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  1. I would think it is Wilson. Drake seems like the obvious choice but I think he survives the crunch for now.
  2. This is what I am thinking. They want whoever else to go to AAA and get consistent work instead of just sitting.
  3. 8 bullpen pieces, with so many days off, not so surprising.
  4. It is raining it's butt off down this way. I doubt the field will be playable.
  5. Ah so it seems. I can only work with what they report and many seemed quite confused yesterday.
  6. Arizona managed to get him through waivers and sent him outright to AAA.
  7. The game is currently replaying and just started for anyone interested in catching the interview in about 10 minutes.
  8. You don't add anything that I didn't already state in my previous post. You still haven't presented a reason as to why Pelfrey is the best option. All you have is that Gary Thorne suggested it and he is cheap. Neither one offers evidence that he is good.
  9. Ascher also went down with Verrett. I'd assume a waiver wire pickup.
  10. It's amazing how you can take anything personally. So, you think it is a good idea, because Gary Thorne suggested it? As opposed to the fact that he was terrible all last year and released by the Tigers this year with $8M left on his contract?
  11. Pelfrey? He wouldn't be an improvement over what we have. Most people would be complaining about DD's laziness if that was his move.
  12. I never understand why the beat writers get some basic stuff wrong so often. I read Encina saying they will add Gentry but need to make space on the 40 man. As if he forgot that Drake just came off.
  13. Rene88 is right on the beginning of the process. Any team can claim him but be subject to the same rules about being on the active roster. If he clears waivers, he must be offered back to the Red Sox. Iirc, they have to pay $25K to take him back. If they decline, the Orioles can outright him. There would also be. Potential for a trade.
  14. I must have missed when Oakland moved to AL EAST.
  15. There is no reason when they have a few youngsters to play 1B and are still trying to get under the luxury tax threshold if possible.
  16. He won't get that amount annually but he should be fine to get a multi year deal worth $40-50m.
  17. Thanks you for reaffirming your complete misunderstanding of the topic. No one in their right mind would take any meaningful info away from that 4 game series. It's about sample size and 162 games is quite the decent sample size.
  18. They problem will be finding good value. He is estimated at 11M with one more year of arbitration left that can range from being non-tendered to possibly costing $15M. Sure the team might net a QO offer (if it still exists) but it is a big gamble.
  19. Ouch. And is that before Davis, Jones, and Kim are added in? It definitely hurts that the O's don't have many prearb guys on the roster. Basically it's only Bundy in an everyday spot. Something has to give this offseason. I don't see how they can keep this team together as is.
  20. http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2016/10/projected-arbitration-salaries-2017.html Of note, Gausman and Joseph qualify for super 2 status, though that is much more important in the case of Gausman.
  21. Can a mod edit the title to show it was from the Braves and not the Brewers.
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