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  1. <p><p><p>Happy Birthday</p></p></p>

  2. CrimsonTribe

    Turner Field

    I'm going to be with my dad, stepmom, sister, and wife on Saturday night for Father's day, but will probably be in the Chophouse for a beer at some point. If anyone is going to be there and wants to meet up, send me a PM and I'll hook you up with my contact info. Or look for the guy in the Eddie Murray hair-itage shirt (that's if I can find it).
  3. Just to be clear, are you renting the house or did you buy it? Are you sure that it is her property legally (i.e. on a survey)? If you're renting, does she have some sort of understanding with the landlord?
  4. CrimsonTribe

    Turner Field

    The tickets seem to be more expensive this year than last. Maybe that's because we're good? Anyway, we're in the upper pavilion so there will be other O's fans around.
  5. CrimsonTribe

    Turner Field

    I go at least once or twice annually and will also be there on the 16th. You can generally get pretty affordable tickets on Stub Hub. Last year I got some field level behind home plate to the third base side for like $50-$60 each. I got ones in the first row in RF (10 seats down from Britton's HR) for about $30 each. This year I purchased some in the upper deck, first base side for $14 each (it's where my Dad likes to sit and where we had tickets at Memorial way back when). The stadium itself is pretty nondescript. It's too big because it was built for the Olympics and it's pretty damn hot for day games. Those seats in RF were ridiculously hot, but since the 16th is a night game, you should be fine. I suggest going to the Chop House for a few beers early, but other than that there's nothing special. If you're driving, I suggest that you go ahead and pay for prepaid parking. It's cheaper (only $10 + fees), you won't have to search around, and you won't have to park in the projects. I just got a ticket for the Blue Lot.
  6. This has gotten ridiculous and kind of offensive to those of us who are blind as ****.
  7. This is all well and good, but what does JTrea have to say on the matter?
  8. Remember everyone, this is the Orioles we're dealing with here. In the words of Louis CK:
  9. Yeah, I'm moving in-house. Pretty stoked. I'm taking a week in between to go up to Virginia to visit my family and a few friends.
  10. Wow. I can't even imagine all that activity. I usually wake up somewhere around 5 am (unintentionally) and if I have that feeling that my hangover is going to be particularly bad, I go take some painkillers and go back to sleep for a few more hours. When I wake up, I try to pack my body as full of caffeine and sugar as I can as well as drink Gatorade and/or Smart Water. I agree that coconut water works wonders as well. Especially if you remember to drink it before you go to bed.
  11. Just sent in my letter of resignation. Billable hour, what?
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