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  1. Some interesting comments from Jim Callis: This from Jonathan Mayo in an interview with PressBox: From an article on MLB.com, regarding who baseball execs favored to #1, Torkelson or Martin (Tork won handily):
  2. https://www.mlb.com/news/2020-mlb-draft-prospect-austin-martin?t=mlb-pipeline-coverage A new piece on Martin and what drives him. An excerpt:
  3. https://www.mlb.com/news/2020-mlb-draft-prospect-austin-martin?t=mlb-pipeline-coverage
  4. It's funny, but I was laying in bed thinking about this. As I said, I voted for Tork by the closest of margins, but wish I could split my vote. LOL! 1/2 to Tork, 1/2 to Martin. I see Martin developing into a solid 2B, with lead-off capabilities. This would be due to his solid speed, elite batting average, and on base percentage (OBP). I'd think we could see a slash that looks like 300+/400/450/850, with perhaps 10-15 HR, and maybe 15 SB. Most here get the slash, but for those unfamiliar, it means a .320 batting average/400 OBP/450 slugging percentage/850 OPS (OBP + Slugging). Tork I think will be an outstanding defensive 1B, who will slot into the fourth spot. He'll likely tally 30+ HR's and well over 100 RBI. His slash will possibly look like this: 280/350/550/900. As I've said, either would be great!
  5. It's VERY close, but I agree with you in going with Tork. As I've said before however, Martin would be a GREAT 2nd choice.
  6. It's not set it stone who the Tigers take at one, though most feel Tork will be the choice. But I'm curious that if it played out the way you wished, which prospect do you want to see the O's have available to them AND take at overall pick #2? Again, do not project who you think may go #1... it doesn't matter. Who do you most want to see the O's draft?
  7. Minor note, but Crochet is a college LHP from Tennessee. Carson Montgomery, a RHP HS'er from Florida is likely the 4th best HS pitching prospect.
  8. Martin should be a solid average defensive 2B or CF. Perhaps better. I'll take that with his potentially elite bat.
  9. Drafting Strategies based on Analytics.... an interesting topic and review: https://scholarship.tricolib.brynmawr.edu/bitstream/handle/10066/6936/2011CarluccioC_thesis.pdf?sequence=2
  10. Strong post. I wasn't making the comparisons (not saying you said I did) but I think some see that kind of upside. Betts is special, and like you said, if Martin becomes even close to that, we'd have a heck of a player.
  11. BTW, one other potentially big factor is Scott Boras. He represents both Torkelson AND Martin. Lacy may be a cheaper option for either the Tigers or O's.
  12. Excellent post. This draft is more intriguing than the typical year, due to the circumstances, and there are a myriad of ways things could play out. Lacy would be a very good pick, if the O's love him, though Martin seems like a sure-fire quality bat and is projected to be an above average CF'er (if we see him there). Comparisons to Mookie Betts are not surprising, though Mookie has a cannon, and Martin's arm is perhaps average. How Elias and staff work this draft will be very interesting to watch. It's exciting.
  13. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought this was real until I saw the (Sim) attached. Ah well... LOL!
  14. Love to get Bitsko. I didn't name him, but I'd prefer him over the other 3 HS pitchers I mentioned. I suspect he'll be gone before those picks, but would be delighted if we took him as long as that doesn't mean we went under-slot at #2.
  15. I certainly do not agree that we should take one of those 5 players. In particular I'd be very disappointed if we took Gonzalez and even Hancock. Tork, Martin and Lacy, in that order, for me. Regardless, it's very hard to guess who we might target at 30 and 39, but it's a fun exercise still. Guys that could be of interest at 30/39, include a few HS pitchers, like Carson Montgomery, Tanner Witt (also highly-considered as a power bat), and Justin Lange.
  16. A guy not discussed much here, but should be, is LHP Asa Lacy. Reading some of the articles about him, he really elevated early this season to a top-notch (and potentially ace) starter. I figure we take Tork or Martin, but shouldn't rule Lacy out, as he is regarded as worthy of a Top 2 selection.
  17. The way I read what you wrote seemed like you meant that Earl was violent towards his wife, but after reading the TMZ article I realized you meant it was his cheating on his wife that led to her wild and dangerous reactions.
  18. Here's an interesting polling of top MLB execs on Torkelson and Martin. If we get either, I'm going to be excited. I lean Tork, but again, would be very happy to get Martin.
  19. A couple of mock drafts that I ran across: MLB.com has us taking Inf/OF Austin Martin Prospects365 has us going with LHP Asa Lacy
  20. Some interesting UDFA's. Highlight tapes are typically one-sided towards their positive attributes and plays, but Rivers and Rechsteiner were impressive nonetheless. Thanks for all the Ravens-related posts @Roll Tide
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