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  1. Now that the compensatory picks have finally been established, I've updated the OP with the following:
  2. Could be a nice pickup, though he'll be 30 in July. I appreciated these updates by you and others.
  3. Caleb Williams is who I assume you're referring to... and agreed-- wholeheartedly.
  4. Unless I've missed something amid all the news that has come out, it seems that the 2018 Astros, including numerous players and coaches, outright cheated, have been found out, and outside of the GM, manager and a $5M fine (a pittance), those actually responsible have got off with little repercussions. Cora is out as Boston manager, and Beltran is out as Mets manager, but if they and many others cheated, why are they not banned? Sure their reputations are tarnished, but is that really it? Why aren't the players facing retribution from MLB? I don't know, but the game was cheated severely, and the commissioner's ruling leaves me with a very foul taste about the game I've cherished my whole life (I'm 54). Again, I may be misunderstanding all of the events, but that's my take based on what I believe to be true.
  5. Jarrett could be Stephon Diggs/DJ Moore good. The development of LeGendre (or any other QB becoming a solid passer) AND a B1G-quality OL will be keys to Jarrett's collegiate success.
  6. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/28484451/former-nittany-lions-player-files-federal-lawsuit-james-franklin-penn-state-hazing
  7. Just an observation... 'Cheating and Boston' appears to be a hand in hand cross-sport issue.
  8. A great day indeed. Grats @Luke-OH !!! You earned it!
  9. Wow... Liberatore is the guy I wanted when we drafted Grayson Rodriguez. Tampa Bay is being aggressive. Just saw the post above that outlined the deal. Very interesting.
  10. Happy New Year to you all. :)
  11. Thought the Steelers would get a close win, so I'm happy to see us win the game. Nice momentum headed into the playoffs.
  12. Good deal. Helps solidify the corners, which was needed with Smith and Carr aging and unlikely to be retained.
  13. Perhaps so. I liked the pick at the time and he just hasn't had enough opportunity to showcase his abilities. I think if the draft comes and goes and no QB is selected, it'll be an indication of how they see RG3 and/or McSorley.
  14. Late to post this as LSU/Oklahoma has already begun with LSU up a TD. Regardless, I have LSU and Clemson winning today and Clemson winning the Championship. Who do you all have?
  15. Agreed. If McSorley impresses enough to be the backup, I'd be elated. I'd really hate to use a draft pick on a backup QB, when we have McSorley in the fold. Hopefully we never need a backup, but that isn't always the case. Time will tell.
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