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  1. Well, there was enough ****ty baseball in that half inning to last me the rest of the season. Remind me how much these men are paid to do difficult, athletic things like cover first, tag up and advance from second, and not overrun third. Just missed the cycle of stupid baseball!
  2. I love that fans are bemoaning our dwindling chances of taking the division instead of celebrating our near-certain wild card spot. This is what New York and Boston fans do. But seriously, celebrate the playoff spot. It's been a while.
  3. That we are presented with just two choices is ultimately how our system can prevent a person's vote from "counting". Coke or Pepsi. No Sprite or Dr. Pepper.
  4. I would like to believe that the mods can tell the difference between political talk that takes positions and is likely to lead to conflict, and political talk that is neutral and conversational. But it's possible I'm wrong.
  5. Why? Nothing said in this thread so far should be offensive to a person of any political persuasion.
  6. You must be assuming I'm not an Obama voter. In which case you'd be correct. But I moved to VA only in September and registered close to the deadline, so they had no way of knowing whether or not I was a GOTV target. In the last eight days I've gotten two pieces of Obama mail and have been visited three times by Obama volunteers. The first two times I wasn't home. They kept coming until I was home. That their GOTV operation is this sophisticated tells me he's going to win Virginia and the whole thing, and it's not going to be close.
  7. I'm a political junkie so the ads, etc. don't annoy me. They amuse me. I wasn't even annoyed when on Saturday I awoke to the sound of Obama GOTV volunteers knocking on my door.
  8. longflyball

    Suspended Game

    The Phillies also wasted a bunch of gift calls from the home plate umpire. If they win they ought to give a WS share to Jeff Kellogg.
  9. My bad. Do you speak from experience?
  10. If politicians are going to steal my money and spend it for the benefit of themselves and others, building a ballpark is among the least objectionable things they could do. Speaking as a cynic, of course. And a sports fan.
  11. What the frick is drinkability? I don't drink Bud Light (or Coors and Miller) unless it's free or the only thing available. This ad campaign might put an end even to that.
  12. I nominate Game 5 of the 2008 World Series the 4th biggest disgrace of the Selig Administration. They're playing through a monsoon, and the umpiring is absolutely disgraceful.
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