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  1. Means is on. Could be a great opportunity for the bullpen to give one away.
  2. Do you think that's Elias's plan? Are other teams keeping promising players off the 40-man to ensure they can play a full season in 2022?
  3. Do you think McKenna is likely to be as productive a player as either Mullins or Hays? I can't imagine that he will, but I sure could be wrong. Let's say the Orioles do what you're recommending. When do you think the Orioles would be likely to field their first 500-ish team?
  4. Why do the other owners care about getting the MASN lawsuit settled? It's a financial dispute between the Orioles and the Washington Baseball Team, with no financial impact on the 28 other teams. If MLB contributes anything to the legal costs, it's probably minimal. I can think of only one qualification. The Commissioner was, or acted like he was, really pissed that the Orioles brought the MASN lawsuit, because he was offended that MLB's authority to determine the rights fees paid by MASN was being challenged and because the lawsuit led to public disclosure of financial information. That
  5. Why would the other owners agree to that? What's in it for them, or for MLB?
  6. One or two of these guys will be useful major leaguers for another team.
  7. If Peter leaves all his assets to his widow, there will be no estate tax due on his death. (I think the same is true of the Maryland inheritance tax.) Instead, those estate tax obligations will arise upon her death. That is, the estate and inheritance taxes won't go away; they will just get deferred until her death. And there's some prospect that those taxes will be increased as recently introduced legislation wends its way through Congress to possible enactment and go into effect. Under the MLB Constitution, in order for a bequest of Peter Angelos that his majority interest in the Oriole
  8. Seems like our AAAA guys get tired after pitching an inning or two. Of course, in some cases that inning or two might involve 40 or 50 pitches, after Hyde has had them warm up three or four times.
  9. The Orioles' non-catchers do run pretty fast.
  10. Do you think the team's CEO or its general manager has been embarrassed by the woeful team they've put on the field the last couple of years? I don't. And if you don't think so, do you think they'd be embarrassed by putting together another woeful team (say, 50-60 wins) next year? I don't. I think the CEO will be content as long as next year's payroll is low enough that the team makes money despite ticket sales that are near the bottom of MLB. I think the GM will be content as long as he can stockpile high draft picks who become successful MiL performers that he can point to as evidence h
  11. That's the Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds in Boston, before Game 3 of the first World Series, played in 1903 between the Boston Americans and Pittsburgh Pirates. Fans were allowed to stand in a roped-off section of the outfield where the three-deep ring of fans is in the photo. (Balls hit into or over the standing fans were ground-rule doubles. There were three such doubles -- all by the Pirates. who won the game, 4-2.) Boston police aggressively cleared fans off the rest of the field before the game.
  12. So trade everyone with some possible trade value and more than two years of ML experience for prospects who may or may not become major leaguers? Or is it three years? When does this "stink today and hope for tomorrow" stuff end?
  13. Yes -- more than has been good for my health. But I'm the generous, forgiving, and non-judgmental type. ☺️
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