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  1. Jammer7

    Coby Mayo

    I am not strongly against him starting in Aberdeen. I would think he will get another 150 at bats at Delmarva. I think that is Elias/Blood’s MO, and I think Mayo can benefit from that. They do not want to send him back down, so start next year in Delmarva and go from there. He can still finish the year in Bowie. Henderson is. I have heard that low A ball is not the same level as it used to be, so maybe @Frobbyis correct. Perhaps that is best for him. It is interesting to think about. Blood may want to keep challenging him after a great Spring. If Mayo gets his body in great shape,
  2. Jammer7

    Coby Mayo

    Interesting. One month in Delmarva, and six weeks in the FCL and you think he is ready for Aberdeen at 19? That would be pretty aggressive, but I can see your thought there. I think Elias/Blood are more conservative, maybe start in Delmarva and move up to Aberdeen in June. They seem to want a certain number of at bats with certain skills achieved. They have development plans for every player. I just hope he works hard on his flexibility, strength and explosiveness. I think next year he could really take off if he improves his body.
  3. A little surprising, but what has Jones done to stay the last 16 games? Still a good prospect, but has work to do. Probably sent down for Ciuffo to get a look while Severino recovers. Need to see Ciuffo too.
  4. I don’t know if Mullins will get that return from one great season. Either package would be hard to turn down. I would prefer the Cardinals package. I am a little biased as I have watched Liberatore and Gorman since they were 14-15. Liberatore would slot right in behind Grayson Rodriguez, and in front of DL Hall. Nolan Gorman would be our 3B for years to come. DeJong is up and down, but solid overall. I am not not sure if I am sold on Max Meyer as a starter long term, but I do not know as much about him as I would like to. Watson is a lot of projection.
  5. Did not mean to hijack the thread, but thanks for indulging me about my passion for the game of youth baseball and development. It was a nice distraction for a few minutes on the 20th anniversary of the worst day in our history. Hug your kids, and play catch with them, even if they are adults. Tomorrow is promised to no one.
  6. Great great post. The last thing you wrote, “loves playing.” The most important thing, and I know you know that. The will to succeed is born of this, and it comes from the kid, not the parent. He is 10, a young 11U, born on St. Patty’s Day. A LHP/OF/1B who is not the dominant player my older boy was. He does have excellent athleticism and a beautiful swing. The arm is beginning to get there, good velo, but we need to keep working on repeating the mechanics. Keeping it simple, for sure. Learning about different grips, and a change piece. I don’t push, in fact, I am laying back some
  7. All a father can ask is that they try their best, and carry themselves with respect for the game, themselves, their teammates and coaches. I think our sons, do play the game we love, in part because of us. It is a father/son experience that I have cherished. Like fishing, hiking or hunting, it is our time. Something passed down, and memories of growth, success and failure. It is a true form of love for one another. Sharing with your son, and son wanting to please the father. Fields of dreams, after all.
  8. Not sure. I see him as an athletic 3B, one who can cover a lot of ground with the current shift configurations. Tulowitzki was all that, ARod, Cal…IDK. Depends on where he adds the weight, what proportion. And I do not think he’ll add all of that next year. He may be more than his listed 203 right now. Those listed weights are often off by quite a bit.
  9. Thanks. We could write books on this very topic. It is a strange dichotomy in youth sports right now. Here in Florida, we can play baseball for about 10-11 months a year. Doctors tell parents that kids can get overuse injuries, and that kids should take at least four consecutive months off every year with no throwing a baseball. Travel Coaches want their money to continue to flow year round, and tournament outlets like Perfect Game and USSSA want your money as well. So there is tremendous pressure to keep your kid playing all year. The travel ball teams will tell you that your kid will lose hi
  10. It has been interesting to see how Sedlock has developed this year. After being unprotected for two R5 drafts, he may have changed the organization’s perspective on him. I wonder if the organizational focus on 4 seam with hop up in the zone now changed with the sticky stuff crackdown. If so, perhaps he now benefits from it.
  11. He’ll probably be at least 220 lbs. Depends on what they do with him positionally. Mountcastle put on some weight this past year, in his legs particularly.
  12. There you go, throwing facts into the conversation. LOL My comment was more to the point that Green is not the athlete Bo Jackson was. Bo ran a 4.1 40 yard dash. That is an interesting conversation to have, what would Bo have been if he focused on just baseball at an early age. I would think he would have improved the k rate somewhat because it was so important in the game then. More repetition alone would have helped that, but to what %, IDK. He surely was an exciting player often. Bo had less than half a minor league season in 1986 with 212 AA at bats. In MLB, his career k r
  13. If it is a HS pick, Jones is more polished and the son of a possible HOF CF. Green is exciting, but it’s a lot of swing and miss. Elias probably taps a college bat again, but long way to go.
  14. Johnson looks like he will hit for power and average. Do you take a smaller stocky 2B at 1-1 or 1-2? IDK. Maybe.
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