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  1. I might be interested in a one-year, very good defensive catcher. Both of ours seemed to get worse defensively as the season progressed and I don't think we have anyone great defensively in AA or AAA.
  2. I think Severino has to improve his catching to keep playing as much so I think his production will slump.
  3. Nah, they'll just trade him to us when he's in A ball.
  4. Was Mancini bad enough last year to be in the running for national comeback player of the year?
  5. So by September 2020 we should have 6 outfielders fighting for time. Our cup overfloweth...
  6. I wonder how the guys who won their way to the playoffs feel about this. If they win, will they even feel they won?
  7. Looks like they've decided the coaches were the problem at Frederick. Personally, I didn't think there was much talent there.
  8. I'm lazy; how many of the 23 have been 5 inning appearances? It's not like 10 of 27 outs; it's 10 of 15 in some cases I think.
  9. Until his promotion, I was wondering if Ripken was being trained to be a coach and just playing when needed.
  10. I'm not surprised by Delmarva's loss. Counting it, they've played .500 baseball since August 1. Bowie has been .500 since mid August. Are the pitchers tired? Have opponents figured them out? I have no real idea.
  11. I don't understand why t he comparisons (also rans) were not in the same year. How is Mussina and Sabathia a head-to-head comparison?
  12. Once the game starts I don't think anyone is trying to lose. If ever I thought Hyde was giving up in his pre-game choices it was yesterday with Ynoa. He was on my list of the six people on the 40-man who could be DFA'd without a second thought (as opposed to the group we'd have to think about in relationship to who we were adding.) Instead of blowing up in the 4th or 5th like normal, he pitched well, so Hyde must be wondering if he needs to start one of the Scotts if he wants to lose.😀
  13. Maybe he wanted to make sure he didn't get the "Mauer with power" second coming treatment through the minors.
  14. I could see him matching Vlad Jr.'s rookie average ane power.
  15. I could see both at Delmarva. Did anyone in Aberdeen impress you? I have no problem with evaluation; I always fear knee-jerk respect for draft status.
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