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  1. Gonzo was retained via arbitration and hadn't reached free agency yet. Gallardo, Miley, Jiminez, and Santana are all on guaranteed deals. Only Tillman could be released to save on salary.
  2. Apparently yes. They wanted to give his 40 man spot to a younger player and let him go before August 31 to sign with a team.and still be eligible for the playoffs.
  3. I know facts aren't your friend but the current starting rotation will cost approximately 30% of the payroll in 2017. Adam Jones and Chris Davis will account for approximately 25%. Hardy pushes that over 30%
  4. Vintage. Sabathia's two best starts against the O's in the last 4 years have both come this year.
  5. Not really though. Only one truly bad appearance and another blah. http://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.cgi?id=hunter001tom&type=pgl&year=2016
  6. I am well aware what DFA means. There are special cases where that is not always the case.
  7. Let's see if they DFAED him from 25 man or 40 man. Might be the technicality of needing to be DFA off active roster.
  8. Hunter and Drake added. Borbon DFA. Still no Jones in lineup. Still need other roster move. Ah saw a move involving TJM.
  9. And what assets do we have come close to matching what the Yankees traded?
  10. Would that even be possible at this point? They would have to lose like all but one game the rest of the way
  11. How is it "cute" to let Trumbo walk? He had a monster first half but has been nonexistent since. And will want much more.money than he is worth. In a spot we might be able to fill in house. It is ironically a move you would probably complain about this time next year.
  12. Actually, we would be hard pressed to get a similar prospect haul. You list 4 free agents to be. The Yankees somehow pillaged thr Cubs for a rental. Miller was still under contract for 2 years and is a top 5 reliever. Beltran might compare to one of our offensive guys but that is it.
  13. He wasn't a special player at the time but he was average. And this team could use average players at that time. It was one of AM's mistakes. Especially since Turner had options and wasn't the most secession thing on thr 40 man
  14. Let's stay in reality. There was never any real evidence to back this.
  15. He was dfa yesterday to pass through optional waivers. Today DFA to be off the 40 man.
  16. Doesn't there need to be a 40 man move as well?
  17. Is he thoughas? I would be concerned that the knee injuries have taken their toll.
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