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  1. Indeed, but it doesn't matter. Every error or misplay will be magnified to the extreme.
  2. Define bad. The reason to avoid "bad" is to make appropriate measures before it becomes "bad". I believe the Tokyo Olympics has a good chance to be postponed. The MLB decision would not be done by MLB, the government would have to call for it. Let's all hope it all gets under control and these decisions turn out to be unnecessary.
  3. Yep, most would stay silent. So, it's ok??? Really, you are on that moral plane? Nice to know and congrats.
  4. Probably therapy for going through a 162 game schedule broadcasting for this team. Playing on a bad team is one thing, watching and announcing is even worse IMO.
  5. The last two years, the AL Central as a division were over 100 games under .500. When about half your games are within your division, which guarantees a .500 result, it is incredible. Won, loss record may be the simplest way to determine the worst team, but it is seriously flawed. For a game that is so stat orientated it is certainly overlooked in this particular category.
  6. You would think that Davis would try to do things that would not put him in the spotlight, like showing up on time or even early. I never really cared for the guy, even before his contract. That said, it is not his fault that he was offered that contract. That fault lies ultimately with Angelos and whoever encouraged it...perhaps Showalter, AJ, or Angelos himself. I do have a bit of sympathy for Davis. It can't be easy knowing he's heading into a half year plus of being in a place where he is not wanted, booed and under a microscope. Yes, $20 million plus helps, but he's already gotten about $100 mill...so, does he need the extra to live on and improve his lifestyle? Can he walk away from it?? Sure and then he will get all sort of crap from the Players Union, his agent and maybe others. Here is a man, that for a short period of time could hit monster HR's, was rewarded handsomely. He won't be remembered for that, instead it will be the bad contract and his diminished skills. Kind of sad.
  7. Really, these guys can't clean their own cleats?? Does someone tie their shoes too? And, no one ever touched my glove, wouldn't allow it.
  8. This team is filled with Who's on first, what's on second and I don't knows......it is a nightmare for PR and their ability to create fan interest.
  9. In March, everyone is 0-0, with a magic number of 162.
  10. Looks like a last day of January fluff piece. Have no problems with 1-3 on worse list. Evaluations?? Trades??? Seems to me that is a consistent part of the game, for all teams. I only see number 1 as a pretty sure thing under better. Number 2, look at number 1 from worse list. 3 Leap, last year's surprises?? Hays and Means?? Grabbing at straws here IMO. We may look longingly at 2019.
  11. What are they going to say, "After further review the call stands (or is reversed)"? There is nothing to explain..safe or out sign is sufficient. Next they will review every run scored.
  12. Well, O's always seem to have deep depth in DH types, maybe open up the market for them.
  13. Probably had carpal tunnel syndrome from signing so many balls.
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