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  1. Define season. 50 games, 0 fans, fake divisions, expanded rosters, most likely lack of intensity by many of the players, pretty much a poor imitation of ST. Not much better than nothing IMO.
  2. Sports just exposed itself as insignificant group of people (population wise), making huge amounts of $$$, (both owners and players), that can't come together to at least give the public a bit of relief from all the all that plagues this country at this time. Shame on these selfish, ego-maniacs...F them all. Bring on curling...losers buy pints.
  3. Playoffs on election night!! Wow, probably the only plus!! This whole sport scene is way out of hand....Basketball, hockey playoffs in the summer. IMO, let it go and start fresh in the Fall. Baseball, play half of the "fake games, leagues, etc"...get it done in the usual time frame. Move on to 2021 and hope things can be normalized. They have enough issues with player development, new framework for MiL, drafting. Redo it and try to do it as best they can. No matter how they spin it, it's about $$$$$, they're a business, I get it. Players have a finite career, a short time to make as much as they can, one season for a marginal player has a huge impact....not so much for the Trout, Machado types. Yep, push a fake season into winter..compete with NFL, NHL, NBA, NCAA (football, basketball). Baseball might find out how popular and watchable it is compared to the others.
  4. First of all, I did not endorse changes, I suggested this would be the right time for them to try things if they were thinking of it. Everyone bitches about strike calls..try the electronic now, see if it works or is liked...and other possibilities too. I would never suggest in playoffs that games would not be normal..but maybe during the season extra inning games might be changed. Did the 3 point shot make basketball ruin basketball? Did the 40 second clock in college ball ruin college ball? Did moving goal posts off the goal line ruin football? Did hockey OT game changes ruin hockey? Did lowering the pitching mound ruin baseball? There still would be 3 strikes, 3 outs in an inning, each team gets equal number of at bats, 9 innings. I guess by your wishes games called off after 5 innings would be replayed, despite a team leading at that point. When is baseball not baseball? Have you watched the O's the last two years. It hasn't resembled MLB in many ways.
  5. You would still be playing until there is a winner, not timed and it could go 31 innings.
  6. I just suggesting it as a good time to experiment with this. It would be a decent sample size. Yes, some become epic, like the Red Wings vs Pawsox in which Ripken played. But overall it's a burden, especially to pitching staffs. IMO game length is a huge problem. I have a suspicion, that an electronic strike zone might speed up the game a bit. Other sports have adapted "overtime" rules that are relatively successful. NHL has particularly made OT better with their 4 on 4 play and shootout. I don't think baseball can go to an eight on opening the field, but there are some things that can be tried.
  7. Play a regular 10th, or 10th or 11th.....after that each team gets to start a player at 2nd base...see how it goes. Games are long enough, we don't need 15,16 inning games.
  8. They'll figure it out, because they have to. But, let's get real. It will really amount to an 80 game exhibition season. Lot's of pitchers for at least the first 25 games, expanded rosters overall. Regional ball, you can't really say AL or NL. Again, I believe it is a time to try a few things. Electronic strike zone, extra inning changes, etc. From this experience they might get a chance to play with some realignment, scheduling issues, rule change, new post season structure, maybe reduce game schedule, etc for the future. If they want to try things, this is the time IMO. It might make this exhibition season more watchable.
  9. No matter how the season works out it will always have an asterisk (fake IMO). If baseball wants to experiment with things it might make it more interesting. Every team use the DH (or not), change extra innings, use the electronic balls and strikes, maybe a permanent realignment of some sort. I hope it all works out. It will certainly be an experiment for the NFL and college football.
  10. Games in those days lasted less than an hour didn't they? I don't know for sure, but a lot of those pitchers were basically throwing BP speeds with a dead ball.
  11. You may think you'll be first in line.....it will be given to essential folk first and least essential last. I don't know where you are on the spectrum, but I expect to be way at the back.
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