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  1. Wilson probably shouldn't have been in at that point but I am more interested in why Nuno is rotting on the bullpen bench.
  2. Why does Fister keep getting mentioned with the 40 man? He would be a minor league deal and would need a few starts in the minors before even possibly making the MLB roster.
  3. This is getting a tad absurd. Wonder who the 40 man move is now.
  4. Well he won't get expensive unless he gets good.
  5. Texas isn't selling low. End of theory.
  6. Alex Wilson's dad was a geologist for Saudi Arabian Oil Co.
  7. I think the point is valid but only to an extent and not to the point it deserves a scathing report. I understand that they aren't taking advantage of an avenue but what is the success rate? The Orioles have gotten little bang for what little buck they have spent. And in general MLB has gotten little bang for the hundreds of millions of dollars spent. At least the Os get some value out of the slot or bonuses by leveraging them into real time value.
  8. This. I have been surprised how candid they have been about it.
  9. Ah Roy is in mid season form not knowing what thread he is commenting on! Ain't baseball great.
  10. Yeah a trade this early would be odd but no way Fister would jump straight to a major league roster right now.
  11. Crazysilver03

    Drake DFA

    If you are out of options, you don't usually ride the shuttle.
  12. Well trading Kim is worth it if Buck doesn't plan on playing him.
  13. Is it even worth taking Wright out of the game at this rate..
  14. It is amazing how incredibly condescending you can be to anyone that doesn't agree with one of your opinions, especially to a poster you gloat and kiss up to when they do agree with one of your opinions.
  15. Soon it won't matter any way. I think this is his last season with options and that will probably make him expendable at some point.
  16. This is just hilariously bad now.
  17. Yeah, but losing him to waivers is worse than the rule 5 draft. If he would have been taken, he would have been returned given this spring and would currently be pitching at Bowie.
  18. If they thought so lowly of Gunkel, I don't get why he was added in the first place.
  19. Buck said Rickard wasn't under consideration to be sent down and I believe that.
  20. Not really. It is a better break for Gentry. Rickard and Gentry were being used as late inning defensive replacements.
  21. The minute he is added to the 40 man, his service time and option years begin. It is an absolutely terrible idea.
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