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  1. I called him a DFA candidate a while back and was laughed at. I maintain my stance.
  2. Welp, a phone call doesn't cost nothin'.* *Assuming PA sprung for the unlimited minutes plan on company cell phones. Maybe DD is in his "Framily"?
  3. By the way, when I said "2-3 prospects out of our top 5" I mean OUTSIDE the top 5. I can no longer edit my posts here.
  4. I don't believe it's as cut and dry as you make it out to be. While not as well versed as many on here, I can't imagine that Tampa would turn down a deal for 2-3 prospects out of our top 5 or so. Demanding Bundy or Harvey would be absurd. He's only under team control for another year and he's not a sexy name like David Price so I'm not necessarily sure that he would command a king's ransom. Then again, it's clearly going to be a seller's market this July -- there are just so many teams that are within striking distance of a division crown or a wild card.
  5. I'm sure you said the same thing about Matusz in 2009. Look, even if Schoop pans out, it's clear that he's not the answer right now. We have a chance to actually win this division -- none of the teams are that great, and once you make the playoffs, it's by-and-large a crap shoot. I'd hate for us to miss out on potentially making the playoffs because we had a complete black hole at 2B all year.
  6. I think 2B is currently the O's biggest need (assuming Wieters comes back next year 100% healthy and Caleb Joseph continues to be passable). I don't buy Schoop at all as a long-term solution at 2B and his .604 OPS and 50:7 K/BB ration aren't gonna cut it. I'd love to get Utley but it appears the Phillies aren't interest in a total rebuild. Tampa, being dead in the water, may be interested in moving Zobrist for the right price. But what would that price be? Would you pay it? Would we have to pay an AL East "tax" so to speak? He isn't having the best year, but he's still OPSing 100 points higher than who we've got now. He has a 7 million dollar club option for 2015 before becoming an FA.
  7. The author of this blog and his friends purport themselves to be grown men, right? Just checking.
  8. Young kids are fine to take to the game. WOMEN, on the other hand.....
  9. He's about to blow several saves and make me very upset. He's just not a great pitcher. He should be used in lowest of low leverage situations out of the pen, but Buck and his "save rule" is too stubborn to realize that.
  10. This may not be a great thing. Sure the rest is good, but in terrified of a Colorado Rockies 2007 World Series situation.
  11. "Chamberlain! Take your 50 points and 26 rebounds per game and ride the pine!"
  12. Yes, the Bulls lack a true scorer, something that will burn you more often than not in the playoffs. They get by on grit, determination, toughness, etc, but when you simply lack pure basketball talent it's hard to win. I know I'm probably not telling anyone who even knows what a basketball is something they didn't already know, but they miss Rose.
  13. If you think about it, can you name any professional sports team that has been worse than the Bullets/Wizards since inception? One playoff series win 30+ years is just awful when you consider how many NBA teams qualify for the playoffs annually. Zero division wins in recent memory. I suppose winning that one title absolves them from being called "the worst" but man, there is a history there, and it's not pleasant. I'll be at game 4 as part of my season ticket plan. I had intended to try to scalp a single for game 3, but the cheapest on stubhub is close to $200 -- good old fickle DC sports fans, when the act in town is hot, everyone wants to go.
  14. I think he knew about it -- but I doubt he planned it out. I think that, with his connections in Westeros (does he still run own the brothel) he was able to hear about the plan and thus make plans to "rescue" Sansa (I also think Sansa is doomed, unfortunately). And yes, I was struck by the oddness of his voice. I know the actor is originally Irish? British? But he definitely had a thicker, raspier accent last night. Still don't care about Stannis...at all. Why, exactly, are the Wildlings such brutal savages? Why are they insistent on slaughtering the men of knight's watch? Seems to me like they're fighting a losing battle -- if they take Castle Black, great, congrats, you've just managed to kill the people that will help you fight the White Walkers and it's not like retreating south will do you any good. That whole story line just seems dumb to me. Arya and the Hound continue to have great chemistry -- loved all their scenes.
  15. Already looking forward to a Wizards/Hawks Eastern Conference semis!
  16. I remember OH years upon years ago, just getting to the light green pips was an accomplishment. Now people have enough birds to field a ball team.
  17. QFT. A lot of book readers, not maliciously mind you, have a tendency to "reveal" stuff that allows non-readers to make inferences or mental connections (whether real or not). THe best way to approach this thread, I think, is to just imagine the books never existed. At all.
  18. 5 vs 6 isn't a huge difference in terms of 2nd rd opponent. I'd prefer Toronto in the first round though.
  19. I was bored the other day and did some mega research into Champions League (I'm still a soccer noob). I always thought it was just the group stage and onward -- I had no idea how long the season was and that literally almost every country in Europe has a national league that gets represented in Champs League. Lol, some of these leagues sound so pathetic. For example, in Northern Ireland they have the NIFL which features a team called Ballinamallard United F.C. which plays its home games near where my family's castle is/was located. So I've followed their team page on Facebook just for fun. Apparently the ground they play in has a capacity of 2,000 and the lowest attended game in the league this year was 80 who saw the Dungannon Swifts defeat Warrenpoint town 1-0 at Milltown (seated capacity: 250). Just look at that seating section! Can you imagine if Warrenpoint somehow made Champs League and had to face, say Real Madrid for a leg at that place? Unreal. I guess that's what makes it so cool. Anyway, the current NIFL champion, Cliftonville, bowed out to Celtic, in the 2nd qualifying stage, 0-5 aggregate. Scotland v. Northern Ireland -- I'm sure there were more than a few brawls in the stands. Better luck next year for whatever team represents the might NIFL! Not sure why I wrote all this, lazy Monday I guess?
  20. Apparently there is speculation that because Indiana need only beat Orlando to clinch the 1, the Heat may rest James and Bosh tonight and in their season finale and just settle on the 2 seed.
  21. These next two games are the toughies -- we have to play Miami at home who can still conceivably get the 1 seed. Meanwhile, the Bobcats get to play at Atlanta who are locked into their 8 seed. I would say it's highly likely the Wiz lose tonight and we remain tied going into the last game of the year with Charlotte holding the tie breaker.
  22. "Did he have access? Unclear. But, come on. This guy!" Lol.
  23. I have to rewatch that scene and see who all touched what cup. Did anyone else eat the pie? Did he get a new cup when he humiliated Tyrion? Scene is worth re watching.
  24. Obviously I'm no scout or expert but my take is -- with Ariza and Martell Webster both already on the roster, there aren't enough minutes to go around for the '3'. Porter cannot play the 2 because that's Beal and he's no where near big enough to play in the front court. I really think Grunfeld had no idea Ariza or Webster for that matter would end up being this productive (Ariza is averaging almost 15 ppg to go along with 6 boards, 41% from three and usually guards the opposing team's best wing/scorer). So, right off the bat it was tough for Porter to get minutes -- he was hurt and while he was hurt the other guys played really well. Now, when he's actually played he's looked completely lost out there -- his jump shot is awful and he's not really that good at creating his own shot by putting the ball on the floor. I still expect him to be a decent player for the Wizards, maybe more as a complementary defensive stopper off the bench, but I don't see any sort of offensive potential in his game. Hopefully I'm wrong. The bottom line is, the Wizards should have traded last year's first rounder if they wanted to upgrade their front court, not this year's (although who's to say if they would have gotten a suitable offer for last year's pick, in a draft which was much worse than this year's).
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