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  1. Personally I doubt it, as Elias likes athletic types and Sabato is limited athletically and profiles as a 1B/DH. It's why I don't think he'll be in on Blaze Jordan and a number of other non-athletic types. I could be wrong... wouldn't be the first or last time.
  2. Thanks. I like youth and upside over higher floor guys/low ceiling guys, and my 39 probably reflects that. Frankly I haven't delved into these players nearly as much as prior years, as I'm in the middle of a move.
  3. Nick Faleris, aka "Stotle", and the team at 2080 Baseball updated their Top 125 prospects.
  4. I wanted to share my personal wish list of 2020 Draft prospects. What I mean is these are the 39 players I would take, in order, for the O's. I've been split on Tork and Martin, but two days before the draft I'm now a slight lean for Martin.
  5. I think someone would need to call 911 for me if they went with Hjerstad or Bailey. LOL!
  6. That was mainly me. At the time there was a LOT of chatter about him going real high, but he really needed to show he could do better against top pitching, and naturally, like every other prospect, the corona virus happened. This is why Frobby and I stress that early talk is just that--- early talk. A LOT can and does happen in a year. Blaze Jordan still has massive upside as a power hitter, but he would need to hit better than he showed last go round, because his current profile is 1B/DH. As I've been saying, he has been a year younger the these other kids, and maybe he puts it together and becomes a great pick. Jordan Walker is similar. Walker is a much better athlete but like Blaze, he has great power potential and will-he-hit concerns. We'll see on both accounts. I hope both make it.
  7. It really is hard to know, for sure. I'm not that high on Swiney, as his profile seems more suited to relief. At 74 though, sure. There will be at least a dozen guys I'd prefer over Cecconi at #30, but his selection wouldn't get me down.
  8. For me, this screams Austin Martin.
  9. Allow trades with very little restrictions, with the NFL Draft being a guideline. While it'll never rival the NFL, they could do a better job of promoting the draft and the prospects, since most viewers are unfamiliar with them. See #1.
  10. FWIW I feel strongly the O's are going to select Austin Martin, if he's available. Most agree, so I'm certainly not going out on a limb. With picks at 30 and 39 as well, it's going to be an exciting day this Wednesday.
  11. We don't know how the O's are stacking their boards, but if they mirror how most analysts see the top, they should take the top talent available and not play the underslot game. However, if they value Zac Veen or Lacy or whomever in a virtual tie for the second pick, then I understand wanting to sign the cheaper option. I'd love to have access to Elias' rankings and thoughts about now. FWIW I'd take Austin Martin or Tork (if he is available.)
  12. I finished the Composite List without BA... see the thread here>
  13. Without access to Baseball America, I compiled rankings from MLB Pipeline (MLB.com), Keith Law ($), and ESPN ($) to create a Composite Top 100 MLB Draft Prospects list. Reminder, the O's first four picks are #'s 2/30/39/74: Wrong thread... mods feel free to move it to the Amateur Draft forum.
  14. Can someone with access to Baseball America's latest Top 200 Prospects list please message me (or post here)? I'm looking to create a Composite Top Prospects list, using MLB.com, Baseball America, ESPN, and Keith Law. Thank you. If no BA, I'll do it without them.
  15. I can't wait until the day comes that all draft picks are able to be traded. The NFL Draft is more exciting because of it and baseball sure could use some more excitement and fan interest.
  16. Here is an interesting 'draft comps' piece at MLB.com by Jim Callis and Jonathan Mayo. https://www.mlb.com/news/tool-twins-comparing-2020-draft-prospects?t=mlb-pipeline-coverage
  17. My thoughts as we get nearer to draft day-- I want Torkelson or Martin, being virtually split on who I favor. I'd be very happy to get either, though the odds greatly favor the Tigers taking Tork. The rumors/chatter about Elias going underslot like he did in 2012 with Carlos Correa and Lance McCullers, have me concerned, yet not as adamantly against it as I've been.
  18. In a perfect 'position player world' we would draft a SS, but Torkelson really is supposed to be that special... offensively and defensively. So, yes, if he was surprisingly available, I think it's probable that Elias would take him.
  19. According to both Jim Callis and Jonathan Mayo, it's not obvious at all. Both feel that the possibility of an underslot deal, or at least a discounted one, is very much on the table. Callis said, "50/50..." Players most often mentioned are Nick Gonzalez and Zac Veen. I expect Martin, but those others are seemingly in play.
  20. The great draft analyst Jim Callis, of MLB.com, was just on 105.7 FM, the Fan. He reiterated that it's 50/50 between taking Martin and taking a discounted position player, like Gonzalez or Veen. He doesn't hear anything about the O's having interest in Lacy or any other pitcher at #2.
  21. Jonathan Mayo's mock from yesterday had HS SS Ed Howard not taken in the first round. I'd love to see him in black and orange. I think I'm at about a dozen players I'm "in" on at 30/39. I hope we nab at least one. My preferred list of potential picks at 30/39, excluding Nick Bitsko, whom I expect to be gone before 30: HS SS Ed Howard, HS LHP Dax Fulton, HS RHP Justin Lange, HS 3B Jordan Walker, HS RHP Tanner Witt, HS RHP Carson Montgomery, Miss St SS Jordan Westburg, Miami RHP Chris McMahon, HS SS Carson Tucker, HS 1B Blaze Jordan Edit... added Jordan Walker after forgetting to include him. Serious upside. Likely a 1B down the road.
  22. The latest mock from Jonathan Mayo... https://www.mlb.com/news/mlb-mock-draft-june-3?t=mlb-pipeline-coverage
  23. Jordan Westburg, SS, Miss St. (6'3-191 R/R)... would be another sound selection at either 30 or 39. This is from MLB Pipeline on Westburg.
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