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  1. Geez, the centerpiece of the Machado deal might have 4th outfielder as a ceiling? I agree that's very depressing.
  2. I don't quite get the love for Hays. when is he going to hit?
  3. How much longer must we endure Chris Davis?
  4. Can you imagine being born and raised in Baltimore (Me), and being allergic to crabs(Me)?
  5. Fellow Bird fans, we've had two great drafts in a row. In two drafts, Elias has put our farm system light years ahead of where we were. I'm ecstatic, even while many on here are not.
  6. How about Martin/Rutschman/Mountcastle for the future? Formidable!
  7. Still hoping we take Martin, unless Tork is available.
  8. So, Tony, who do you think we should take, assuming Tork is gone?
  9. We need everything, but I like a position player. Take Martin!
  10. I was at the wedding of a friend's son in 2015. His son was getting married to Mike Boddicker's absolutely gorgeous daughter, and the wedding was in Kansas City. I'm sitting at the hotel bar and Eddie "Friggin" Murray sits down next to me! Of course, I bought him a beer! He was most gracious, as was Mike Boddicker. I told Eddie that I watched him carry the team on his back so many times.
  11. I'll second that Sweet Home Alabama kid!
  12. Thanks for the updates! I wish I could watch my beloved Orioles. Even if they are going to be bad!
  13. Wow! Good luck to you, Luke! We will miss you around here. I know that you'll do everything you can to help our beloved Orioles!
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