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  1. As for Wieters, shop him. Make it as public as you want. Maybe it will light a fire under his worthless behind and he will start being productive. Maybe some dumb team will actually give up some valuable pieces for an auto out that's really good at working with a 4.20 ERA pitching staff.
  2. Ah, nice to see the traditional "Inside Source Witch Hunt" is still going on.
  3. TS, not sure I've ever posted this, but in case I haven't, I really enjoy the recaps. Gracias.
  4. Looks like Chalky and Nucky will both be seeking vengeance against a traitor.
  5. Pedro Cerrano

    Braun suspended

    Wow, lots of folks on here that have never made a mistake.
  6. I'm sure a lot of fans from the NYC area canceled their plans to attend Sunday's game when it was changed from a 135 to 805 start.
  7. I confess to not being THAT internet savvy, but this link should at least send folks to the site where they can vote... http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/events/all_star/y2013/ballot.jsp?partnerId=ASG13_970x66
  8. It's easy to shut them up when you bend them over and pump 9 runs inside of them in 3 innings. Excuse the vulgarity.
  9. Forgive me in advance if this issue has been brought up elsewhere (and feel free to merge). I just noticed that Nick is currently barely hanging on to the 3rd and final OF spot on the 2013 All-Star Team. I'm hoping that my fellow O's fans and Hangouters do their part and register online and vote in the park to get Nick elected. Nick may not be one of the 3 best OFs in the American League but, frankly, I don't care. He's OUR rightfielder and, considering he's been through the bad times and had to miss the good times because of Fat Ass Sabathia, I'd like to see Nick be elected to his first All-Star game, and start to boot. Maybe I'm biased because he's my favorite Oriole but I'll be registering online and casting a bunch of votes. I'm attending the game tomorrow night and I'll throw a few ballots into the drop box with his name punched. I encourage all of you to do the same. Maybe Nick doesn't care, and maybe I sound like one of those weird fans that needs to get laid more often (ladies, I'm single) but it would be pretty damn neat it he joined the rest of the O's in Queens this July. Besides, we all remember how much it sucked when the AL teams were dominated by Yankees and Red Sox...let's have a starting 9 that is predominately Orange and Black! Go vote!
  10. And as usual I'm the only one that can't take pot shots because its been decided I'm the bad guy.
  11. Uh yea. Have you watched him this year? He's basically an automatic out with the bat. On any given night he's our worst or second worst bat in the order. Offensively he's pathetic It's not like his defense has been amazing either, it's good but not out of this world. Meh, at least Gausman is pitching well.
  12. OPS now under .700 with his latest slow ground out. He sucks.
  13. This movie is ok, but it's got nothing on "The Dark Knight"
  14. Jut so you all know I totally started this up purposely knowing he would go deep and make me look like a schmuck. Carry on.
  15. Because despite starting a thread who's main point ended up coming to pass you took your usual pot shots. No biggie, I'll just be waiting around for my next opportunity to troll Wieters.
  16. Wieters dropped to 7th tonight against RHP Ubaldo Jimenez. I'll be waiting for OFFNY to either 1) apologize to me or 2) send nasty emails/letters to Buck for making this jaw-dropping move
  17. I wonder how much of that is lack of Sux fans? Matusz himself said they were barely noticeable on Friday...
  18. Wieters behind Davis is fine against LHP. I'd like to see Betemit bat behind him (Davis) against RHP with Matt batting 8th....7th at best.
  19. Yea and nothing I wrote in those threads was/is wrong either. And you're one to talk about making repeat threads. Back to the Romper Room with you...adults are trying to talk.
  20. I'm shocked SHOCKED that this was your contribution to the thread.
  21. No, he hasn't been better than Hardy. Sorry. And he won't be better than Betemit against RHP once he comes back. Sorry. And yes, I would trade him because I think the value we could potentially get back in a trade outweighs the need to pay him whatever Boras may want. 5/58 is fair, especially because it buys out two arb years. But again, moving him down in the order, or some other solution. That's the point of the thread.
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