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  1. A really great post. I was under the impression the MLB contracts do not do the college funds anymore, just what I was told about two years ago.
  2. Each D1 team has 11.7 scholarships to give out. No one gets a full scholarship, and the top guys get about half of one. They do have other funds to use, grants and things like that. Kevin O’Sullivan (UF) told me that no player gets a full scholarship.
  3. Sure. Depends on your point of view. He seems to me to be genuine and fairly transparent about his process. I find him sincere. Some may feel differently. He is no Mike Rizzo, or Jim Bowden. Let’s see if his way works, then we can see if the ego grows to match.
  4. I was never a fan of the DJ pick. Still not. But, in fairness, that was the previous regime, and they wanted the power. They sacrificed defense for power/production. Elias had nothing to do with that. Grenier is looking up for the past 4-5 weeks. Check his AA stats. It was considered a reach, but the previous regime valued his defense that much. Saw him as guy with a nearly MLB ready SS glove. That group believed in moving prospects quickly and they’ll teach you how to hit, or whatever. When hired, Mike Elias was considered a bright rising front office star. A steal of a hire, who
  5. Yes to all you wrote there. That is why the Ford under slot makes some sense, really. A very talented kid, strong and fast. Seems a lot like a young Austin Martin, except he can play catcher. A similar tool profile. A very interesting situation. It should really tell us more about the sophistication of Elias’ process. Some of the more popular publication picks are safe, and maybe a little lazy. When you take an undervalued kid and hang it all out there with the faith that you can coach that young fella up to be a star, at a lower cost. Man, that is conviction. We’ll see.
  6. A well reasoned take. Have you looked at the crouch, leg kick and huge upper cut swing of Davis? Maybe the selecting teams and scouts feel that a swing change is in order, or maybe they like his launch angle and excellent power. I notice his hands at load are pretty far away from his body and I think he’ll have issues with pitchers busting him inside. I have heard mixed reviews about his defense. I have honestly not seen enough to say either way. The videos of his swing concern me, and the bat is why he is among the top prospects. I worry that he is up there simply because he is the most produ
  7. None of the picks you cited were actually under slot much, if at all. And Elias was not here for those picks. He famously did that with Carlos Correa and the Astros years ago, and it was very successful. They were able to add the McCullers kid along with Rio Ruiz with over slot bonuses. Correa turned out to be worthy of being #1. And other teams behind the Astros wanted him as well. They just did not tell the publications this because smart GM’s do not tell journalists what they really think until after a draft. Many people in the industry were not surprised about Kjerstad, but the journalist
  8. So, you have personally scouted Kjerstad? Anybody else who was available? How do you know he did not think Kjerstad was the BPA? Let me guess, you are basing that on the publication lists? And those lists are based on what they are told, as they are journalists, not scouts. Those lists are not what Elias uses to base his picks on. And if he did, he should be fired. Kjerstad has a heart virus that can kill him, and you call that a "misadventure?" It was something he contracted after the draft. What is Mike Elias supposed to learn from that? Good grief.
  9. I think we agree on many things. He is a special talent, no doubt about it. Where we disagree is in the actual value of Gunnar’s previous experience. The alternate site was valuable for many things related to training, but it did not replace actual games played. Nothing they can do replicates this. A few weeks in the GCL, and he came from the Alabama HS ranks before that. Alabama is not a hotbed of talent or competition. I am not convinced that Elias is delaying development for a competitive window, but I can see the argument. I think there is a hierarchy in the glut of infield prospects
  10. I don’t see it as a shot, but I’m not speaking for Frobby. Several of us said, just wait a few weeks, it will happen. And it did. There was quite a frenzy of disgruntled people all over the net, but then he had a four strikeout game and that quieted some. He needs time to learn and gain experience playing in professional games.
  11. You are right, I should explain. There are some advantages to being up for a few weeks. The Norfolk season runs through September 19 right now. If they can make a playoff run, that would be more important to get that experience than to come be a part of the worst team in MLB. Elias has steadfastly said that he will not compromise the development of young players.
  12. Yep. I am not saying your idea is bad, just that they will likely not do it. Especially not Grayson, or any other young pitcher. Catching wise, I think they want to get a strong look at Ciuffo and Cumberland. I can see either one, or both, coming up this year. If Severino does not pick it up soon, he'll join Sisco as a DFA. Who knows, maybe Adley somehow forces their hand, but there is no advantage in his development to come up.
  13. I would be shocked if they call up either one. That service time thing.
  14. He hablas. I think the only reason he is still here is his salary, but he is certainly more athletic than Chance. Maybe, the hope is that he regains the approach he had in the first month of 2020. Maybe it is just for some form of continuity. I was once a fan of Pedro, but that seems like a long time ago.
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