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  1. That call to throw to Boyle, and NOT even into the end zone, was idiotic. Run clock by running on third down. An option play would have been nice, but God that was bad.
  2. Smith is awful as well... hence the Ugh in the OP. Naturally, we could see an addition to the outfield picture over the course of the off-season, so there isn't any certainty at this juncture. Yet, I enjoy 'too early to be talking about...' stuff.
  3. LF: Mountcastle (Dwight Smith, Jr may start the season here) CF: Hays RF: Santander 4th OF: Smith, Jr... maybe? Ugh IMHO, DJ Stewart, barring notable defensive improvement, should not see the outfield. Mountcastle (someone needs a nickname ... 'Mount' maybe? ) will likely see time at 1B as well. Our choices at this juncture seem quite limited. However if Hays and Santander continue to perform well, and Mountcastle can be decent defensively while hitting enough to justify his spot, then this OF may be pretty solid. Thoughts?
  4. Updated the thread title and OP, as I should have more clearly added the DH.
  5. Great poem re-do... unfortunate in its observations.
  6. The refs are screwing us... and no, I'm not just being a homer. Harbs has been awful this year and the NFL isn't helping.
  7. Moronic decision to throw the ball by Harbaugh and the Ravens. WTH is going on with these decisions?
  8. I had not realized that a limit of 13 pitchers (or 14) was being considered. Obviously that could make this thread moot. Mods, perhaps we should close the thread until that determination has been made.
  9. It's early yet, but I'm curious... with the implementation of a 26th player to MLB rosters starting in 2020, will Hyde/Elias go with an extra position player or go with yet another pitcher? 13/13 or 12 position players and 14 pitchers? After seeing how bad the pen was this year and how often we needed a position player on the mound, my best guess would be a pitcher. What say you?
  10. I suspect Elias will not sign any FA, infield or otherwise, to a contract for roughly five million +. He may sign no one to a ML contract, and if so, it'd be on the cheap.
  11. I think he'd be the favorite to be our starting SS if Villar is dealt, but outside of his AB's in September he was atrocious at the plate. He could use time (perhaps a LOT!) at AAA, but as you said, he's just as likely to hold the ML spot until a better option comes along. Spring could be important in determining what they'll do with him.
  12. Yeah... if Villar remains, then hell likely be our starting SS. But I believe Villar will be dealt.
  13. These are my best guesses for 2020, based on my roster expectations... and no, I'm not enamored with this. 1B: Mancini 2B: Alberto SS: Martin 3B: Ruiz CA: Severino DH: Nunez Reserve: When not starting, Nunez, could backup 1B and be a rare spot starter at 3B. Otherwise, Mountcastle will probably play both LF and 1B when brought up-- and could even be a 'Break glass in case of emergency' 3B when needed. Reserve: Utility position seems up for grabs. Backup CA: Hard to say with any degree of certainty, but for now I'll go with Sisco. It would not surprise me in the least to read that he's being tried at other positions (3B?) this off-season and into spring. I hope we are able to get a real good trade return for Mancini, but I feel he'll be here. I do, however, suspect Villar will be dealt. Chris Davis is absent, but that based more on hope than expectation. As with many of you, I'd be thrilled to see us acquire young SS and 3B talent.
  14. As @CallMeBrooksie says, it's not a matter of whether the O's can afford $2.5m to throw at a player, but it makes zero sense to allocate that kind of money to any player that your scouts say isn't worth it. If they believe he's more likely a $1.25m prospect, then I could see us offering to sign him for that amount or even a bit higher... but not $2.5m 'because they can'. I think @Enjoy Terror (and most others, including me) would like to see us utilize the full amount, whether on this pitcher and/or others, but that's only if there are players worth it. It would be a foolish thing to tell the owner that you (Elias) decided to use $2.5m on a player that wasn't worth it...
  15. Maryland was (yet again) outclassed at every level. A pitiful showing. The only noticeable bright spot was Nick Cross.
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