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  1. Did they get the tarp on ok?
  2. Rare poster here ... just wanted to say that I have been checking the hangout for orioles and related discussions for many years. I am very thankful for the hangout. I sincerely hope that it continues, and continues to be non-political.
  3. Could someone clarify please? If only home games are on MASN, does this mean mlb is lifting their blackouts, or are we shut out from all away games??
  4. Because they want more money, of course.
  5. Purely greed on the part of the players, especially the ones making 10s of millions of dollars each year. At this point I would much rather see minor league players this season. At least they wouldn't be whining over how many more millions they want.
  6. Play whatever length season MLB wants using minor league players. Ownership are the employers, players are the employees. Baseball's salary structure is already way too expensive ... and it's going to take a couple of years to get butts back in the seats. There is no Ripken streak to rally around this time.
  7. I will be at ed Smith Friday and saturday. May be able to make it down to twin lakes on saturday. When do the minors games start?
  8. The Dream Week guys are playing there today. You may be able to go in and watch some old guy baseball ...
  9. It's right by the airport. Pretty much nothing around it. Not in the city at all. I always felt safe going there with my wife.
  10. The last I saw the dog track is still holding poker games, but no more dog racing. JSB Baseball used to hold awards banquet there when the dogs were still running ... food was pretty good ... dont know if they still have food or just poker.
  11. Check out Sarasota Jungle Gardens for some non-baseball fun. It's on Tamiami between Fruitville and University, right behind the pirate mini golf. Hold some parrots, feed flamingos, get up close with crocodiles. It's fun. Btw, I also recommend Yoders and/or Der Dutchman.
  12. Ask them to describe a reason for me to buy a ticket to an Orioles game next year.
  13. And, maybe no one goes, and he is optioned to norfolk or bowie
  14. billhatf

    Ryan McKenna 2019

    He used that speed tonite to turn a line drive down the left field line into a triple.
  15. I saw the last 4 innings of the first game. Zimmerman looked good. Not a lot of hard contact off of him.
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