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  1. Absolutely, and I really like Hyde. I felt bad for him in this. It is what it is, but it’s a tired act. I have watched all of the zoom interviews until today. I watched Hyde, and that was it. I have lost all respect for Davis since his last interview. That was my final straw.
  2. The look on Hyde’s face and the pain with which he answered the questions is all you need to know. Hyde is done with Davis’ tired act. I want to play Hyde in poker.
  3. Absent a major collapse by Valaika, probably. But that was always the goal, and to get Martin a half season or more in AAA.
  4. There is usually some adjustment there, initially. I remember Nick Markakis had that surgery and he came back with less power initially. It got better, but I am not sure he was the same ever again. Others have had a complete recovery, however.
  5. Nah, he said it yesterday about Matt Harvey.
  6. I have mostly seen Martin listed as an OF by the Blue Jays. I know they drafted him as a SS, but that is not where he will be. We have debated this ad nauseum, but what it comes down to is differing opinions that will not change until this plays out in a few years. After watching a good bit of video on Kjerstad, the bolded part is where I am. Elias said the same thing when he drafted him. He just needs to prove it. When he does, the same dissenting talking heads will say they thought he was great all along. Yawn...
  7. Yeah, sigh... They made a call on a 28 year old smaller corner OF, plagued by injuries, who had never done anything like this in the minors. Sure, he could have had a shot. But they thought Yaz was a non-prospect and traded him. He had not been a prospect in a few years. They thought the guys they have were more likely to produce better numbers. No one took him in the rule 5, so they obviously were not alone. They did not count on injuries to Hays and Diaz, or the struggles of Mullins and Stewart. Or the games played would have looked a lot different. Smith was generally regarded as a much better potential hitter than Yaz. Another injury, a bad one in a collision with the fence, caused serious issues with his neck and shoulder. I do not think that I have ever read what a terrible lazy OF he had become before coming to Baltimore. Before the injury, I thought he was a bit below average defensively. After the injury, he was possibly the worst defensive OF I have ever seen. Worse than Kevin Mitchell at the end of his career. Elias was wrong. So was every other team. Good for Yaz. Every team gets one wrong now and then. I’m not sure he is a “star.” Not yet. But I would certainly like to have that one back. I bet Elias would too. Next.
  8. I believe Elias said they would start him a little later during camp.
  9. He’s one of the guys that Matt Blood mentioned from Instructs. And I believe another player mentioned him in an interview as well. He and his former Stanford teammates, Handley and Stowers, have a big year coming. They all need to show major improvements or risk getting left behind.
  10. That was not what it seemed at the time. And looking back did not change the way I interpreted several comments questioning Kjerstad’s commitment to playing baseball. Some of the posters in that thread should be ashamed of themselves. Just ridiculous.
  11. He was the best player on that Hagerty HS team, I don't know about the best arm. I don't think so. They always have talent all over the field. Many of the high schools in this area do. I am a little spoiled that way. Jeff Driskel, (NFL QB) a few years before him. Zach Eflin was a few years before him as well. And that team is always very talented. The school was established in 2005 and has a three first rounders (Riley Green, Mountcastle, Eflin), and several others drafted recently. They took a little more than half of the Oviedo HS talent pipeline when they started that school.
  12. Holt was just beginning to get to a position in the Astros organization to begin to dictate things as Assistant Pitching Coordinator. Perhaps there were things he took from the Astros, and then he had his own ideas that he now gets to administer. It has to play out for us to know. The jump from a 1980’s esque development program to where we are now, just two years later, is responsible for the jump in performance of so many minor leaguers. We will see if it is actually sustainable, or if the wear and tear becomes an issue. It is a great story of his rise. @Sports Guy I do not disagree with your stance, although I think they have been better than what you wrote. But not much better, really, when it comes to drafting and development. They inherited Keuchel and made him better, akin to John Means. I just hope Elias’ troubles with that have resonated with him and he has learned from those trials.
  13. I seriously hope not. If he is, a lot of things went wrong.
  14. Perhaps. They may do both. Santander has four more years of control. Depends on what he will cost them, certainly.
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