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  1. Maybe it was a blessing he got hurt. It appears Schoop would attribute part of his success to working with Brady: @EddieInTheYard: Schoop credited Brady Anderson for helping with his recovery. Schoop said Brady pushed him by doing drills with him. #orioles @LizWFB: Brady Anderson, 50, is "killing" Jonathon Schoop, 23, w/his workouts #BradyFanForLife https://t.co/lgwPqtny0F http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bs-sp-orioles-notebook-0616-20150615-story.html Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Question for the baseball heads here: how much, if any, do you think the O's will try and tinker with Stewart's swing in the offseason? I would love to see Stewart work with Brady this offseason to get in great shape. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I don't have cable so I listen to O's games via the MLB At Bat application. The broadcast stated Paredes hit from the left side of the plate today despite Norris being a lefty? Anyone think he will give up switch hitting in the offseason? I am happy he is open to trying different approaches. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. What are the chances Stewart works out with Brady this offseason? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I do not there is a clear correlation between weight and quickness. Yes often the more you weigh the more difficult it could be to maintain quickness. The key is flexibility. If you add a flexibility and core strengthening program like yoga into your workout routine, you'll be just fine maintaining your quickness and durability. With Schoop's back problem, I really hope he put a strong emphasis on flexibility. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. It might be nice for Urrutia to have a fellow Cuban in Morales on the team. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. More than anything how about the risk of moving Machado to SS? He is coming off of major surgery and will not get any offseason time to work as a shortstop. If he had a full offseason of SS work, I would not sweat it. But I think it is an extremely risky proposition to move a guy to SS who is coming off of reconstructive knee surgery with limited practice time.
  8. Notes from Law, sorry if already posted: • Baltimore's Henry Urrutia did nothing during the game, but since I've received a lot of questions about him and this was my first look at him, I should mention that his BP was one of the most impressive of all, maybe second only to Miguel Sano's. http://insider.espn.go.com/blog/keith-law/post/_/id/967/key-takeaways-from-the-futures-game • I mentioned that Baltimore's Henry Urrutia took a very good BP on Sunday, so here's some more detail. His approach overall is very quiet, with great balance throughout and more strength in his wrists and forearms than you'd guess based on his lean frame. He rotates his hips well for more power and gets very good extension through the zone. His at-bats in the game weren't great -- small sample, of course -- and he's not a good athlete. But as a second-half DH option for the Orioles, who have received a repulsive .197/.261/.382 line from their designated hitters and have taken to using the likes of Nolan Reimold in that spot -- this year, he could easily provide an upgrade. http://insider.espn.go.com/blog/keith-law/post?id=978
  9. I really wish LJ Hoes could have stuck at 2B. He is looking really good at the plate.
  10. Quentin Patton from LA Tech and Da'Rick Rogers from TN Tech are playmaking wide receivers still available. Patton was a guy that McShay projected to us in the first round in his final mock.
  11. More flexibility, think of what the Giants do. Upshaw is a big OLB, he's going to be playing strongside OLB on run downs. Dumerville would be a weakside OLB in our scheme, sealing off the backside. You might even see Suggs, Upshaw, and Dumerville on the field at the same time. Upshaw moves inside to rush or Upshaw is on the strongside with Dumerville and Suggs stacked on the weakside to confuse the defense (Suggs has the ability to drop, or they can stunt these guys). Canty is a guy who has flexibility where he can play all the spots, Ngata could as well. Dumerville would really give a lot of options for Pees on defense, and more importantly, make us less relient upon the blitz.
  12. I wonder if in thirty years we look back on soda like we do cigarettes now? Just seems sodas have so many more artificial ingredients who knows what that is doing to our bodies?
  13. Definitely the second championship. The first one was awesome, but it kind of came out of nowhere. The second one was five years in the making, following constant heartbreak season after season. This time around we have so many more haters that we shut up. Not to mention Ray's last ride, all the injuries we had, Art, OJ, the list goes on and on. No question the second championship.
  14. If this game was indoors on turf I would be really scared, but being outside at home is a huge advantage for us. Slows down Luck and their offense a little bit. Believe it or not I feel we matchup well against the Colts.
  15. Newbie question here: does the first round pick compensation expire on LaRoche? If he goes unsigned is there a date after which we could sign him and not surrender the first round pick?
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