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  1. If the O's don't protect McKenna, I wouldn't be surprised to see him picked up by another club. Every club can use a + Glove ++ Speed late inning outfield defensive replacement on the bench and teams will have an extra bench slot next year, so keeping Rule V picks will be less burdensome that ever before.
  2. There is another way to look at this. The Orioles have a bad to terrible farm organization and haven't invested in international scouting and player development the way other teams with top minor league development organizations have done. The O's aren't stacked with unlimited funds. DD certainly has a maximum budget he can invest in all aspects of the organization. Your strategy would lock up all the O's money in dead contracts at the major league level in order to bring prospects into a broken minor league system with no assets left to improve player development. I believe DD wants
  3. We should all just get prepared for Machado not being traded, signing a huge FA deal with another team after 2018 and the O's receiving nothing but a compensation pick in return. I'll be shocked if there's any other outcome given this team's history under Angelos.
  4. Statistically, O'Day is the 7th most effective reliever in the O's pen right now. We may not have the same lights out foursome we had last year, but we have quality and depth. If Britton and O'Day get back to 2016 form over the last month, we'll have a great post season bullpen.
  5. Indians up 4 - 0 over Yanks in the 2nd inning of game 2....
  6. Totally fine for the O's to "start" Castro with a 4 IP limit especially with rosters expanding soon.
  7. Does anyone else get giddy thinking about this team next year with Hayes in RF? Especially if Davis can rediscover his stroke?
  8. Castro for Cy Young. Seriously. That 89 MPH backdoor slider he just snapped off for a strike on the outer edge of the plate was a mighty fine pitch, especially for a guy that throws 98.
  9. Yeah the O's have to chase down the Yankees. But after we beat the M's today and Cleveland sweeps the skanks, we'll only be 2.5 games back!
  10. Bucks 2017 Game Plan: "If we can just get the starter to keep us within 4 runs and get us through 3 or 4 innings, I think we have a pretty good chance of getting a win."
  11. Castro looks like a solid pitcher. Where did we get him again?
  12. Don't even need to go to AAA for two pitchers. Just start Castro with a 4 - 5 inning limit. He's coming into the game anyway, so why not start him and then fill in with relievers using the expanded roster?
  13. Clearly, given the number of starters that other teams have plucked from the O's minors (Bridwell, Miranda, Davies, etc. etc. etc.) there are probably options in the organization that should be considered. Unfortunately, they probably won't get the opportunity because it is absolutely clear that it is fundamentally impossible for a veteran starter to play themselves out of the O's rotation for any extended period of time, even when they are pitching to a 7.00 - 9.00 ERA over an extended period of time.
  14. Ubaldo should never start another game for the Orioles.
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