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  1. I knew they'd screw up the chance for the #1 draft choice. Have to lose 7 more than Detroit.
  2. UpstateNYfan

    Bundy in L.A.

    For a guy, that many here thought he'd never make it to the O's after TJ surgery and the decreased velocity of his fastball he has survived pretty well. Yes, he never lived up to the dream of being a stud pitcher, but he worked hard and never gave excuses for his performance. At least he gave some highlights, more than many others of our number 1's, including, I am afraid, DJ Stewart and Hunter Harvey.
  3. I don't know how when the 60 game schedule was announced this wasn't taken care of. Canada had basically shut down the border months ago. There should have been a contingency plan in place.....maybe they thought Dunedin, but even without covid Dunedin would have made it look like a Little League game. This season is going to be more like a game of Survivor.
  4. After two years of 100+ loses and the 60 game fiasco planned, these guys don't need the pain. Unless MLB put in a 10 run mercy rule after 7 innings.
  5. I can imagine players having a pool of some sort...just to make it more interesting. This "season" will need a double asterisk.
  6. Imagine the horror when one of these defenseless fans get hit by a foul ball. Fake fans, fake noise (none wearing masks) makes the "season" believable?
  7. There was no analytics back then, no magic 100 pitch rule that said everyone sucks after 100 pitches...They just pitched and came back three days later and pitched again. I acknowledge the game has changed....bigger, stronger players at all positions but we seem to let data apply to all and neglect the possible outliers that exist.
  8. In my mind (weak as it is), I thought these type of things would happen in the second or third week of the "season", guess my timing was off. I think you'll see blowouts in the first 20-25 games, until pitching gets settled in...lot of relief, AAA, AA types. It will be something to watch, but just barely.
  9. Thanks..it will tough to lose 8 more games than the Tigers in 60 games.
  10. I am not sure how the 2021 Draft will be. I don't think it's a guarantee that the worse record gets the number 1 pick because of the way the "Leagues" are set up and the lack of common opponents. Maybe the worse record in each "League" will be in a lottery.
  11. How many innings (or pitches) will a starting pitcher be allowed to throw 3, 50? Or will they say short season, only 12 starts, less than 80 innings total, go as long as they can?
  12. If that is all you got from my reasoning why a veteran MLB player might chose not to play this season then I guess you miss the point. The "leagues", not divisions are different. I stand corrected, but it will likely not anywhere like a normal season, and if you can afford it, why end your career with an asterisk.
  13. Oh, I don't know high dollar guys with multiple years of earnings, will invested...enough for multiple lifetimes decide not to play...could it be that this is a cut and paste season, 60 games, made up divisions, basically ST exhibitions...3 to 4 months quarantined with teammates (as I understand it), away from family, none of the going out with teammates to bars and eateries, none of the camaraderie with teams in the clubhouse, dugouts, bullpens....no fans, a pretty crappy working environment IMO...for us this is a game, when you are at that stage of your career it is a business..the joy of the game maybe teammate interaction and not as much the game.
  14. I would prefer they play a normal 10th or 11th. Then go to the new rule. For those of you who are diehard fans, I suppose this change is blasphemy, but other sports have changed their rules and it makes it more exciting. 4 on 4 hockey is more exciting than 5 on 5. Shoot outs are exciting. I don't like 4 hour games. I imagine players and managers hate long games. Your observation is like a kid seeing a food and says he doesn't like it before he tastes it. This is the non-season to try it, basically a 60 game exhibition schedule, where all stats are basically meaningless. Even the eventual WS winner have an asterisk. It will nice to see them play. In fact the O's may benefit more than normal...give the kids a chance and long look.
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