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  1. Outside of Brooksie, the Arkansas to Baltimore connection is less than stellar.
  2. HIGHLY, HIGHLY unlikely, but there is a minuscule chance that the O's don't sign him in order to pick 3rd next year when the odds are that there will be far more data. Again, I stress, it's a thousand-to-one shot, if not an even higher number.
  3. That's my take as well. I'll be more sure about how I feel when the O's are finished picking, but at this point, not pleased.
  4. I had a dream last year that we picked Crow-Armstrong. Shared that here in some post. So, it's a lock. ARGH!!!! The dream has died!!! He's gone to the Mets!
  5. BTW: Important to see what these tool grades mean. I couldn't make it smaller, sorry.
  6. Time will tell... but I'm not happy at all at this point. When the draft is over I'll have a better idea how I feel about this decision.
  7. FWIW Kjerstad was ranked as the 10 best prospect by MLB.com and 13th by Baseball America.
  8. From MLB.com, who had him as the 10th best overall prospect: So the comment I made earlier was based on another scouting site, who had his arm at 50 and speed at 40.
  9. Picks 1-37. That's round one and the supplemental round between rounds 1 and 2. We'll then be picking second tomorrow at #39.
  10. Kjerstad's offensive skill-set has not been doubted... as most believe he'll be a really good pro hitter. My post earlier about .280 with 30 HR's and an .820 OPS may wind up light. I hope he at least matches that and has a great career here. The truth of the matter is that we don't know everything that went on at #2... so I'll defer to Elias' judgement, per usual. It doesn't mean I'm happy about the pick, but as I calm down, I'm trying to be more open to understanding.
  11. Kjerstad (pronounced Kur-stad) is a good player... maybe .280 with 30 HR power, and about an .820 OPS or better. HOWEVER, he is yet another merely decent fielding corner outfielder who is a plodder with 40-tool speed. I care who we get at 30 and 39 with the savings, but I think years from now we will lament not taking Austin Martin at #2. Frankly I was yelling at the screen in anger. Anyway, welcome to Baltimore, Heston... hope you are great for us. EDIT. MLB has his speed tool at 45, and arm as 55. Not really a "plodder", but below average speed out of the box, and average speed underway. As well, some have him as a 55 arm, not 50. So he may be fine with arm strength.
  12. An interesting pick at #2... Hassell certainly is a very good HS bat, arguably the best HS bat, but his selection by the O's would be a shocker.
  13. Not Jamal, but I mentioned restrictions similar to the NFL, where you are limited to three years (IIRC) out to submit a trade. Certain other limitations may be enacted, but in whole it's something the league should do.
  14. 2080Baseball.com @Stotle 's (aka Nick Faleris) gig, with others, has their final mock. I'm loving it. Shows picks 1-37 https://2080baseball.com/2020/06/2020-mlb-draft-mock-draft-final/ I love Justin Lange's upside at #30.
  15. I really like McMahon and would be very happy to get him.
  16. Whoa! That would be a surprise to see the Tigers go off-script.
  17. I don't expect he'll steal as many bases, but do expect he'll be a notably better player than Roberts. Roberts' career 162 game average was .276 BA/.347 OBP/.409 SLG/ .756 OPS with 33 SB, 8 CS, 11 HR, 62 RBI, and a 101 OPS+
  18. 2-- INF/CF Austin Martin (Nick Gonzalez is my alternate & would alter the picks at 30/39) 30-- SS Nick Loftin 39-- LHP Dax Fulton
  19. Who will the O's snag at pick #'s 2, 30, and 39? What is Your Best Guess?
  20. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! That's inside knowledge... 😁
  21. Keith Law's final mock was released this morning ($):
  22. I agree on all points. As I mentioned in another post, I have done far less research on these prospects than in prior years, so my limited info and feel for this draft has me less sure than most years. It wouldn't surprise me to see Elias take three collegians at 2, 30, and 39. There seem to be plenty of quality ones to choose from and there may be more high upside collegians than I realize. Perhaps Blaze and others would find themselves in my 50's, 60's, or even lower? Hard to say. Anyway, it's going to be fun these next couple of days.
  23. Scouting reports had his arm at a 50-55 on the 20-80 scale (if my memory holds up), but it seems there was a lingering injury this season and he had issues. I suspect his arm will be at least average moving forward, if not a tick above. The throwing issues will likely go away as whatever ailed him is resolved. This was from ProspectsLive back in March: Here's a piece from CBSSports where Vanderbilt's Hitting Coach, Mike Baxter, answered a defensive question (among a bunch of other questions) about Martin:
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