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  1. IIRC , the old Pittsburgh Forbes Field was so deep in center, that the batting cage was stored on the field there.
  2. I am not opposed to any trade that may bring a return that might help in the future. However, IMO, a $6 million contract is not a reason in itself to "do it now". A team with a budget of less than $60 million (with 25% or so of that on one useless contract) can certainly "splurge" $6 mill on Mancini. A team needs to have some watchable players even in a 95-105 loss season.
  3. Very nice indeed, and glad he did it. He certainly didn't have to, but it is a PR move. 3 million on a 150 million deal, plus the tax incentives for the donation ends up costing him considerably less. He could be donating at least 50% of his salary, based on his performance...he'll still live a very comfortable life. It is certainly an indicator that there may be some "guilt" associated with his contract.
  4. Oh, nice one...great, superlative,
  5. It is surely difficult, but I imagine there are some very good players out there that are dismissed because they don't meet the profile of a MLB player. It is not only physical differences, but age....many here dismiss players with good numbers because they are "old" by a year or two for the league they are in. Sometimes they just learn to play smarter. Not all kids walk, speak, read at a given expected age...we shouldn't expect players to either.
  6. You are correct, what he said "wasn't that bad." However, to directly make that statement repeatedly to a group of females certainly shows his lack of judgement, character and any sensitivity to the issue. He should be gone.
  7. That is the first time I've seen adequate when describing Montcastle. Not ever seeing him play, I got the idea from experts here he had hands like a brick, no arm and little range.
  8. Navigating Arrieta??? He must have solved that TTP problem.
  9. Why make it so complicated...one buzz strike, no buzz ball. With automation though, I believe an ump will be bored and not really pay close attention on any given pitch....300+ pitches and all he has to do is react to the buzz. Therefore, I do not believe he will not be in a position to over rule the robot's call. In fact, his only calls would be HBP, checked swings, bounced third strikes, balks, calls at plate (which all could be reviewed like NFL)
  10. They played like trash. On paper they were much better than the 2019 No Name O's which won 7 more games. Machado, Schoop, Jones, Gausman, O'Day, etc....47 wins is close to historically bad. Buck knew his contract was up, he and his team played like it. I don't dislike BS. He represented, in public a positive image for the O's. However, IMO, he was a pretty conservative, old school, by the book type guy.
  11. 47-115 with a team that should have better should disqualify him IMO. Moving Manny to SS to pacify him should disqualify him. Lastly continuing to stick with CD, should disqualify him (no evidence, but I believe BS had PA's ear on the CD signing).
  12. You missed my point completely or I explained poorly. I never suggested he should have been brought up. I suggested that in the past the DD/BS regime would prefer a vet versus a MiLer in most cases. I realize he was low on the depth chart and was released..that is fine, the right choice by Elias IMO. I said I was glad he got a chance, that's all and OH'ers shouldn't whine about it. And lastly, I believe there are a number of players that develop later, that are written off before given a chance. Everybody doesn't walk at the same age, speak at the same age, read at the same age. You can place all those developmental stages statistically. We tend with the statistics dynamics of baseball to write off some potentially talented players based on purely statistics. It is more fun to me to see guy tossed away having success or some 20th round draft choice make it than the anointed first and second rounders.
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