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  1. You're not doing any surgical procedure, or something minor right before your job starts. Also, since he's been sick through much of camp, this wouldn't appear elective in any way. IMO, what was thought of to be flu related is now at least suspected to be something else. And from the tone of the news, and the quotes from the teammates, I'd think it has the potential to be serious. I hope things turn out ok for him.
  2. Re: Hyde - I think there is validity to different management styles. Some might want to say things out in the dugout to send a message/teach/etc. Others might like to keep the criticism away from the camera, or out of the open. And it's pretty fair to say that both ways can be effective. I have no problem with Hyde over this. However - I don't think going after the manager and having to be physically restrained is an acceptable response. No matter what was said (and it had to be pretty rough to cause that reaction). Still - that can't be how you handle the situation. And I'm not
  3. Yes. Multiple sinkholes. And the heavy rains this week didn't help repairs. No word or when Light Rail is expected to reopen. WBAL report...
  4. And with other teams racing us to the bottom, there may be more attractive options out there than Givens (or Mancini, Villar). I bet Givens goes. I see Villar as a toss-up. I think Mancini stays. Low level prospects as the return.
  5. Just evaluating the inventory as we wait for better days...
  6. I suspect Eshelman and a roller coaster ride of relievers. But they haven't said. Good luck watching that! (And stay cool!)
  7. Plus - one is a former All-Star, Silver Slugger and 2x HR champ, while the other two are still sipping their "cup of coffee" at the MLB level. Or let's get philosophical - I suspect some see his precipitous decline as a parallel to the decline of the club overall, and give him extra attention. But yes... absurd. That said, I wouldn't miss any of the three.
  8. I agree - the shirt snafu was annoying. That said - it was nice seeing everyone again. And a nice night for baseball, despite the boxscore. Thanks Tony & company!
  9. We were enthused that the club signed J2 guys at all. Because we haven't. In years. You know that. And you know that it's more the laying groundwork rather than the actual guys signed. (And we won't know if any of those guys overachieve for years anyway... ) Your call for Elias to be fired over this trade is ridiculous. After Cashner's poor work last year, and his questionable advanced stats this year, and the fact that's he's a rental... you're not going to get anything flashy for him. Don't like the trade? Sure. I can agree with that. Calling for Elias to be fired? Wow... quite the "hot
  10. I prefer live, but I watched off the DVR yesterday. Had to pick the kids up from school, so I paused the live feed. By the time I got back, the game was underway. Probably was a 1/2 hour behind, but we caught up quick skipping commercials and all. Odorizzi was pitching slower so I was able to skip the time in between pitches too. Dylan was working a little faster so wasn't able to skip much there. Of course, if I knew then what I know now, I could have skipped a lot of the early snooze-fest. (And I'd probably skip that painful 9th inning too!)
  11. What is this Orioles walk thing? So rare to see....
  12. Servers can stop crashing anytime now.
  13. My current peeve is lose vs. loose... It's not that difficult. (And I can't believe this thread is still around. LOL)
  14. I was impressed with the new offerings. I love love love anything fry related. I'll pass on the dumplings, and will wait to hear if Pizza Johns is as good as they say it is our of the stadium (never had it). The crazy loaded hot dogs aren't necessarily my thing, but the sandwiches sounded good. My wife's ready to go for the lobster thing... (lobster at the ballpark? I'll pass). Anyway - lots of new option to explore...
  15. I've never been a fan of the giant O logo. Cartoon bird works for me. (Though I was never a hater of the real bird either. Just that the results were lacking those years.)
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