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  1. Peace may have broke it, but Dynamite made a confirmation on it, and he was the first to say that it was a 5 for 1 deal and named the 5th player in the deal. The both of them deserve credit for this one.
  2. Looks like the Baltimore Sun website needs some McLovin. It's having a hard time loading up.
  3. If AM has that same opinion, maybe he plans to play him next year and then trade him?
  4. BoogBBQfan


  5. Yea last night was some good times. Hey Mike, did you ever get those girls numbers?
  6. Hmm....this takes place on a Wednesday.... I wonder if were going to get to see Tony eat 18 extra value meals from Wendy's.
  7. I've got a whopping 47 points! (EDIT: now 57 pts.) Can you get tickets for being in the bottom 9?
  8. Amen. Been there for two years now and the number of hot girls I've seen there I can probably count on my fingers. It's almost as if it's an admissions requirement for a girl to be below a 3. The 2x+1 factor I believe would probably have to apply at UMBC as well as JHU. It's simply depressing.
  9. One question. How is Scott still on the show?
  10. Ok, we have all seen some really bad movies in our day. There's this movie called "R.O.T.O.R." that was made in the 80's and is just flat out terrible. If your tired of seeing good movies and just want to sit around and laugh at a terrible movie that should have never been made, this is your movie. Anyone else have bad movies to share? Here's the yahoo link to the most terrible movie I have ever seen: http://movies.yahoo.com/shop?d=hv&cf=info&id=1800109328
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