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  1. I can think of six NRI's that can realistically make this team: Eric Hanhold Wade Leblanc Tom Milone Pat Valaika Mason Williams Bryan Holaday
  2. And perhaps you were correct that Armstrong has earned a spot in the pen. Maybe Carroll and/or Hanhold as well. So no room I guess for even one Rule 5. Very curious to see what happens now with Kohl Stewart. His status will have an impact on several guys. Does Kohl have an option left? I thought he was out of options.
  3. They seemed to earn raves from camp for their stuff. Maybe they'll try to trade for them. The tweets that Interloper included in another thread make it sound like there is a signing or a trade imminent to add others to the 40 man.
  4. According to Roch, Rule 5 guys Bailey and Rucker are being returned to Astros and Cubs respectively. A little surprised it happened this early.
  5. Yeah, just my opinion as well. The first seven were clearer for me, and then the next four were just possibles. At some point soon, need to start clearing things out to be able to truly evaluate and/or develop those left. You can always call them back from the minor league complex if you need a body or just want to see them again.
  6. I don't disagree that Armstrong has done well so far. It is a credit to him and his hard work this off-season, along with the coaches pointing some things out for him to improve. But Carroll's progress, in particular, if it continues, along with the Rule 5 guys (who have been impressive...supposedly), means that someone has to go. Carroll is 27 yoa and has nothing to prove at AAA, and at some point soon you have to start promoting your young guys to get experience. If you do not see Armstrong as a reliever on the next winning/competitive cycle, why hold someone back to keep Armstrong? Maybe Armstrong is a trade target. DFA and trade for a PTBNL. Other teams are scouting our camp just as we theirs. For me, the rotation is: Cobb, Means, Wojciechowski, Leblanc and Stewart/Milone ( I believe Stewart has an option however) And the pen is: Givens, Harvey, Castro, Bleier, and Fry are penciled in for me. So, Carroll, Hanhold, Armstrong, Bailey, Rucker, Sulser and Tate are battling for the remaining three spots. If they decide to keep Armstrong, I'm good with that, for now. But you have to start promoting the young guys, and flexibility with options are a plus. Especially if you keep one or both Rule 5 guys. Givens is not getting optioned. Harvey has one, I believe. Castro has none, Bleier none, Fry one (I believe). We'll see how it all shakes out, and a lot can happen the next few weeks.
  7. If the player is on the 40 man, he has to be optioned if there is an option available. Reassigned would be for those on the NRI list. Kline has done decent work, but his command is not where it needs to be. I don't think he makes this team, but he can always come up for the day if they want another look this Spring. For me, he's middle inning BP depth in AAA, unless his command improves and his slider becomes consistently sharp. Same for Tanner Scott. The emergence of Cody Carroll and Eric Hanhold have put them ahead of Kline and many others. Armstrong may be on the outside looking in as well.
  8. I think all three of them will eventually end up at Norfolk when the season begins. All those changes can take some time to iron out. They need thousands of reps, and best to get them in AAA. Hess may end up in Bowie at this point if they want him to remain a starter.
  9. I think the cuts are a bit deeper than 10. I would add these seven for sure: Evan Phillips (optioned, although he could be DFA) - Command Tanner Scott (optioned) - Command Branden Kline (reassigned) - Command David Hess (optioned) - If he has any shot, let him build up his command/confidence in AAA Ty Blach (reassigned or released) - Command and stuff are poor Thomas Eschelman (reassigned) - no shot at making this team Taylor Davis (reassigned) - no shot at making this team Lakins could stick around just a bit to see if they can DFA, waive and outright him. Save the option for later, if he is recalled during the season and needs to go back down. Keegan Akin and Dean Kremer are not going to make this team out of Spring Training, so why not send them down sooner than later? Richie Martin can be optioned now, unless you want him around Iglesias as much as possible. He's done well, but Velazquez and Valaika have the inside track at this point to the UT jobs. Richie needs to play everyday at AAA to get his development where he needs to be. DJ Stewart can go down and finish his rehab to begin playing. He will not make this team. For me, he probably would not ever make it in Baltimore and is a trade candidate. He may eventually hit some, but not a regular OF in Baltimore. His competition here is way ahead of him. That's eleven more names. This should get really interesting in a few weeks. I think a trade or two is in the works, even if it is for International Slot Money or for a DSL player or two. Dwight Smith Jr. is a prime candidate for this. He can really hit, but his defense won't cut it. It is hard to believe anyone could be so poor out there with his pedigree.
  10. Yes, agree. He has added 15-20 pounds of muscle according to two reports I have read. The Scorpions people I know rave about this kid's upside and work ethic. Solid athleticism, probably a corner OF. Not sure he can play CF in pro ball, and the arm, to me, is probably average in RF. Goes to the same high school that Austin Hays went to, Spruce Creek.
  11. Just finished reading that article. A bit surprised, at first, that Mountcastle and Hays did not make the list. As I read on, it seems that BA values more contact and plate discipline than these two have. It is hard to understand that 100 prospects are more valuable than a 22 year old kid who dominated AAA last year and was the International League POY. He had a great year offensively and expanded his profile to a corner OF spot, and fell about 20 spots on the list...wow. He supposedly was in the next five after the top 100. Hays may end up the Rookie of the Year, but it is fair that he was not in the top 100. Injuries and plate discipline, along with mediocre results last year in the minors, certainly hurt his case. He was in the "next 98," according to BA. Mountcastle, Hays and Yusniel Diaz were all on the "just-missed" list.
  12. Looks like a solid pick up of a guy that needed a change of scenery. He was rushed up from AA three years ago and has struggled to find a role. Natural LH hitter who started switch hitting as a pro, in 2013. Not saying he’s going to be an all star, but why not pick him up and take a look at him in Spring training? Supposed to have quick twitch athleticism and a plus arm. He was the Jays’ #4 prospect after 2015, according to BA. and was in their top 10 through 2017. I guess it will depend on Richard and the attitude he brings into his new opportunity.
  13. Jammer7

    Farewell OH

    Congratulations @Luke-OH!!! Your passion shines through in all you have done here, and I am sure it will be the same with the Orioles. It isn’t a surprise that you were snapped up by a forward thinking organization. I am pleased that it is the Orioles. Well deserved, sir. You made the OH a better place. Best of luck!
  14. Good stuff! Thanks. I like this move, solid upside with limited risk. I wonder about his health.
  15. What is his 4S spin rate? And, do you see a mechanical adjustment/tweak that can get a better spin rate? Is that something that as a reliever could increase where he could just rear back and let it eat?
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