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  1. I think not qualifiying for the playoffs would have been better for the Ravens than this short playoff run, which never would have ended in anything else than a loss against NE. I think it is time to shake things up and implement a proper strategy. Or do you really want to tell me that you are happy with the ongoing coaching and QB situation.
  2. Pretty cruel how the Ravens went from one of the best organized sport teams in the world, a team others were using as an example of an exceptional well lead and structured team to a team that seems broken and with no strategy or leadership. The Ravens always seemed like a role model for the Orioles, now all of a sudden the Orioles seem to be in a better shape with a clear strategy...
  3. Definately worth the money. What I like is that unlike any other game I know it gives you the chance to play modern, historical and fictional. Currently I am not in an online league but I was a few years ago and it was great fun!
  4. The Yankees are a perfect project to take on in OOTP and see how you can rebuild them. Never thought I would say this :smile11:
  5. <p><p><p>Happy Birthday!</p></p></p>

  6. Really happy about all those early signings, especially as this opens the door to a few of those overslot guys!
  7. Same here. Now I really cannot wait until the season starts!
  8. 79-83 wins I would think. I really believe we need at least one or two more high OPS guys in the lineup. Also let's not forget that all the teams will take the Orioles probably much more serious next year and will not underestimate them, like some probably did in 2012.
  9. Aren't there Yankees in every sport? I mean if teams like the Patriots, Packers or Giants don't win it this year I am sure those teams could see the season as a failure. What about in soccer for teams like Manchester United, Barcelona or Bayern Munich. If those teams do not win the championship they will consider the season a failure. What I am trying to say is that the Yankees syndrome is something not only limited to baseball but too many other sports as well. There are always bigger and richer teams than others...
  10. TBS coverage is beyond terrible. Not only from an O's view but I find it actually very boring and not much insight or interesting stuff offered.
  11. As a sports song it was implemented by the UEFA at the soccer EURO Championship 2008 in Austria and Switzerland. They played that song every time the teams would enter the stadium. After that event it got so popular and it took over in most other sports.
  12. Thanks weams. Unfortunately I did not have as much time to follow the draft this year than in previous years. And of course this was also addressed at you
  13. I would be really interested in hearing what those who actually did some research prior to the draft and do have some knowledge think of this year's draft of the O's. How does the draft strategy differ from Jordan's. Who are the overslot guys in later rounds? And most importantly what do you think of the O's draft this year?
  14. "New general manager Dan Duquette parted with minor league depth to acquire a pair of major league contributors in backup catcher Taylor Teagarden and potential No. 3 starter Dana Eveland." http://www.baseballamerica.com/blog/prospects/2011/12/minor-league-transactions-dec-1-8/ According o BA, Eveland is a potential No. 3 starter... Also the Orioles signed a 18 year older catcher from the Dominican Republic, acoording to Roch.
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