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  1. https://www.fangraphs.com/prospects/the-board/2021-mlb-draft/summary?sort=-1,1&type=0&pageitems=10000000000000&pagenum=0&team=
  2. One of the best posts I've seen in awhile, and I don't drink beer (or alcohol at all). ☝️
  3. Agreed. I realize that different slots mean different amounts. It's all good... I hope we look back and marvel at how well Elias did.
  4. Now that five of the six prospects I targeted in this exercise have signed, there remains $7,433,900 to "sign" Austin Martin. Whether Martin signs for that amount or less, the exercise was created to show what sort of talent we may have been able to draft if we went with A. Martin. I know that I would not have actually taken the exact same six players I pretend drafted, as I am certain to want to have targeted a couple of HS talents at some point. Guys I would have still targeted include A. Martin, McMahon and Bedell. Regardless, what these guys signed for would be for different amounts I'm s
  5. My thoughts on this were explained in the Amateur Draft forum, but I'll say this here: It doesn't matter what I, you, or anyone else would have done differently... what matters is that Kjerstad and the other draftees ARE Orioles prospects and we need to focus on rooting for them moving forward. Assessing their talents at this juncture is not really easy with their seasons cut woefully short. Yet, we can hope that 1) our staff gets the best these young men have to offer and 2) a couple of them turn out to be quality contributors for us down the road.
  6. Seeing the O's go over 20.5 wins wouldn't surprise me in such an unusual season. I wouldn't bet on it, but getting 21-25 wins or so should be in the realm of expectations. A lower realm, granted, but on the board at least.
  7. Dude, been awhile. Glad to see you back here.
  8. Another "signings" source> American League: https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/06/american-league-draft-signings-picks-bonus-info.html National League: https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/06/national-league-draft-signings-picks-bonus-info.html
  9. This is not an easy thing to guess, BUT what kind of slash line would you think is the median expectation for Kjerstad in his first few seasons? This question goes for anyone here, not just you DH. For those unfamiliar with what I mean by a slash line, it's Batting Average/On Base %/Slugging %/OPS(OBP+SLG). An example for Kjerstad may be .275/.320/.500/.820 Another example: .285/.335/.530/.865
  10. I want to update this as prospects sign. I have some memory issues, but I'll try to keep up on this. The actual amount for the O's Draft Bonus Pool was $13,821,300. Austin Martin went 5th (Blue Jays), though I would have taken him at #2 in my exercise. The #2 slot bonus is $7,789,900. (Signed for $7,000,825) Chris McMahon went 46th (Rockies), though I would have taken him at #30 in my exercise. The #30 slot bonus is $2,365,500. (Signed for $1,637,400) CJ Van Eyk went 42nd (Blue Jays), though I would have taken him at #39 in my exercise. The #39 slot bonus is $1,906,800
  11. I saw who it was, but it's been removed. No worries. Thanks Frobby. :)
  12. Ah yes, I wasn't thinking about that. Thanks for correcting. :)
  13. It's odd to get down-voted for sharing this thread regarding BA's International Review. A mistake? Maybe I'm missing something? I thought maybe because it was pay-walled, but I made sure to note that in the title and OP. No big deal, certainly, but it has me curious. Anyway, I'm wondering how these International prospects, in places such as Venesuela, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico have been impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak. Has training/games slowed to a crawl like in many other places?
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