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  1. The Dream Week guys are playing there today. You may be able to go in and watch some old guy baseball ...
  2. It's right by the airport. Pretty much nothing around it. Not in the city at all. I always felt safe going there with my wife.
  3. The last I saw the dog track is still holding poker games, but no more dog racing. JSB Baseball used to hold awards banquet there when the dogs were still running ... food was pretty good ... dont know if they still have food or just poker.
  4. Check out Sarasota Jungle Gardens for some non-baseball fun. It's on Tamiami between Fruitville and University, right behind the pirate mini golf. Hold some parrots, feed flamingos, get up close with crocodiles. It's fun. Btw, I also recommend Yoders and/or Der Dutchman.
  5. Ask them to describe a reason for me to buy a ticket to an Orioles game next year.
  6. And, maybe no one goes, and he is optioned to norfolk or bowie
  7. billhatf

    Ryan McKenna 2019

    He used that speed tonite to turn a line drive down the left field line into a triple.
  8. I saw the last 4 innings of the first game. Zimmerman looked good. Not a lot of hard contact off of him.
  9. I saw the first 4 innings of this game at the Diamond. Sedlock didnt have great command, but he was getting hitters out. Sat around 91 on the Diamond gun. Zimmerman looked very good in the first game, and i was lucky enough to meet him after the end of the first game ...
  10. Did anyone else notice Bundy having to stop one of his warmup pitches and say "damn it"? Masn didnt show the reason he had to abort the pitch, but it looked to me he was pissed that whole inning. I wonder if he had some issue with Sisco... ??
  11. Lowther's fastballs were 93-94 from what I remember from last night
  12. Having seen them both play, I have to go with Mancini. There is no guarantee Mountcastle will find a position. Mancini has proven to be a competent corner outfielder and an average first baseman, and he has already proven he can hit major league pitching. I think Mountcastle will ultimately hit also, but he cant play third in the show, he's not ready to play first, and he's only had a handful of games in left ... probably where he will end up.
  13. So my phone died in the 4th. My summary ... Wells and Lowther each looked good in their respective innings. Lowther threw harder, touching 94 on the stadium gun. Neither pitcher gave up any hard hit balls. There were some balls tagged off of other pitchers. McCoy's double in the first was really tagged, and he made a couple of plays at short. Bannon had a nice line drive to the left center gap and legged it into a double. All in all I thought the Bowie contingent represented themselves well. Personally I'm more excited by the pitchers than the middle infielders ...
  14. .... and promptly picked the runner off. Mason McCoy started at short ...
  15. That's 'outs'. Then a walk. Let me know if you have any Q's ...
  16. I'm at the game in richmond. Mason McCoy started the home half of the first by lining a ball over the centerfielder and scored on a couple of groundouts. Alex wells is on for the second, got 2 quick outside...
  17. I was watching the norfolk starter's throw their bullpens yesterday while a softball game was going on on the field. I didnt get names or numbers, but one of the guys was throwing very well. Throwing hard. Hitting the glove down and away. Hopefully that was eschelman. Whoever it was looked head and shoulders above the rest to me ... btw, sounds like Hays should be back soon ....
  18. Maybe Davis to the pen?? Seriously, I'm wondering about the pitch selection. Givens ended the inning by blowing fastballs past guys. The game tying homer came on the third straight offspeed pitch. I can hear Palmer's voice in my head saying "why speed up the bat?". I know the catchers suggest the pitches, the pitcher decides, and the bench calls pickoffs. Catcher and pitcher need to go with pitcher's strength, which in Givens case is fastball.
  19. I got the same email. I also got the annual renewal email from mlbtv. What is the best way to decline to pay for the annual mlb renewal and accept the Orioles free subscription?
  20. Once I started doing Fantasy Camp, I found that there are a plethora of opportunities for old guys to play. I played in a 25+ league until about 5 years ago (I'm 60), and have done tournaments all over the country with orioles-related teams. The most competitive baseball I ever played was between ages 45 and 55 ... just had knee scoped so I can play another 10 years. Will be at dream week this year as a "fan" since knee wont be ready ...
  21. Looked real good from the 4 innings I attended last night. Stayed around 92 on the squirrels gun, but sharp. Looked like he was 'pitching', not throwing. First time I've seen him, and I liked what I saw.
  22. billhatf

    Yusniel Diaz 2018

    The hr tonite in Richmond was about 12 feet inside the foul pole, about half way up the second row of advertisement boards. Its 330 to the pole, so it traveled about 350 ft. Mountcastle hit a ball the same direction that would have been off the scoreboard in Camden yards but was caught ...
  23. I will get a chance to see Mountcastle two more games next week. I will let you know what I see. So far I've seen a guy who can field the ball cleanly but has trouble getting the ball to first in time for the out. I asked if they were working with him and was told that they are, but that you can't teach arm strength. I would like nothing better than to see an improved arm. The bat will play... the ball jumps off of it. Glove is fine. If the arm could improve, I would feel a lot better about his future in baltimore.
  24. I love mountcastle's bat but I don't see where they are going to play him. I have seen about 10 games of mountcastle at 3rd and his arm just isn't playing there. Batters beat out 2 hoppers, throws pulling 1st baseman off base, ball travels slowly across the infield. I'm sure they are working with him, but you can't teach arm strength.
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