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  1. Executive VP, that ousts Brady from his current position, no?
  2. As a Colts fan, Josh McDaniels was the first thing that came to mind when I read it...
  3. I was saying during the trade deadline that the Orioles should trade Machado/Davis to the Dodgers for peanuts and let the Dodgers pay Davis to go away. Yeah, its nice to have Yusniel now, but damn it would’ve been great to have that albatross gone. I wonder how the market would’ve developed had the Orioles told teams that Machado/Davis were a package deal and they could have them for peanuts but have to assume Davis’ contract in its entirety. With our luck the Yankees would’ve been the only takers and he would’ve made a full recovery.
  4. I mean, when we had Elrod as bullpen catcher, it was kind of a novelty position for him, no? I know he'd do some catching (he scaled it back a bit as he got older, as I recall), but I'm not sure how much impact he really had in terms of developing any players? Mills pitched in some big spots and has done some roving coaching work, so he'd at least provide something in that regard, I would assume.
  5. Mills I can say is a guy that I talked with in Sarasota a couple years back, and he's definitely one of those guys that loves palling around with the fans and is very friendly and approachable. If we're looking for another guy like Elrod was that's both a sentimental favorite and a guy that will be friendly to the fans in much the same vein, Mills is your guy.
  6. I think the Yankees would be hesitant to trade him to us BECAUSE he still has two more additional years on his contract. With him getting paid essentially O'Day money, we're apparently past our aversion to paying him that money. From a fan perspective, I absolutely loved it down the stretch in 2014 when we had O'Day/Britton/Miller (not in that order, I'm aware) that would essentially shorten games. Throw in Brach now and games would essentially be over by the 6th inning if we had the lead. Still, I'd imagine the Yankees would be very hesitant to send us Miller for the next 2+ years and I'd probably be very leery of the price they'd charge us to get him back. Still, was an absolutely awesome guy to have and it'd be fun as hell to have him back in our bullpen.
  7. Silver Diner is good, and they have TV's. They serve Natty Boh on tap and I'm a fan of their philly cheesesteaks. I stopover in BWI rather frequently and if I have any amount of time, that's my go-to.
  8. I was talking with my Dad last night, and we both agreed that he probably needs to get the Pablo Sandoval treatment: 60 day DL with an "injury" and say "This year failed, see you in Florida in February." Then you can figure it out in his contract walk year. If he still sucks, you're only eating a year. If by some miracle he comes back ready to pitch for his walk year, then reap the benefits, but for God's sakes, don't ever bring him back after.
  9. Was I the only one thinking in the back of my head that maybe we'd be trading for Jim Johnson as swapping two older relievers that might need a change of scenery? What, just me? It's okay, it's fine, I'll show myself out. Still, in my defense, judging from reaction over dealing the pick, a lot of people would rather that. From a pure analytical standpoint, it's hard to argue against that giving up the pick is a poor idea and im certainly not. From a pure fan's perspective though, I do take comfort in knowing that Matusz is done here. Please good God, don't bring him back. He DOES need a change of scenery (if anything is going to help at all) and if the Orioles aren't going to bring back the aforementioned Matusz or Koji when he was available, then I really don't want Matusz back.
  10. Ahhhh, I was going to see if anybody had brought that one up: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: That thread bordered on the sublime.
  11. And now I've read the article. While it does say that he "avoided financial ruin", avoiding financial ruin is a far-cry from having enough money to offer to bribe Tejada. I'm not in financial ruin, but I also really doubt that the money that I do have lying around would be enough to entice Tejada. After watching the ESPN 30 for 30 "Broke", it no longer surprises me when athletes making tens of millions eventually go broke. The fact that Raffy sunk $50+ million in an investment, only to see that tank, is the way the ball bounces for former athletes (pardon the pun). I do know that in the NFL (and probably other leagues) that rookies are now instructed clearly on the importance of managing money and the like. Maybe they just need to tell guys that if you waste your money, you won't be able to have enough bribe money to potentially exonerate you. Then again, Cris Carter once told rookies to make sure they had a fall guy, so it appears the NFL is ahead of the curve as they so often are: http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/25278603/cris-carter-told-nfl-rooks-to-get-a-fall-guy-nfl-says-inappropriate
  12. I had not, I saw this thread when I first got into the office and then commented and made note of it to read the article (which sounds very interesting) at lunch. I'll withhold further comment until I read the article.
  13. Isn't Tejada broke (apologies if the article covers this). Every man has his price (especially broke men), if Raffy is still in good financial shape, I wonder how much he'd have to pay off Miggy in order for him to sing like that. That said, God forbid should word ever get out on THAT one. Raffy's already been flat out raked over the coals before. That was 10+ years ago and it's settled down since then. Can you imagine if he got put on full blast again, this time in the social media age. And as they say, the cover-up is worse than the crime. Still, you have to wonder if it'd almost be worth him throwing the dice on possibly recovering his legacy completely. He's got but more embarrassment (albeit much more, as covered) to risk. And who knows? Maybe he'd be paying Miggy off to tell the truth.
  14. Oh, to read this thread in 2006-2007 when this board was ablaze with people infuriated by Perlozzo over-relying on the bunt.
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