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  1. Looks like the O's are also the favorites to sign the 29th rated prospect on MLB's list https://www.mlb.com/prospects/2020/international/maikol-hernandez-694204 Samuel Basallo is listed on the "best of the rest" list at C https://www.mlb.com/news/top-30-international-prospects-2020
  2. Grabbed two sets of 6 in Section 3 myself. Did the same when they did the halfway to Black Friday sale. Really like what I assume the brothers are doing, or allowing to be done to encourage fans to come out. Between these offers and the "Kids cheer free" program, they've really shown a different side towards fans than I ever remember being done under their father. Of course, when you're in a rebuild you kinda have to extend an olive branch or two.
  3. Prado got into today's game as a pinch hitter and promptly singled.
  4. Baseball America weighs in https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/trade-central-red-sox-acquire-cashner-from-orioles/ Orioles Acquire Elio Prado, OF Age: 17 DSL Red Sox Prado was a relatively low-cost signing of the Red Sox out of Venezuela last year, but he’s quickly impressed in his very limited pro career. He runs well enough to potentially stay in center field and has a more advanced batting eye than the average teenager in the Dominican Summer League. Prado’s upside is as a center fielder with power and speed, but there are many years and many levels to master before he reaches that ceiling. Noelberth Romero, SS Age: 17 DSL Red Sox 2 Romero was the bigger name when the Red Sox signed this pair a year ago. A smooth defender with soft hands, a feel for the game and the actions to stay in the dirt, Romero has primarily played third base this season, although he should be able to handle shortstop or second base as well. He has a strong arm that may be plus one day. Like many young DSL players, a lot of his offensive potential will depend on how he fills out over the next half decade, but he has a smooth righthanded swing.
  5. https://www.mlb.com/amp/news/orioles-to-sign-luis-gonzales-luis-ortiz.html?__twitter_impression=true Bunch of other names in this article
  6. https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/2019-mlb-international-signing-preview/?amphtml&__twitter_impression=true Baltimore Orioles After years of wasting opportunities, the Orioles finally appear ready to make a commitment to Latin America. They hired Mike Elias as general manager in November and Koby Perez as international scouting director in January, but since most of the top players in the 2019 class made signing commitments well before then, the Orioles are still limited for what they can do in 2019 and even 2020. While it's a low bar to clear, the Orioles are still expected to have a stronger class than usual, including Luis Ortiz, a Dominican lefthander with a sharp curveball, and Dominican shortstop Anderson Rogers
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