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  1. birdtown

    GOODBYE Nate

    Is there any possibility of receiving a compensatory draft pick for Nate next year? I doubt it, but just curious.
  2. Despite not having a dominant performance today, Gausman looked 100 times better than Appell in his last start! I also wonder about the espn radar gun. They stated that the pitcher from Stoney Brook threw mid to upper 80's, but the gun had him around 82-83. In that regard, it had both pitchers about 4-5 mph under their normal stuff.
  3. Win or lose, I hope Gausman throws the ball a little better than Appell did last night. Appell was throwing his fastball in the upper 80's to low 90's with terrible control. I certainly didn't see the poise that was detailed on his scouting report.
  4. What are we looking at with regard to signability? Assuming that he would receive an above slot offer, would that be counted towards the O's allotted amount for their top 10 picks?
  5. How about Greg Jones from Michigan State? I also like Acho, Cannon, Tolliver, Fusco, Havili, Scott, Brewer, and Pinkston at different times of the draft.
  6. Why is Purke no longer in the conversation?
  7. Why has Purke fallen so far down the list? Is he still a possible option for us at #4?
  8. Assuming that Vlad hits .300 with 20 dingers by the trade deadline...would he net a top 100 prospect from a contender?
  9. I would prefer to pick up dwyer and then trade McGahee for a veteran DB.
  10. I would go Mitchel and Dwyer if they are there.
  11. birdtown

    Ravens draft

    Miller192, Will you be able to let us know who the player is after the draft is all said and done? Hopefully he will be wearing purple and black after Thursday or Friday. Thanks for your info!
  12. I appreciate the Ravens doing their own evaluations on the players and trusting their own board. With that being said, shouldn't the Ravens subscribe/be familiar with the consensus publications? That way they can make an educated decision on trading up or down, in order to get the player they want in a round of value. For example, even if a scout identified Tom Brady as a franchise QB during his draft year, the team would be better suited to take him in the middle rounds as opposed to a first.
  13. By losing the 2nd round pick, do you think it is more likely that the club picks one of the top prospects at #3, as opposed to looking at more of a value pick in the first round? If so....losing the 2nd round pick doesn't bother me too much. I don't know all of the names, but if we come away with one of Harper, Talion, or the pitcher from LSU....I'll be quite satisfied.
  14. I know that it is early on, but I am really hoping that the O's come away with the pitcher from LSU. A 6'7" righty with mid 90's fastball sounds like another great addition to our stable of young arms.
  15. <p><p><p>New to the hangout but had something to offer my fellow fans. I've been sittin on a set of 5 pictures for close to 15 years now of Cal swingin and hittin the homerun in the 2131 game. I also have the mound conference to authenticate the set with the pitcher Mark Langston of the Cali Angels. This is a beautiful set and if anyone is interested out there and I'd be glad to email copies. I don't know if I'm able to post my cell number but I'll try. My name is Terry. Call anytime and maybe we can make a trade or come up with a fair exchange. I currently live in VA now. Give me a call at 757-687-9818 or email me at cboehustler@yahoo.com. I'd be glad to hear from ya. Take care</p></p></p>

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