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  1. I actually think the mistake was made in counting on Hauschka, not the decision to not resign Stover. As SG pointed out in another thread, when injuries start to take their toll having a second PK clogging the roster is tough to justify. We should have gone after someone with more experience, rather than bringing in two essentially unexperienced PKs to camp. In my opinion, therein lies the mistake. I'm still fine with parting ways with Stover, we just should have had better competition for Hauschka in Training Camp than an undrafted rookie...
  2. "Mickey" Manto


    The only way I would give Vick a chance is if he was willing to make himself a WR/Slash type player. He could be deadly (no pun intended) that way. I'm willing to give him a second chance, but not as a backup QB.
  3. According to Hensley and Lee: link Bennett could be an ok addition, if he's healthy. It'd be nice to get someone else too, if Mason is indeed retiring...
  4. This is FREAKIN' AWESOME! I'm now only about 90 minutes away from Spring Training. There are going to be a lot of baseball afternoons for "this guy" next February and March. :clap3::smile11::boogie::beerchug1::thumbsup1::hearts::2yay-thumb:
  5. I know people who have in worked in Community Relations with the O's and I can tell you that the above is quite possibly the case. I remember a specific story about Palmer in which he wouldn't go to an event that was immediately after a game due to his "headset hair"...:rofl: I think we all know that Palmer has an ego. I've had the chance to be around him on multiple occasions and it certainly seems that you have to catch him in a good mood or else he will not be the friendliest guy on the planet. It doesn't make it right, but that's Palmer...
  6. No doubt. I trust what they say more than what I read from the Sun. Kudos to both of you...
  7. I'm not able to give you any rep, but I must say that your info is very much appreciated. Not to knock any of the O's "insiders", but you are as consistently on the money as one could possibly be. Thank you for sharing...
  8. That's good to hear. I'll be interested to see how it breaks down for the cap. I'm glad this saga is over. It's a shame it looks as though we will be losing Scott and Brown, but that's the NFL. As we've mentioned before, Scott is replaceable with some of the current LB talent on the roster. It will be good to have Ray around to help them develop. Any idea how much cap room we should have left after this...?
  9. Here's some info on Lucas from Scouts Inc.: He might be an interesting player depending on his cap number and cost. He might not be the lock down guy everyone wants, but we did make it pretty far last year with Frank Walker getting a lot of playing time. If this is the move we make it would free up Ozzie to take the best available player in the 1st round whether that be WR, TE, LB or CB...
  10. After reading the NFL chat on ESPN.com from yesterday, I've got a feeling that we're talking to the Panthers about Ken Lucas. Here's the snippet:
  11. So if Jason Brown walks (as expected), would anyone be interested in getting Jeff Saturday? It looks like he expects to be signing elsewhere and as long as his productivity hasn't dropped he would be a great addition to the line. He's a good "grizzled vet" that could not only help our other lineman, but also Flacco's development. I'm sure playing all those years with Manning has provided him with good advice for a young QB. As far as the contract goes, he is probably more agreeable to a reasonable deal considering his age and the fact he likely doesn't want "guard money". Frankly, as much as I would hate to see both Ray and Brown go, the cap money we would potentially save might help us more in the long-run. Consider: With cap savings, we may be able to sign Scott and fill Ray's spot in the defense (there really is no "replacing" Ray) with Gooden, McClain or Ayonbadejo. Sign a vet like Jeff Saturday to play C, if we are not comfortable with Chester. Sign a CB like Bly or Hall, while reserving the right to cut Rolle for additional cap space. Trade for an established WR. We could then go into the draft waiting to see who best available player that falls to us is...
  12. I'm on the Nicks bandwagon. He seems like the complete receiver and more of a "sure thing". I have nothing against Heyward-Bey, but I don't want to see the Ravens draft any more potential "projects" at WR, especially in the 1st Round. As far as CBs go, we might end up getting a FA corner and then drafting one in the 2nd or 3rd. I have a feeling that we're going to sign Scott before the week is out and see both Ray and Brown walk. That will leave us with some cap room to sign someone like Bly or Hall to take over for McAlister. We draft a nickel or dime corner (depending on Rolle's status) and our secondary is set.
  13. I think the best thing that could come out of this financial scandal for Orioles fans is for it to create some kind of rift between Boras Corp. and Arrieta and Wieters. Jake even has a quote from today's Sun that says he's looking into Boras' involvement. I'd love to see them dump Boras and then go with someone like Ron Shapiro...
  14. So when factoring in the money saved from releasing McAlister, how much are we under the cap now...? Is there anyone else worth cutting that would give us any substantial savings? Never quite sure where to look for that info.
  15. From what I've read lately, the Jets are so over the cap that they would have had to cut or restructure Favre anyway. I really don't think this makes any difference as far as Ray goes, but it may allow them enough space to make a run at both Leonard and Scott.
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