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  1. We aren't, enjoy that. Try your best to have fun with the rebuild my friend. .
  2. we could have signed Zach Wheeler for 118 mil in his 29 year old season instead.
  3. I think it's time to think about which team you'd like to apply for a job.
  4. Yep, hope he does really well there. He's worked his butt off all these years.
  5. Bundy was great last year. What are you smoking? Take a break from it, whatever it is, and come back in the Spring.
  6. I seriously doubt they will lose less than 55. I do not care. I like the direction of the team. Focus on the minors, go to some of those games. Can't remember how many times my Pops and I scoffed before Bundy started a game last year. WHO CARES. In it for the long run.
  7. Bundy was nothing more than an innings eater. There's value in that for contenders.
  8. take it easy man. This team is going to suck this year. Villar was the big selling point for you going to games? Bundy?
  9. Back of the rotation innings eater. He has value for other teams, not one in a complete overhaul. Always liked him though, a shame he had the TJ. The loss of velocity was a game changer. Wish him well with the Angels. Edit: I think its a reasonable trade.
  10. I'm very happy that Alan Mills is still here. I'd like to see him in the bullpen at Camden Yards again
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