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  1. Yeah it’s nice to see him pitching fairly decently after being so bad. Hope he can close out the year on a high note
  2. Thanks for this Roy. This really is a big deal. I don’t really post much, but I’ve been around here for close to 20 years at this point. Really going to miss that guy even though I never got a chance to meet him.
  3. Hope they keep Hyde around. The greatest manager in history that hasn’t been invented yet wouldn’t come close to winning with this roster.
  4. Should have shaved those sideburns
  5. Right now, Trade everyone depending on the return. I’d trade Means for a top 50 guy and call it a day
  6. Good for him. Really nice to see him have some success
  7. I see BB Reference has Martin listed as a 3B SS and CF with a .775 OPS in AA. Not too shabby I guess.
  8. It’s disappointing that they didn’t take the high ceiling in Lawler. It’s not like they took some kind of Hobgood though, Cowser has been highly rated all year.
  9. Cowser has been predicted for this pick for a long time, not sure why people are mad. I would have taken Lawler, but what do I know?
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