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  1. Getting those kids ready to cheer on the Portland Orioles, I guess.
  2. Tate was in NYYs system for two years (2017-19). He's spent a little over two years in the Orioles' system. The article doesn't quite say this, but it sure sounds like the NYYs made observations and suggestions that affected Tate's fastball grip and approach, and that since coming to the Orioles he's been experimenting with those things on his own, without direction from the coaching staff.
  3. That would be fine if everyone used $18.5 million for those obligations to Davis, Cobb and any other payments that are due in 2022 to players no longer on the roster. The problem is that I've seen different numbers attached to those obligations, so we're starting at different points, making it hard to compare estimates. But if I look at that 2022 nut as totaling $18.5 million, my guess is an opening-day payroll of $59 to $62 million. Call it $60 million. By the way, if I were setting a budget or target or whatever it is the Orioles do when they make their plans for player payroll (I'm ass
  4. I think the meaning of the numbers we post would be clearer, and we'd be more likely to be making apples-to-apples guesses, if deferrals, money owed to Davis and Cobb, etc. are excluded. That's what I'll do, anyway: I'm estimating the payroll of the 40-man roster as of opening day. Excluding those deferrals etc., I am estimating an opening day MLB payroll of about $40-43 million. Maybe another $3-5 million during the season if opportunity knocks, or if a Franco-like failure or injuries create a need so pressing that it will be embarrassing not to bring in some help. I hope the payr
  5. Maybe Tyler Nevin will be available? I didn't get a good look at it, but I was pretty sure, and blog comments I've seen have confirmed, that Stanton didn't bother running on his single high off the wall. But I haven't heard the ESPN guys mention it. It's been a long season, but you'd think in a one-game playoff guys could run out fly balls even if they think they'll be out of the park or caught.
  6. I have to root against the Yankees. I've been doing that for almost 60 years, and it's not a habit I can break, or want to break. An injury or two would help, but I'll settle for Cole's big-game flop. I'm a little ambivalent because if the Yankees are eliminated my rooting interest in the rest of the post-season will be drastically reduced. I'm also concerned that if they lose tonight, they will spend a few hundred million on free agents for their infield and starting staff, but that's life.
  7. It all makes sense (to me, anyway) if you believe (as I do) that the team's decision-makers expect the Orioles to be sold before the time for spending significantly more on payroll arrives. The apparent exceptions to the Orioles' recent cheapskate ways -- spending on foreign scouting, signings and player development, and on analytics -- make sense in that potential buyers would view the team as unprepared to compete, and worth less, if the Orioles remained as deficient in those areas as they were when the owner was in charge. Otherwise, I can understand the Orioles' penny-pinching only as
  8. It depends on how little those candidates are willing to sign for (presumably including payback of any med school loans). And I'm sure we'll get a guy who also can play 1B and DH -- can't have too many of them!
  9. Other than Long, it seems likely that these decisions are just about saving money. Obviously, there may be other factors that those outside the team aren't aware of -- poor job performance, not getting along with players or manager or coaches, criticizing the team to outsiders (imagine that!). But three guys, and maybe more to come, all at once? I think, as has happened before, that John Angelos saw an opportunity to save another $100,000 or $200,000, or whatever it comes to, to enrich first his father, then his father's estate, and then him and his brother. At the same time, if the team
  10. Yeah, I'm hoping and expecting that in 2022 we'll have new guys, including some $800,000 to $1 million free agent infielders and pitchers, whose lack of competence will amaze us and delight the rest of the AL East.
  11. The Yankees might be given the first pick as compensation for the numerous injuries they've had to endure this year 👨‍⚕️ and as a reward for the exemplary character they displayed in the face of adversity.
  12. True, but the subject is the 2022 amateur draft, not the 2021 season. The rules for that draft haven't been set, I don't think. If the CBA, or MLB unilaterally, changed those rules, it would be pretty hard for the Orioles to argue that the change is unfair since were relying on getting the 1:1 pick when they lost 110 games.
  13. Have you met the owner of the Orioles? How often do you speak with the Orioles' CEO? What has anyone connected with the Orioles told you about plans for the team upon the owner's death? Would that event be likely to affect, financially or otherwise, your plans for building the franchise and improving the Orioles' on-field performance?
  14. I’m not sure where you got that. I'm pretty sure the Resource Sharing Definitions Committee (and MLB generally) play no role in arm’s-length negotiations between teams and regional sports networks, and that if MLB tried to get involved in those negotiations to protect the teams, they would tell MLB to get lost. The RSDC's role is to review another category of rights fees transactions: those in which an MLB team (or its owners) own or control the RSN that carries that team’s games. At one time, there was a close correlation between the size of a team’s metro market and its ownership or con
  15. They say all good things must come to an end. Most bad things, too, like my watching the 2021 Orioles. Unless I see a big change in the score while I'm watching the other contenders this afternoon -- ha! -- I'm done. Thanks for the company.
  16. I'm hoping today was the last time I see Severino as an Oriole whiff on a catchable pitch. Put Means and T. Wells to one side. This season's games against Toronto and Tampa Bay should be pretty useful in reminding everyone of the other Orioles' pitchers ability to compete against strong offensive teams. In their finest moments, these pitchers are journeymen. Otherwise, they're guys with no business pitching in the big leagues. If one of them develops into a keeper, I'll be pleasantly surprised. Your move, Elias and Angelos. Will it be something other than "Pass"?
  17. Kline was not the only one who regretted that Kline signed with the Orioles.
  18. It's hard to deny the strong inducements that are in place for putting a crappy team on the field, saving money on payroll, and moving up in the amateur draft. But I think some teams are following that path when it's not the best course, and teams in some weaker markets -- like the Orioles -- are going in that direction without much regard for its uncertainty or for the long-term effect on their fan base in an age when those fans (especially younger one) will tire of supporting a loser and can switch to a perennially or occasionally winning team, watch all their games for a reasonable price o
  19. Saving Watkins in case Means or Zim gets the Orioles ahead through 4-6 innings? There are a few guys in the Orioles' bullpen who could meet that challenge, but Watkins is right up there.
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