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  1. Here is a simple template for rounds 1 and 2. Copy and paste and fill in the prospects. Projected trades are welcome. Round 1 1 Cincinnati 2 Washington 3 Detroit 4 N.Y. Giants 5 Miami 6 L.A. Chargers 7 Carolina 8 Arizona 9 Jacksonville 10 Cleveland 11 N.Y. Jets 12 Las Vegas 13 San Francisco 14 Tampa Bay 15 Denver 16 Atlanta 17 Dallas 18 Miami 19 Las Vegas 20 Jacksonville 21 Philadelphia 22 Minnesota 23 New England 24 New Orleans 25 Minnesota 26 Miami 27 Seattle 28 Baltimore 29 Tennessee 30 Green Bay 31 San Francisco 32 Kansas City Round 2 33 Cincinnati 34 Indianapolis 35 Detroit 36 NY Giants 37 LA Chargers 38 Carolina 39 Miami 40 Houston 41 Cleveland 42 Jacksonville 43 Chicago 44 Indianapolis 45 Tampa Bay 46 Denver 47 Atlanta 48 NY Jets 49 Pittsburgh 50 Chicago 51 Dallas 52 LA Rams 53 Philadelphia 54 Buffalo 55 Baltimore 56 Miami 57 Houston 58 Minnesota 59 Seattle 60 Baltimore 61 Tennessee 62 Green Bay 63 Kansas City 64 Seattle
  2. Share your personal mock drafts here, or if you don't have one of your own, share one that you feel is reasonably the way you expect the draft to play out.
  3. Regarding Malik Harrison: https://www.nfl.com/prospects/malik-harrison?id=32194841-5260-5109-5b0d-c966f8ba7e71 https://russellstreetreport.com/2020/03/06/ravens-draft-central/inside-linebacker-prospects/malik-harrison-ilb-ohio-state/ Naturally, we have added the 55th pick in R2 as well. While his coverage skills are lacking, I'd be cool with Harrison in R2. With that said, however, I think a trade up in R1 is a possibility in order to secure Queen or Murray. I think I'd rather lose an extra pick moving up to get a player we REALLY like, than staying put and risk missing out on both. Our linebacker group is our biggest weakness and needs to be addressed. Unless DeCosta surprises us with a trade for a ILB, and with no FA linebackers worth signing, we're dependent on the draft.
  4. I've mocked the first two rounds about a dozen times and 90% of the time we take Murray or Queen in R1. IMHO, this is a below par class for interior OL, but Ruiz would be a solid get, especially if he were still around at 55/60 in R2.
  5. It's this link.... #12... http://definition.org/nfl-helmet-concepts/12/
  6. Good question. Just my thoughts... I imagine that the 2021 draft would go by the same order as a the prior season's draft. So, essentially what you inferred. Tigers at 1, O's at 2, etc.
  7. Wormley and a 2021 7th rounder have been traded to the Steelers for a 2021 5th rounder.
  8. Updated (as far as I know). The Ravens draft choices are currently slotted as: 1- 28 2- 55 2- 60 3- 92 3- 106 4- 129 4- 134 5- 170 7- 225
  9. Calais Campbell has agreed to an extension that would be 13.5M per year through 2021. OverTheCap hasn't factored that in yet. Also, we're quite likely going to release Brandon Carr and save 6M. Hard to keep up with all of this. hehehe
  10. Good deal by DeCosta... again.
  11. Beautifully done Roy. Thank you kindly for sharing. One of 400 trillion possibilities, it was you who were gifted Life. You enter the world crying, and leave the world, dying… and the choices you make in-between will define you, for eternity. Make it… special. Brooks certainly did.
  12. He comes on just past the 1 hour mark. The countdown timer near the volume button showed about 58:30 counting down.
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