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  1. It would not surprise me if a goal--and a result--is to increase the number of students going to college. Only expected stars would get drafted out of high school while MLB lets the colleges develop everyone else as is done in football and basketball. It would be bad for college academics and for the prospects who aren't really interested in being students, but that's no skin off the owners. About 80% of players would enter the minors at age 21 and get at most 3 years to make the majors or become AAAA.
  2. Recently, there has been more concern for maintaining a higher on-base percentage even if it means not swinging for the fences every time up. OH seems to have accepted that you can't hit Earl Weaver specials (3-run home runs) with no one on base. The mere fact that McKenna is being criticized for changing to a power swing which hurt the rest of his game is a sign of enlightenment.
  3. I keep wondering if he changed his swing on his own or if he was told by the coaches to try to hit for more power. I think anyone reading OH or other baseball writings over the last few years would believe that the only way to be a starter in the majors is to hit for power. That attitude finally began changing on OH within the last year, but most people still seem to be stuck on wanting a leadoff hitter who adds 20+ home runs. Did McKenna think he had to change?
  4. Welk did so well this year, but Gunnar is considered the likely 3rd baseman of the future and makes the top 10 for Tony and Luke. What will Welk have to do to stay ahead (he was basically a level above) or get ahead (in the rankings)? Does he have a shot at the majors or is he likely to be only a throw in for a trade?
  5. I saw Hayes at Norfolk steal second with a full slide and go home when the ball went into centerfield. He's fast.
  6. OK, I figured out that what we often refer to as AAAA is a 35-40 Up/Down; would you define the meaning of Top 1-2 and Top 5--better than All-stars but not Hall of Famers? One of the top 1-2 or 5 players at that position in the majors?
  7. If that becomes the norm the rule on who gets the win will need to be changed. Probably only after its been the norm for ten years, but eventually.
  8. I'd prefer the 5-man rotation with every pitcher knowing they were only going to pitch 5 innings. Then have 4-5 relievers planning to pitch 3 innings and a closer or two. I think with the planned shorter outings, you could even go back to a 4-man rotation if pitchers were taught the rhythm of preparing for it in the minors. This would be like the piggy-backing our minors do at times, and one could shift the reliever and starter if desired. It would be nice to see scientific evidence of the effect on arms of pitching with different lengths of breaks between maximum stress. Does it help or hurt the muscles, etc., to have more or less time between max use. It would seem reasonable that rest helps, but would connections be stronger with more common use? (and, yeah, I know pitchers don't just sit around between starts.)
  9. I am concerned about it from a player development standpoint as well as the loss of local baseball. Not player development for the top guys added to the system each year but for the guy drafted in the 24th round. Teams will have to make quicker judgements on who is going to be great. With fewer minor league teams, a late draftee will have essentially one year to prove he's better than the team thought or he's done. We've all heard the stories of the guys who used to come out of nowhere or the 42nd round. Good scouting has already reduced that number considerably, but now they would be taking away chances to prove oneself. Wasn't it just a couple of months ago, we were wishing we had Bluefield back so our players had an extra opportunity above Florida? Personally I enjoy minor league ball more than major league--smaller crowds, sitting closer to the field, cheaper prices, travelling 30 or 50 miles instead of 500 to get there--so I would oppose any effort to cut the minors. Heck I even enjoyed it when Frederick came to the local stadium even though I didn't see anyone on the field that I thought would ever make the majors. And I used to be spoiled, having seen Palmer, Belanger, Etchebarren (sp?) and Bumbry go through my home town on the way to Baltimore.
  10. I might be interested in a one-year, very good defensive catcher. Both of ours seemed to get worse defensively as the season progressed and I don't think we have anyone great defensively in AA or AAA.
  11. I think Severino has to improve his catching to keep playing as much so I think his production will slump.
  12. Nah, they'll just trade him to us when he's in A ball.
  13. Was Mancini bad enough last year to be in the running for national comeback player of the year?
  14. So by September 2020 we should have 6 outfielders fighting for time. Our cup overfloweth...
  15. I wonder how the guys who won their way to the playoffs feel about this. If they win, will they even feel they won?
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