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  1. Just finished reading that article. A bit surprised, at first, that Mountcastle and Hays did not make the list. As I read on, it seems that BA values more contact and plate discipline than these two have. It is hard to understand that 100 prospects are more valuable than a 22 year old kid who dominated AAA last year and was the International League POY. He had a great year offensively and expanded his profile to a corner OF spot, and fell about 20 spots on the list...wow. He supposedly was in the next five after the top 100. Hays may end up the Rookie of the Year, but it is fair that he was not in the top 100. Injuries and plate discipline, along with mediocre results last year in the minors, certainly hurt his case. He was in the "next 98," according to BA. Mountcastle, Hays and Yusniel Diaz were all on the "just-missed" list.
  2. Looks like a solid pick up of a guy that needed a change of scenery. He was rushed up from AA three years ago and has struggled to find a role. Natural LH hitter who started switch hitting as a pro, in 2013. Not saying he’s going to be an all star, but why not pick him up and take a look at him in Spring training? Supposed to have quick twitch athleticism and a plus arm. He was the Jays’ #4 prospect after 2015, according to BA. and was in their top 10 through 2017. I guess it will depend on Richard and the attitude he brings into his new opportunity.
  3. Jammer7

    Farewell OH

    Congratulations @Luke-OH!!! Your passion shines through in all you have done here, and I am sure it will be the same with the Orioles. It isn’t a surprise that you were snapped up by a forward thinking organization. I am pleased that it is the Orioles. Well deserved, sir. You made the OH a better place. Best of luck!
  4. Good stuff! Thanks. I like this move, solid upside with limited risk. I wonder about his health.
  5. What is his 4S spin rate? And, do you see a mechanical adjustment/tweak that can get a better spin rate? Is that something that as a reliever could increase where he could just rear back and let it eat?
  6. I thought Taylor Grover was too, but he’s no bueno.
  7. Very interesting stuff all around. Thanks for all of your hard work! i was wondering what you may think about a comp of Buddy Reed and Cameron Maybin? For me, that may be Reed’s realistic ceiling.
  8. I doubt the Orioles would select a pitcher with no shot at competing this year though, so Valdez and all the other single A pitchers are likely not going to be selected by Baltimore. They’d likely go with a guy like Barlow, or perhaps the lefty that Luke brought up On another thread. Name escapes me right now.
  9. I just thought we pretty much added a rule 5 type with Marcos Diplan. And we added Isaac Mattson from the Angels. My two picks for position player would be Wander Javier and Buddy Reed. Each would fill a bench role with a lot of development to do. Both are premium athletes and Reed is an excellent CF. Javier has all the tools, but a long way to go developmentally. I looked at Esteury Ruiz of the Padres, but I would want a better defensive player. Though his offensive upside seems considerable. That said, Luke has been dissecting video on the pitchers, and I will defer to him. There is a few interesting names out there. But Dauris Valdez has huge upside.
  10. And I would be great with that, personally. He’s a talented kid that had some injuries, mostly a non-throwing shoulder labrum tear. He was a $4 million signing bonus. And the Orioles can steal him for $100,000. I want him, Buddy Reed and Jose Fermin.
  11. I lean to position players as well. But with Chris Holt's impact on the system, I am more open to a polished power college pitcher. If Torkelson can play a solid 3B, or even corner OF, I would say the decision is easier. I am curious to see if a legit HS player enters the picture. I know we expect Elias to favor college players, but we'll see who pops up in his evaluation.
  12. Ok, cool. Thank you. Clay's HR rate really jumps at you, and the sink would explain that. I did see a bit of Zack Britton there, just not the velo. Did he scrap the CB, and just go sinker/slider? Would you take Clay over Burrows?
  13. I am torn on the Villar waiver, and perhaps non-tender. I hardly think Elias is a buffoon as one poster said, but I understand the emotion. I find it very hard to believe that he had any market for him at all in July, and the same now. If no team claims him on waivers, are all GM's buffoons? They all have the same decision to make, is Villar worth $10.5 million for 2020? If he clears waivers, and perhaps we re-sign him to a reasonable amount. Maybe we trade him in July 2020. It's a big gamble either way. Sign him through arbitration and he flops, or non-tender and he has another great year elsewhere. Who knows at this point, but it may just be an outstanding move. He was exciting last year, more so in the second half, and we still lost 108 games. Without him, do we lose 112? He has had 2 very good seasons in seven years, 2016 (3.9 WAR) and 2019 (4.0). The defense can be good at times, and it can be lackadaisical. The 20 errors do not tell the story, but there were many balls he mishandled and mental mistakes. The defensive metrics do not favor him either, but not sure they have much merit. The Orioles are his third team. There are reasons why guys with lots of tools move around like he has, and sometimes it's things that aren't always public. We do not know what all goes into this decision, but to say it is simply 'tanking" or cost cutting seems simplistic to me. There is a reason why no one has taken him off our hands for any moderate return. If they sign Adeiny Hechevarria to play SS, maybe for $1-2 million. Or Jose Iglesias for a maybe twice that. We lose the offense Villar provided last year, but no guarantee we would get anything close to that output again for the arbitration figure he wants. I will wait to judge the move until after things settle. These are very intelligent people running the show. And yes, I will give Mr. Elias the benefit of the doubt that he and his team know what they are doing.
  14. Bueno - seems like a good bit of effort in delivery. TJ surgery at Arizona State. Was their Friday starter though. Lots of injuries have led to very little experience. Some recoil and I don't love the finish at all. Topped out in SAL last year. Pass for me. Clay - I just watched some video, the slider flashes promise, and the hook is the get me over type and can get slurvey. Change has no depth and the FB was straight. Looks like there is more there, and seems to not get as much extension as he could. Stat wise, walk rate is 5.1 and H/9 is 8.7, 1.53 career WHIP, but K rate is 9.6 and does not give up many HR's (only 6 in 405 innings). Interesting under the radar guy.
  15. Alemias seems interesting, maybe as a second pick. The shoulder would be concerning, but I like the profile. Here is a useful article on him. https://rumbunter.com/2018/01/24/pirate-prospect-watch-2018-stephen-alemais/
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