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  1. From the thread title, I thought he had been demoted again.
  2. PeteCanes

    Boog Powell

    great dude. I will always remember him going out of his way to take a picture with me. Happy Birthday Boog!
  3. I think he'd be a good value sign at 3 years
  4. Games evolve. You want to watch 3 yards and a cloud of dust football? I just want my team to be smart and figure out how to win.
  5. interesting draft. Get the guys signed and I like it. Nobody should be down on Kjerstad regardless of the other picks. He's pretty much as highly touted as anyone else...
  6. I wanted Martin but lol at Kjerstad being some kind of super reach. Hopefully they can get 2 really promising dudes at 30 and 39.
  7. I assume the Tigers are taking Tork. To be honest, I'd be disappointed if Martin wasn't our pick.
  8. Tony Sanchez was the catcher taken by the Pirates right? He played in the majors but was a bust.
  9. Just got my 1933 World Wide Gum (Canadian Goudey) Dazzy Vance in the mail. It's a beaut. https://sabr.org/bioproj/person/5c1fec75
  10. not rude at all. nah you can find some 1912s and whatnot for reasonable prices
  11. que? I just lost a bid for a Mordecai Brown for $35.00.
  12. Been getting some cool ones off ebay. Some can be had for pretty cheap. Got a pretty sweet "Bonehead" Merkle card the other day. Got a Chief Meyers 1912 coming in the mail.
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