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  1. Too lazy/drunk to read this whole thread, but I hope beyond hope that your wife got her Wrangler.

    People work hard. That hard work should results in life's pleasures.

    If she wants a Wrangler, who are we to say 'no'?

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  2. I can understand having first dibs.....I don't mind that one bit.

    For 2014 playoffs....I get what you're saying but I don't think it was quite the same. For 2014 playoffs, IIRC, all ST owners were offered a playoff package (2 tickets to each series) based on their plan (or at least I thought that was the case). After the packages were purchased, whatever tickets were left were offered to ST owners based on plan/seniority. It wasn't like 29 gamers were buying extras before the 13 gamers were even offered anything....which seems to be the case for OD.

    To get 2 OD tickets with the 29 plan, and then to be able to buy 2 extra tickets at 10 am.....before most 13 gamers have ANY, that doesn't make any sense to me. IMO, that will result in 29 game owners taking advantage and buying the extra tickets, to sell for big bucks on stub hub and recoup some (if not all) of the 2016 price increase. I'm not saying all with do that, but let's be real - many will, and that doesn't benefit the Orioles at all.....it's not like they get a % of the profit on stub hub....or, hmmmmm, wait a minute, do they?!?!?

    You're missing the point. Having this incentive in place makes more people want to buy 29 game plans (see Murph) over 13s, which is more money in their pocket. All those empty green seats in the middle of August are "filled" if a plan owner owns them and chooses not to go.

  3. Pretty much all of them except the Southeast (Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama) and the northwest/upper Midwest (Idaho, Oregon, Montana, the Dakotas, Iowa, Nebraska)

    My goal to start seeing some SEC football games should solve the southeast issue. Can't ever see myself going to Idaho, Montana, the Dakotas etc etc -- nothing there interests me.

  4. Yea Murph, I got the same email today.

    I think it's lousy that the general public can buy tickets before we are allowed to exchange, but such is life.

    I really want to swap for the Manny Machado garden gnome game -- anyone think that one will sell out before the opportunity to exchange presents itself? It so, I will just buy that game extra and swap out for another.

  5. I gotta say, I don't always see eye to eye with Drungo, but I could read his posts about baseball history and the HOF for weeks and not get bored.

    My ballot, FWIW:











  6. I do, and you should too. Here's why. Womens basketball is a throwback form of basketball that in my opinion focuses on the best things about team sports. It's the anti-NBA, all heart, hustle and defense with a smattering of terrific individual athleticism. The MD team specifically plays really selflessly, making the extra pass, passing up the opportunity to pad stats in an effort to get a better shot. Everything as a coach I try to teach my kids to do.

    Outside of that, the MD girls ran the table in the Big 10 this year against everyone's prediction. They have won their last 28 or 29 games and are really playing inspired basketball. They also have the chance to knock UConn off of their perch as an added bonus. Give them a shot. You might be surprised.

    So what you're saying is you don't really know what the NBA is about?

  7. Typical fans overvaluing their own players. The Cubs would never trade Bryant for Machado and DD should be fired on the spot if he turned that deal down.

    Same age, less injury history, more service time remaining, maybe more talented. Yeah.

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