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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyle_Shanahan "Shanahan and (former NFL QB Chris) Simms are close friends, and Shanahan has a tattoo of Simms' initials on his leg." What dude gets a tattoo of his buddy's initials on his leg unless said buddy died a young and horribly tragic death?
  2. Agree with the above. This is also Taylor's last year under contract before he's a free agent. If he's as good as some say he is, a QB-desperate team (i.e. Jacksonville) could easily sign him to compete for the job. I wasn't a fan of going with Tyrod as a rookie #2 QB in 2011 and I'm not in favor of backing up a $120 Million QB with a rookie in 2015. Draft a guy in the 4th or 5th round this year who can become the backup in 2015 and possibly be a fallback as the starter in 2016 if Joe fails to perform to his contract standards and won't take a paycut.
  3. Just saw on Twitter that Cam Cameron was spotted at the BWI baggage claim this evening. Now return your heartrates to normal, folks. I'm kidding. How funny/sad would that be though if he was the guy?
  4. This is the least clutch team that I've ever seen in any sport. Horrible.
  5. If they're able to wait until after tonight's game, they could send Chen down to the GCL Orioles and have him back up here for his next turn on 9/1.
  6. If the corresponding roster move is to demote Flaherty or another player to the minor leagues, I'll be interested to see where they send him. Barring injury to another player, the player sent down can't come back for 10 days or until the season is over for the minor league team that he's sent to. That means that any player sent to Norfolk, Bowie, Frederick, or Delmarva can't come back until Sept. 3 and a player sent to Aberdeen can't come back until Sept. 6. However, the GCL Orioles' season ends on August 29 so the player could come back as soon as the rosters expand on September 1. IIRC the
  7. Jarrett Johnson was in Harbaugh's doghouse?
  8. And there goes the voice of reason... You bring up some good points. I'm still so stoked about the Super Bowl win that I'd put Cam Cameron in the Ring of Honor since he sucked bad enough to get fired this year. If he didn't suck so bad, he'd still have the job, and we wouldn't have a ring.
  9. Stevo5278

    Thank you Joe

    I'd rank him ahead of Ryan, Schaub, Romo, and Rivers for sure just because of his playoff wins versus their relative lack of success on the big stage. Too early to assess VS the rookies. Amongst that group, the only ones I'd take over Flacco for sure are Brady, Rodgers, Brees, and P. Manning. E. Manning and Ben are toss-ups in a head-to-head comparison.
  10. Stevo5278

    Thank you Joe

    Yup. A friend of mine who's a Virginia Tech grad (and huge Tyrod Taylor fan) was saying, "All he's throwing is jump balls. It's really the receivers who are making good plays, not the QB. Ravens should pull a Dilfer and cut him loose rather than pay him." I'm like, "HE JUST WON THE SUPER BOWL AND THE GAME MVP!!!" Another friend remarked that Flacco can now be considered in the same class as Matt Ryan even though his stats aren't as good. I swear fantasy football has turned fans into complete idiots when it comes to judging talent and greatness. These same people probably would have put Joe Mon
  11. I love the discussion and love the superstition. A friend of mine at work was wearing a Tandon Doss 17 jersey today. I asked her, "Why on earth are you wearing his jersey of all people?" Turns out that 17's her favorite number. I still thought that was pretty cool that she went with his name rather than personalizing it.
  12. What jersey do you plan on wearing on Sunday? My options are: * Purple #5 Flacco (Authentic) * Purple #20 Reed - Probably wearing this to work tomorrow * Purple #58 Boulware - Wore it during Super Bowl XXXV * White #5 Flacco * Black #52 R. Lewis - Wore it during the Colts game & AFC championship As much as I want to wear my white Flacco jersey since the Ravens will be wearing white and I think this game is all on him, I've got to stick with the Black 52 jersey one last time. It's old and the numbers are worn but I've got to wear it one final time before Ray hangs it up.
  13. Forgive me on that one... Wasn't familiar with his work. His bio said he was DC-based, so I assumed he was a Skins fan. His soundtrack fits right in with the drivel I've heard from DC Sports Talkers and fans for the last 13 years. With regards to Ray hating, you can hate him for his antics all you want. I could do without most of it myself, but to call him overrated or disrespect his on-field credentials is absurd. His record speaks for itself.
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