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  1. Well they burned one on Chricton, so who knows. Especially if they want his speed in September.
  2. How would you rank them in importance of protection? I no longer pay attention to the minors so I only recognize a few of these names.
  3. But then he is just clogging a space in the bullpen. An optionable pitcher in the 5th slot could be nice as they can role with an 8 man bullpen in between starts.
  4. I don't agree with the dynamics of payment in the MLB but you aren't even trying to understand the current context of how players are valued. No one discusses Avg or rbi or basic stats anymore.
  5. At this point they might need an 8 man bullpen. Miley and Gausman on there better days, only give the team 4-5 innings and need to be piggy backed with Asher and or someone else.
  6. I had posted in another thread, that I think at some point soon, Hart and or Givens might need to be sent down to give them a break. I would assume Jackson, Ynoa, and a 3rd pitcher are up tomorrow. He'll, at this point I would boot Pena and Kim and go with an 8 man bullpen.
  7. This bullpen might need it soon. At some point, Hart and or Givens might need to be sent down to give them a break. Blieir and Asher are likely gone after the game, especially if Ubaldo has to go in. I assume at least Edwin Jackson is added. Plus Ynoa.
  8. I am sure there has to be something brewing because this move makes no sense in a vacuum.
  9. Congrats. Somehow they managed to downgrade the roster.
  10. Mothers Day Massacre brought to you by the Orioles own stupidity.
  11. ODay needs to go on the DL. That was mostly the point of dropping it from 15 to 10 days.
  12. Aquino scratched from his start at Norfolk and joining Os in KC.
  13. Probably don't want to deal with delays before a road trip.
  14. Yeah no energy from Nats fans.
  15. I love how terrible the Nats are at the basics.
  16. This. If he isn't going to be used to PH than take him off the roster.
  17. This is where I think Kim really needs to be removed from the roster.
  18. Lind should be benched for that lack of hustle.
  19. It doesn't reset though if days are accumulated this year. Technically he would become optionable at some point next year if he accrued days this year
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