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  1. You can't DFA someone that is hurt on the major league roster. He would have to go on the 10 day DL. The others were removed from the roster after they got hurt while in the minors.
  2. I guess my point is that Pena to the DL would cause more headaches than the Ynoa to DL move did.
  3. Yeah, but that DL stint had more implications for the team.
  4. Pena couldn't straighten his thumb. When he would clutch his fist his thumb stayed bent. Bancells tried to straighten it a few times but it wouldn't stay. Seems like something that should recover by tomorrow.
  5. Yeah, Mancini plus our top 3 prospects and maybe more.
  6. Hah I knew that line in the OP was going to get more attention than the question itself.
  7. Maybe, but I don't see any of the bullpen shuttle guys getting a chance to establish themselves at the moment.
  8. This. All the roster manipulation has only been possible since Drake's spot was opened up.
  9. Why is this shocking to you? It's just the way it is with the current alignment of the team.
  10. It is just the way things are. Yesterday in the pregame Buck said he was happy for Drake. With everything that has happened this season he said Drake would have never had the chance to establish himself like he has in Milwaukee. I am happy for Drake that he finally getting a real chance.
  11. Gary Thorne with the kiss of death. Either yesterday or the day before the lineup fact was the consecutive streak by Schoop.
  12. In the 7th I think, he grabbed his leg during a warm up and Joseph called everyone out to the mound. He stayed in and there was nothing more to it but it does plant the seeds.
  13. Yeah the Os are really the only team that willingly moves so many pieces. Of course, most teams have at least 4 starters they can count on.
  14. 20 days for position players and 30 days for pitchers. They could also claim a new injury and reset that clock.
  15. And that's why you send Wilson out. The risk of losing yet another starting pitcher within 2 innings. Ynoa will be gone after this game and probably Chricton
  16. There has been something I have never seen in every game for the last week. This is ridiculous.
  17. Asher isn't on the major league roster and must remain down for at least 9 more days unless someone goes on the DL.
  18. Something that stood out to me in Bucks pregame yesterday was when he said Wilson had arrived Wednesday night in case he was needed to start on Thursday. So that was already in motion before Gausman got tossed. Which seems that the ejection gave them the chance to bring Ubaldo in out of the bullpen without answering a million questions about Ubaldo. For reference, Ynoa wasn't summoned until Thursday morning (according to Buck).
  19. Bundy could appeal to get through his start but I think this is a non issue.
  20. Let's see. Magnifico got dfaed before being called up. We still haven't seen Ynoa. I am missing anyone?
  21. I don't like the idea either but it is the most logical. Especially if they still plan on bringing Tillman back.
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