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  1. Bases loaded, one out -- and we score! If that's not improvement, I don't know what is.
  2. Consider it wasted. Holding Sisco at third + DJ's misplay largely responsible.
  3. Unfortunately, tonight's game is being played tonight.
  4. Stewart's throws have the arc of about a 7 iron. At least he kept that one in the park.
  5. Even though there were no outs, he's also got to consider who's coming up and the prospects for them being overpowered.
  6. Batted ball, not thrown ball. On a thrown ball, the runners are part of the field. In the very early days of the game, a runner could be out out when hit by a thrown ball (called "soaking" the runner).
  7. I was wondering when Zimmermann would be pulled. I think that was the right time.
  8. I didn't need the Zimmermann family interview after te first 15 seconds.
  9. Ben thinks he won't have an ERA at all until he's been charged with an earned run.
  10. Interesting that Severino appeared to be dogging it to first on his rally-killing DP ground ball.
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