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  1. It's about time that I asked.....how is this young man's first name pronounced? I want to say "Gooner" (phonetic)
  2. I'm supremely confident that we will get the number 1 pick in 2022. Our team really sucks, and we play in the toughest division.
  3. If you're Pat Valaika, how can you WATCH a third strike??? I know, I'm just upset and will get over it.
  4. I hesitate to ask this question, but can it get any worse than this?
  5. I agree with all those suggested promotions, but especially Grayson and Gunnar.
  6. I love this young man, and not just because he's from Alabama! He has been on fire with the bat since the start!
  7. I think he is just exuding confidence out there. He was better last Sunday against Texas in terms of command, but today was a good outing!
  8. I have to agree that Ryan's start has been abysmal. It strikes me that he's getting a steady diet of breaking balls, and offspeed stuff, and hasn't shown the ability to adjust yet. It's worrisome.
  9. The two guys doing the "catching" on the roster can't catch! Ready or not, bring up Adley. We KNOW that he's ready from a defense perspective.
  10. Is there a compelling argument to not bring up Adley? Our catching sucks.
  11. Agree with Ripken. Man, this team can't hit! Bring on anybody, please!
  12. The way we came back in both games was great! When we got down 4 in game 2, I thought we were dead. The game 2 win was very satisfying.
  13. He was dealing today!!! Threw strikes! NO WALKS!
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