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  1. The umpire ambled across the field waving his arms like the old lost in space robot. The grounds crew was stationed behind the tarp like they always are when rain is imminent. He told them to get lost, and they ran out the garage door in right field corner. Then it started pouring. Orioles pitchers were slipping on their landing foot. Should have worked on the mound, but they couldn't. There needs to be public accountability for major league umpires. That guy should be suspended. It's not about wins and losses, it'd about the fact that when the grounds keeper stations her personne
  2. There's a girl catching for Texas in little league who blocks pitches better than severino. Pick any catcher in the minors and bring them up. Doesn't have to be Adley. Severino must go.
  3. He definitely played some outfield in spring games.
  4. That's a very insightful speculation.
  5. Passed his physical. He's an O ...
  6. Watching Zimmerman on Detroit broadcast ... he's looking like a major league starting pitcher to me. Pencil him in
  7. I received a response from the orioles that indicated masn isn't doing spring games in order to limit the staff in sarasota. I don't understand why other teams in Florida can staff television but the orioles can't, but wanted to share what they said. No spring games on masn.
  8. Is Pittsburgh radio on mlb app working for anyone?
  9. Do we know for sure that MASN won't televise any games?
  10. This is yet another example of the bumbling deeds of the geniuses running MLB. Into the ground.
  11. Did they get the tarp on ok?
  12. Rare poster here ... just wanted to say that I have been checking the hangout for orioles and related discussions for many years. I am very thankful for the hangout. I sincerely hope that it continues, and continues to be non-political.
  13. Could someone clarify please? If only home games are on MASN, does this mean mlb is lifting their blackouts, or are we shut out from all away games??
  14. Because they want more money, of course.
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