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  1. How would we be lucky if Duke was #1?
  2. As much as I hate the Eagles, I would really like the Eagles to make the SB against the Ravens and just see the Ravens destroy Jeff Garcia. I was born and raised in Baltimore but I am at the University of Delaware and its Eagles this Eagles that, I just want Baltimore to cream them and I might just cream my pants.
  3. Haha. I know this, but its just funny thinking about it.
  4. Uh...how are we out of our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round picks. Last time I checked, we only lost 2nd and 3rd to Baez and Bradford.
  5. Wright Walker Williamson Baez Bradford Bako Millar Well we have added 6 new pieces. Lets go out and get the last 2, or lets get more.
  6. Nevermind. I had heard conflicting things. I forgot they had to go through the commisioners office.
  7. I see a flaw with that plan. I think Seibu will pick the bid. Obviously, they would pick NY, even if they only offered 10 million and the Orioles offered 30 million. They know NY will negotiate with him so they are going to get compensated for losing him. They know that a few teams might try to sabotage. Remember, its a business and the Lions are trying to make money off of this as well.
  8. Tim Kurkijan was just talking about how 1000 people showed up to show there hatred for PA. Saying, attendance is down and interest in down in Baltimore and that it could be really bad for the Orioles in the future. Said it was impressive to get 1000 people together. Karl agreed with him. In general, made national media and the host agreed with it. Good Stuff.
  9. I was amazed. They just ran a spot on Baseball Tonight about the protest. It was amazing seeing this on BBTN.
  10. http://www.denverpost.com/rockies/ci_3970032 Good stuff. I would be happy if they managed to actually acquire him.
  11. Crazysilver03

    Promote Liz

    Well, factoring in hits, he averaged a base runner per inning. Not great, but not bad at all.
  12. Crazysilver03

    Promote Liz

    Maybe later 2007. He has to get some experience at Bowie first.
  13. How is it a bad move? He is only signed for this year. I am all for converting him to a LH reliever in the bullpen since we desperately need one. Heck, if we could ever get a punch of Cabrera and then Chen, that would be devestating.
  14. At the next Wrestlemania I would like to see: Matthews vs. Sosa and The battle of the big: Baldwin vs. Ponson.
  15. Am I the only one that finds it funny that they play "Take Me Down To Paradise City" when Steve Kline comes into the game.
  16. Noooooooooooooooooooo Kline Is Warming Upp Ahhhhhh......run For The Hills Little Kids.
  17. Baldwin is coming in. Bigbie Roberts Mora Tejada Palmerio Sosa Lopez If we load the bases and some how get a walk and 2 outs, Lopez can save the game.
  18. I am going to tomorrow's game. If I see a brawl I will be so happy. I wanna see Ponson in a brawl. I bet he could take the whole Ranger team.
  19. Heh, the best part of the play is that Sosa batted Barajas on the left cheek when he was all pissed.
  20. Has there ever been an extra inning brawl. OOo...Barajas might be injured. That would be funny if Byrdak and Grimsley got ejected in a brawl. Barajas leaves the game.
  21. We might have to call up John Maine. We cant use Baldwin today, so if Chen cant go too much longer we might have to use Cabrera or Ponson today. Unless you want to go: Reed Williams Byrdak Julio Kline Ray Ryan
  22. Woot. Williams strikes out. Haha, Matsui comes out to the Kill Bill theme. I really dont know why its funny but it is. The ESPN coverage is so much better than the CSN coverage today. ESPN guys are giving Orioles major credit. Unlike most people in this thread, they still think Chen is injured and htat is why it is 3-0 Yankees already. Matsui crushed that homerun. It was off the 3rd deck. That was a sweet shot. Heck, if your going to hit a homerun, make it a shot. Still not worried, Sturtze doesnt look good.
  23. I would rather watch the Orioles than the Nats any day of the week. Eitherway, Melvin Mora just made one of the best defensive plays ever. That was so sweet.
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