t had a cup of coffee yet.
  3. Only irrelevant if you choose to ignore history and assume that Elias is able to create trades out of thin air. It takes another GM to make a trade, not just Elias. Most teams have set their roster and are waiting to see what they have in house before making trades. Very few major trades (and for the Orioles, trading Mancini would be major) are made that early in the season. If Mancini isn't traded by the start of the season, I very much doubt he'll be traded before the weeks approaching the trade deadline.
  4. I've seen Akin pitch twice. I went to a late season game last year at Bowie and it was one of Akin's worst performances of the year. Then I saw him in the AAA All-Star game this year. Based on that sample of two short appearances, I must declare him a bust. So much for my scouting.
  5. The Twins could be a match, as well.
  6. You almost never see trades in April/May of the season. If they are going to trade Mancini, it will be during or shortly after the winter meetings or at the trade deadline next year. If they find a good match for Mancini this winter, Mountcastle will likely see more playing time to start the AAA season at 1B. It they don't / can't make a Mancini trade, Mountcastle will likely see more playing time in LF. In either case, I expect him to be in Baltimore by the end of April.
  7. I'm with the majority on Hays and Baumann. Hays is a former top 100 prospect who only got knocked down because of injuries. The potential is still there. Baumann seems to have more upside than Kremer, although Kremer is closer to ML ready. Much like Diaz may have more upside than Hays, but Hays is closer (as in already a ML player). [After re-reading this, I'm pretty sure I just contradicted myself with these two points.] Having said that, these are all strong choices for the next tier of prospects. I think all of 5-10 could have their names put in a paper bag and pulled out by a random fan and the order could be justified.
  8. Or he’s a good guy that just appreciates what he has and wants to give back.
  9. Glad to see you!
  10. NCRaven


    True, but the image of Brooks leaping into the air as Etch and McNally ran out to him remains one of sports most iconic photos. Staring at the poster on the wall of my office right now. My mom's ticket to game 3, lower reserved $8.00, is in the frame.
  11. No ill will to the Nats or their fans at all. Now, the Redskins, where should I begin the tirade?
  12. Did they all flunk out of Faber College? ~Knowledge is good.
  13. Drungo, I just want to thank you for the historical content that you bring to the Hangout. It puts the modern game and the changes that it's going through today into context and it allows me to see baseball in ways that I would never have come up with on my own. And, I should add Spiritof66, as well. Thanks!
  14. He did say that the personal automobile would be dead, so I would think that includes time traveling Deloreans too!
  15. Every time I think we've reached the pinnacle of absurdity in arguing back and forth in our threads, another one proves me wrong.
  16. Teleportation is the answer. Beam me up, Scotty.
  17. Have to be pleased by the performances of McCoy, Wells, Kremer and Lebron. Tempered by the small sample size for any AFL player.
  18. I think that Diaz and Hays will have spots in the outfield. Ideally, they are both really good corner outfielders, but neither Mullins nor McKenna look like full time centerfielders. So, if Santander is truly the real deal, he pushes Hayes to center; Mountcastle pushes Mancini to another team, hopefully for a decent return. Long-term, I think we have answers in the outfield, at first base, and at catcher. The rest of the infield is missing in action with our 2B, SS, 3B options mainly in the low minors.
  19. It does link to other sources much like Drudgereport politically. But, it now has original content, as well, and they host chats with their moderators.
  20. To be fair, they only said that Davis would be with the team in spring training. Elias did not commit to anything beyond that. I do expect Davis to start the season with the team. I'm hopeful that they trade Mancini, Villar and Givens, if possible, and that when they decide Mountcastle is ready, that they hit the ejector button on Davis. I don't think that the resulting roster would be significantly worse than 2019. Our 2019 record, it seems to me, was primarily the result of the pitching. Any improvement or lack thereof will also be dependent on the pitching. I hope that at some point Akin and Kremer prove to be competent starting pitchers at the ML level. I also hope that Harvey will prove to be better than Givens. Lotta "hope" in this post.
  21. I have seen a resurgence of youth rec ball in my area of Carroll county. For years there were no league games at our local school fields. This spring there was and now I'm seeing Fall ball games on Sunday afternoons. So, there's hope. Also, as families turn away from football due to brain injuries and the like, there's still hope that parents may steer their kids (boys and girls) toward baseball - among other activities.
  22. I suspect that it was considered many times and that Etch may have declined. I don't know of any reason that the Orioles Advocates would not honor Etch, but he was very disappointed (mild term) over his firing in '07. Etch was my manager at fantasy camp in '96. Was one of the best times of my life - at least as far as sports are concerned - and Etch was a big part of that. He, Mike Cuellar, and Brooks made it a great time for everyone on our team. One of the good guys in the sport.
  23. Poor Mathews. I was at a game where I've never heard so many fans boo a home team player just for coming into a game. Hadn't even thrown a pitch yet. And, yeah, I was one of the people booing. I'm not a good person.
  24. From Elias' post season comments, it sounded to me like he still thought Akin needed more time in AAA to improve his K/BB issues. Maybe I heard him wrong, but Baltimore's pen or rotations to start the season seemed unlikely.
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