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  1. http://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2016/09/updates-on-pearce-janish-and-the-roster.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter That will be 2 more 40 man spots needed.
  2. http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2016/08/dodgers-acquire-josh-reddick-rich-hill.html
  3. Yeah this is what it came down too. Didn't show enough and won't make the team next year.
  4. Is TJM still on the 40 man? Or is Roch just confused?
  5. Tolliver was lost on waivers to Anaheim.
  6. He cleared waivers and was sent outright to Norfolk.
  7. This is possible too. He could get sent to instructional league to stay sharp.
  8. He will be up eventually. He is ineligible. Norfolk's season could be after Monday and he will be back.
  9. Starting to become a multiple day threat into next week now.
  10. Is there any chance Cisco gets called up? That could certainly give the team a shot in the arm.
  11. Eddie Gamboa got called up by TB. Will make his major league debut when he gets in a game.
  12. Generally a "lefty" denotes a pitcher.
  13. Literally takes 2 days for it to make it from VA/NC border to Long Island.
  14. I wonder how much this will affect other teams. And travel. Has the potential to cause lots of headaches.
  15. You don't acquire inspiring pieces at the end of.August.
  16. That's not happening with it being September 1.
  17. What a persuading argument you have.
  18. Not really fear mongering, at least for coastal areas. I take it you haven't made it to the coast since the storms last winter?
  19. *Obligatory weathermen are never right statement* This could have a huge impact for this coming weekend series against the Yankees. Many models are now showing that this will track across the south and stall out off the Delmarva coast, with many areas from NY to GA possible of seeing 2-5" of rain. Looking at multiple possible postponements and a very hectic make up schedule if so. Thankfully the rosters expand but it could still lead to roster decisions that weren't anticipated in the first place.
  20. Don't let your youth bias you. As a business they should cater to their key demographics. Approximately half of fans are in the 55 or older crowd. The super youth that are fully integrated with technologies are one of the weakest demographics.
  21. This is the list of FAs, do you see a #1?
  22. None of them necessarily have to be better than Matt. But the fact that there are 5 notable names on the market that are roughly equivalent will have an effect.
  23. Ramos and Suzuki are also available. Ramos is the top catcher by far. MW will have stiff competition this winter. But offering the QO to keep it a one year deal is also a terrible idea.
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