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  1. Jim Callis--13 names to watch ahead of the Rule 5 Draft: https://www.mlb.com/news/rule-5-draft-names-to-watch?t=mlb-pipeline-coverage
  2. Like many of us have reiterated, it's still early in the process (heck, it's in the thread title ). We'll start a new thread in the Spring as the HS and college seasons get underway and we'll be excited to see how things unfold.
  3. I should have spent more time reviewing Pham's career. While he is two-years older than Villar, he has been a very good and consistent good player over his 6-year career. Even so, the difference in the returns the Rays and O's got seems skewed to me.
  4. No, but saw the article on ESPN that discussed it.
  5. I didn't reference WAR because I never looked it up. I'm aware of WAR and other analytic stats, but don't reference them all that often. I guess I should pay more attention to it, however.
  6. I'm struggling to understand this: Tampa Bay traded outfielder Tommy Pham (and a middling AAA prospect named Jake Cronenworth) to the Padres for Hunter Renfroe, as well as touted middle-infield prospect Xavier Edwards (Keith Law has him rated 46th overall in MLB)and a PTBNL. So, how much better is 31-year old Tommy Pham than Villar? He plays a different position, but still... I wouldn't think Pham is a more valuable commodity v. Villar. We got virtually nothing in return for Villar, yet the Rays seemed to have made out quite well. Pham is being paid 8.6 million this coming season... and will go to Arb 3 in 2021 before heading to FA. So the money would appear similar for 2020. I may be looking at this wrong, but it seems to me that the Padres overpaid or we were shorted.
  7. https://www.mlb.com/news/2020-draft-competitive-balance-round?t=mlb-pipeline-coverage
  8. I also chose Meh. I understand what Elias is trying to do, but the optics of both the Villar and Bundy trades isn't flattering to the organization. The prospects are decent and have potential to be good returns... each of them. So, I'd hoped for more, but trust that Elias is doing what he needs to.
  9. I like the direction the team is headed with Elias and company, but this Villar move seems to have been mishandled. I'm disappointed.
  10. I thought we'd get word on the Villar front by now. Supposedly there was a 1 PM deadline... have I missed something?
  11. The 1 PM deadline for Villar clearing waivers (or not) is nearly upon us.
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