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  1. Elias must have a great deal of faith in him, hence the promotion. Respected and competent decision makers don't elevate someone to a position of great importance without having the faith in them to do a great job.
  2. Of course... that was a silly question from me. Sorry about that... wasn't thinking.
  3. I'd be curious if anyone wanted to group-watch this live, via Skype or Zoom or something? Could be fun. I don't have a paid account to Zoom, but Skype is free. @Tony-OH what do you think?
  4. https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/baltimore-orioles-2020-21-international-signing-preview/ Paywall $ I'm sure it's informative, but without a subscription I can't read it.
  5. Here's a new piece about 5 potential draft choices for the O's, from Dan Connolly of TheAthletic.com. It's behind a paywall ($). Note: Perhaps one other (long shot) prospect Dan could've added is HS OF'er Zac Veen. I will only share this bit on Asa Lacy:
  6. I get wanting Martin over Tork, but Tork isn't just a guy where you can find similar players later in a draft (or perhaps in FA). He is by many accounts the best overall 1B prospect since Mark Teixeira and fairly among the draft's all-time greatest power-hitting prospects.
  7. He'd be a quality pick at #2 overall and if the rumors of him being a cheaper sign than Boras clients' Torkelson and Martin are true, it could certainly help with our other selections. It's not what I would do, but I get the reasoning behind this potential selection.
  8. As well, there are rumors that the Tigers may not take Torkelson, leaving the O's with the chance to take him. The odds are the Tigers take Tork, but I think while most feel it'll go Tork and Martin, we may see some unexpected things happen at the top. It'll be interesting. As O's fans, I'd take the time to look at Tork, Martin, Lacy and Gonzalez, to feel covered. Heck, maybe even a couple of others.
  9. I think with the opinions that the O's could go under-slot and take Nick Gonzalez, we should begin to take a harder look at him. He just turned 21 a few days ago He's 5/10-190 Bats and throws right-handed Played at New Mexico State Had a remarkable career, leading the NCAA in batting in 2019 Was the Cape Cod Wood Bat Summer League MVP last year. A couple of pieces on Gonzalez: From Luke Jackson 🙂 on May 17th on PressboxOnline.com ... https://pressboxonline.com/2020/05/18/top-mlb-draft-prospect-nick-gonzales-on-his-navy-orioles-connections/ From May 26th on MLB.com... https://www.mlb.com/news/2020-mlb-draft-prospect-nick-gonzales
  10. It's hard to know what Blaze Jordan becomes at just 17. I agree with you that his prolific power is his one big tool, but he may yet develop into a decent defender somewhere and develop his batting eye. Time will tell. I prefer we look at him after 39, but he may not be available at 74. Hard to determine.
  11. Kjerstad at 2 would be a big disappointment to me, under-slot strategy or not. If not Tork, Martin or even Lacy, I'll just shake my head and wait to see who else we get.
  12. As I've brought up before, I love Blaze Jordan's upside and would be very happy to get him. His stock dropped after a so-so showing against tougher pitching this past summer, but high upside HS'ers always intrigue me.
  13. Two guys I'm getting more interested in seeing the O's take at 30 or 39, are Arizona HS SS Carson Tucker and Florida HS RHP Carson Montgomery. Both with a lot of upside. I likee me some Carson, it seems. Edit: Justin Lange and Tanner Witt are two others I really like, though Witt is rumored to be un-signable. Oh, and I'd take Bitsko over any of them. I just don't think he'll be there at 30.
  14. I wasn't implying CAREER .400 OBP. C'mon Wildcard. Seven hitters were above .400 OBP last year and a few others were nearly at .400. I don't expect Martin to have a career .400 OBP, but i think his upside and projection, based on everything I've read, indicate he has the capability to be a .400'ish OBP guy at least a few times during his prime. Whether or not he ever approaches that level is still to be determined. He may bust or just be a solid player with a .360 OBP. Time will tell... it always does.
  15. I've started those in the past, but while you're welcome to start a new one, you may just post in the most recent one. Here is the most recent one, which references the original that ran from 2008-2011!
  16. I completely understand your desire to draft an outstanding college starter, like Lacy. It would not be a 'bad' pick, certainly, as Lacy is well-regarded as the top starter in the draft and we absolutely need great pitching prospects added to the current group we have. So again, I get that. It's also true that Martin's defensive home is questionable. I personally think we'll try him at SS and then he'll likely convert to 2B. But to say that Martin projects to a .350 OBP, is woefully selling him short. The top hitter in this draft and among the best hitters scouted in recent memory, projects to a .400 OBP. He is considered an elite bat with a great approach at the plate. Martin's career at Vandy, playing in the country's toughest conference-- PA 665, AB 543, R 146, H 200, 2B 39, 3B 4, HR 14, RBI 76, SB 43, CS 14, BB 85, K's 82, BA .368, OBP .474, SLG 532, OPS 1.007 One other important aspect of pitcher acquisition, is trading for it. Free agency, as you say, may not be the route we are able to take the most advantage of, at least historically. However, dealing from a plethora of hitting talent can net you equally impressive arms. Every team has weaknesses in their system and/or at the big league level. Time and time again, year after year, teams deal minor league pitching prospects to fill holes... usually at the big league level. So, while I agree that drafting our own pitching would be great, drafting hitting is simply adding quality depth to a system much in need of such an influx. Build a great system, the pitching will come.
  17. ...come across a post of YOURS from the past (obviously) that had you wondering what you were thinking? Perhaps you don't even remember feeling like you did when you posted? I have, on more than one occasion here over the years. LOL! I may be losing it. So, if you find it, let me know. Feel free to post your old post here if you so wish. Hopefully I'm not alone.
  18. Very nice to see this. It's really great to watch as the new regime works toward their vision of making this organization among the best in the business in all aspects... domestic, international, analytically, coaching... etc.
  19. I never looked it up, just referenced what others have said. Thanks for doing actual research. That's crazy. Great line here> "This isn't Coors Field, this is like Coors Field on crack and steroids and LSD and Quaaludes." LOL!
  20. As a follow up, I only ever see the example of Correia and McCullers to show how going the under-slot strategy works, but it would be interesting to review the other times it was done to see how well that strategy fared overall. Perhaps I shouldn't be as concerned about going that route as I am?
  21. Gonzalez is a very good prospect, but while he did well at the Cape, I always have major reservations about players that essentially play at the Coors Field of college baseball-- NM State. Gonzalez may actually be outstanding, but I REALLY don't like bypassing (seemingly) better prospects hoping to massage the cap to extract the best overall group of talent. Going under-slot is very risky and if we forego Martin to take this route, it had better work out for us.
  22. FWIW the Adam Jones comp seems off. I suspect he didn't mean as a hitter, but was probably referring to going from SS to CF, and Jones was the reference.To me the similarities are speed and power potential, but Jones had a better arm, and far less elite bat to ball skills. Martin projects to hit over .300 with a .400'ish OBP and is said to be an outstanding base-runner. All of this Martin talk and the O's go with Lacy or Veen. LOL!
  23. Re-posting from another thread in the Amateur Draft forum: Some interesting comments from Jim Callis: This from Jonathan Mayo in an interview with PressBox: From an article on MLB.com, regarding who baseball execs favored to #1, Torkelson or Martin (Tork won handily):Quote
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