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  1. Well at least we know tomorrow's broadcast is going to set an Orioles tv Wednesday night record. Seems it will all hit the fan tomorrow.
  2. Ugh him and the quote about taking the bat to the mound is going to cost him if it ends up happening, as they can easily point to it being premeditated. .
  3. The lack of offense, while terrible, isn't such a big deal with the other bats. But if the defense goes than that is a big problem.
  4. I don't think it was on purpose. Very similar to the play yesterday. Plus too many things had to go right to make it worth the bet.
  5. It seems no matter What, a brawl is inevitable, but it definitely matters who instigates it. If Barnes got 4 games for not even hitting him, then the numbers are going to be ugly on number of games suspended coming out of this brawl. If a Boston player intentionally drills Michado, then it might be a record suspension for such an offense.
  6. Oh you were trying to actually contribute something?
  7. The problem now will be that he will go up to the plate with this in his mind and I wonder what little event will set it off.
  8. Well he can't do worse than Ubaldo, who hopefully gets bumped and not Asher.
  9. I really hope they don't stick with him out of loyalty. I don't see him lasting as the starting SS all year.
  10. So your suggestion is for the Orioles to insight a brawl that could very well see some of their best players injured or suspended? Because that will definitely help this team win ball games.
  11. Congrats on being able to read a calendar.
  12. Yeah, no one took that as a joke. So you either suck at telling jokes or you changed your mind afterwards.
  13. You suggested throwing at their heads. You don't have much credibility in this discussion.
  14. There has been a whole lot of that in the last week.
  15. He definitely deserves to stay in the rotation. Now just to see whose spot he takes.
  16. Unless they changed the DL rules, he can still make 2 more starts without having to be activated.
  17. They can dfa Pena to create space on the roster again when Castillo is ready. Wynn would stay on clogging a spot.
  18. Meh. He has given up more runs than innings pitched. Now seems like a good time to try to get him through waivers.
  19. 100% agree. I don't even know how Ubaldo could have any confidence at this point.
  20. There is no reason to worry about Scott not being added by the fall. And Wright could literally be up for the day and will be sent out tomorrow for Britton.
  21. If he went unemployed for the entire month of April, than there must be more going on there. There are more teams than just the Os that could use starters but the whole league is wary of him.
  22. It's just how it works when you are the 6th or 7th man in the bullpen. He wouldn't be able to be used today and at this point all the pitching is suspect.
  23. Oh I definitely liked him but I was talking more about him starting and being relatively successful.
  24. Was this thread title meant to be a play on words of the play he made hustling down the line?
  25. It is a lot easier to hide ODay than Jiminez. Both contracts might be bad but Ubaldos is still the worst of the two.
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