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  1. I was at that game too. I agree!
  2. I remember Mazzone saying, I believe it was, that it was an “arm slot” issue with Ortiz that had been hexing him and that he thought he could fix it. I remember that being roundly ridiculed here, and hoping against hope that the pitching Oracle of Mazzone would be able to fix that. Like most things during that era of the Orioles, I was left quite disappointed.
  3. Looking back, the fall-off from 1997 to 1998 in the starting rotation is insane. The Orioles had just come off an ALCS berth and they decided to bring in....Doug Drabek? And even after he clearly sucked (he was also terrible in 1997 so there was no reason to bring him in in the first place) they still trotted him out there for over 100 innings? I get that this was the height of the steroid era and ERA’s were upwardly inflated and Jimmy Key got hurt and Scott Kamienicki fell off but looking back, Drabek is a REAL head scratcher.
  4. Dishonorable mention: 2006 Russ Ortiz 20 G, 5 GS, 8.48 ERA, FIP 8.33
  5. I was at the game yesterday and sat directly behind home plate (the sun was BRUTAL for the early innings, I was mostly in the concourse but I ran down to my seat for every Ruthschmann at bat). Tony is definitely right that his strike zone discipline is outstanding. I recorded most the pitches he faced on my phone (willing to send to anyone who’s interested) including the home run, which was super impressive, it was a flick of the wrist on his part and he hit it oppo to damn near the deepest part of the park.
  6. Damnit, I’m probably not able to drive down to Hartford on a Thursday night! Thanks for the info though!
  7. Does anyone have any insight into what the rotation order will be for Grayson Rodriguez? I’m in New England and was hoping to catch the Baysox next weekend in Hartford. Anyone have any idea if this means he will pitch on any of Friday/Saturday/Sunday of next weekend?
  8. Jason Marquis, Austin Kearns, and Carl Pavano were man crushes of mine that I was outraged that the Orioles didn’t acquire.
  9. Were you TRYING to bring me out to laugh at this? 😂
  10. Executive VP, that ousts Brady from his current position, no?
  11. As a Colts fan, Josh McDaniels was the first thing that came to mind when I read it...
  12. I was saying during the trade deadline that the Orioles should trade Machado/Davis to the Dodgers for peanuts and let the Dodgers pay Davis to go away. Yeah, its nice to have Yusniel now, but damn it would’ve been great to have that albatross gone. I wonder how the market would’ve developed had the Orioles told teams that Machado/Davis were a package deal and they could have them for peanuts but have to assume Davis’ contract in its entirety. With our luck the Yankees would’ve been the only takers and he would’ve made a full recovery.
  13. I mean, when we had Elrod as bullpen catcher, it was kind of a novelty position for him, no? I know he'd do some catching (he scaled it back a bit as he got older, as I recall), but I'm not sure how much impact he really had in terms of developing any players? Mills pitched in some big spots and has done some roving coaching work, so he'd at least provide something in that regard, I would assume.
  14. Mills I can say is a guy that I talked with in Sarasota a couple years back, and he's definitely one of those guys that loves palling around with the fans and is very friendly and approachable. If we're looking for another guy like Elrod was that's both a sentimental favorite and a guy that will be friendly to the fans in much the same vein, Mills is your guy.
  15. I think the Yankees would be hesitant to trade him to us BECAUSE he still has two more additional years on his contract. With him getting paid essentially O'Day money, we're apparently past our aversion to paying him that money. From a fan perspective, I absolutely loved it down the stretch in 2014 when we had O'Day/Britton/Miller (not in that order, I'm aware) that would essentially shorten games. Throw in Brach now and games would essentially be over by the 6th inning if we had the lead. Still, I'd imagine the Yankees would be very hesitant to send us Miller for the next 2+ years and I'd
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