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  1. <p><p><p>I miss ya buddy, come back and post every now and then!</p></p></p>

  2. I just had to add this because it is so typical of Ratface's hypocrisy: Thursday, January 18, 2007 Wake Forest 40 @ dook 62 (that's 22 points, folks) Guess who dook had on the court when the buzzer sounded? You might think Johnson, Pagliuca, Davidson, Tormey, and Sutton? Wrong. OK, so maybe Zoubek, Pocius, Thomas, McClure, and Boykin? Nope. Try Paulus, McRoberts, Henderson, Nelson, and Scheyer. So that's a 10-point larger lead than Carolina had, against a lesser opponent, and not even a significant rival, and Ratface had 4 starters and a top reserve in the game. Ah, so maybe that's an aberration, a single slip, an oversight by the preeminent Rat? Guess again! Monday, November 20, 2006 Air Force 56 @ dook 71 dook ends the game with Paulus, Nelson, McRoberts, Scheyer, and McClure on the floor. Saturday, December 9, 2006 George Mason 53 @ dook 69 dook ends the game with Paulus, McRoberts, Scheyer, Thomas, and Pocius on the floor. So that's at least 3 games in which faced with a similar, but actually even more obvious situation to pull his starters, Ratface chose to leave his best players on the court. And yet, that hypocrit had the audacity to criticize Roy Williams for having Hansbrough in the game.
  3. Not at all, you are perfectly entitled to be wrong if you want. Whatever. It's pretty obvious to everyone here that you are exceptionally biased in your defense. You can care or not, but you are fighting this battle alone at this point, and it's pretty apparent that it's because of your allegiance.
  4. You know, I'm getting tired of your defense. I haven't seen anyone on here since about the second page of this thread who is even slightly implying that he was trying to hurt Hansbrough. We all readily admit there was no intent to injure. However, even Henderson himself admits he was trying to block the shot OR FOUL Hansbrough. And K admitted he was trying to foul him HARD. When someone intends to foul someone hard, and the player he fouls gets hurt, there must be consequences. And especially when it happens when the game is not in question with little time left on the clock. If you allow this to happen in such circumstances, you will end up with not only a lot of injured players, but also a lot of brawls. As for the suspension, I have no issue with it for the simple reason that the rules state nothing about intent to injure. They are clear about the fact that a player who commits a flagrant foul (which it was, as Ratface admitted the intent was to foul hard) in such circumstances can be ejected, and once ejected, the NCAA mandates the suspension. Analogy: If you start shooting off a gun to scare off some guys who are trespassing, and in the process you happen to kill one of them, you are going to be convicted of manslaughter and do jail time. Did you mean to kill the guy? No. Did you even look at the guy you killed? No. Are you still guilty and do you deserve to do time? Absolutely. It's not murder. It's manslaughter. Well, Gerald Henderson decided to shoot off his gun in the vicinity of Hansbrough, and he made the kill. Manslaughter, and now he will serve his time.
  5. I like those picks Mackus, especially Carolina winning and dook going out in the first round. I will differ with you on only one minor point: I think GT will beat UVA in the semis. As much as I'd love to avenge the 2 losses to VT at some point in the tournament, I'd be content to avenge both the Maryland and GT losses en route to the title. And as much as I'd love to roll the trifecta against dook this year, I'd be just as happy tp see them go down in flames to State.
  6. Uh, that would be 3 in a row and 4 of 5. We beat you guys the last regular season game 2 years ago also. I recall Carolina taking 16 of 17 from 1972-1977. And 10 of 12 from 1980-1984. And 9 of 10 from 1993-1998. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, from Jan. 1, 1967 to March 3, 1984 Carolina won went 38-12 (.760) against dook. Extend it out to February 5, 1998 and Carolina went 58-26 (.690) over a 31-year stretch. Oh, and then there's this: 126-96 (.568) overall So wake me up when you've got a case.
  7. http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/columns/story?columnist=forde_pat&id=2787890&sportCat=ncb This article says it all. Dirty? Maybe not. Did he intend to hurt? No. But he intended a hard, flagrant foul, and when you intend that, sometimes people get hurt. The ejection was therefore justified, and the suspension is therefore by rule automatic. Why was TH in the game? Because Ratface was still calling timeouts with 50 seconds left down by 13 and still had pieces of his core 5 in the game (Henderson is the equivilent of a starter once McRoberts and Paulus are fouled out). If dook wants to throw in the towel, Carolina will gladly remove its core players too. Until then, we play on. And besides, there was a sub at the scorer's table waiting to go in for Hans, so blame Frasor for missing the FT. But ultimately, the best thing about this article is the theme behind it. dook not only lost the basketball game; they also lost in the image game. Message sent? No, I think not. If anything, they managed to fire up a team that tends to coast at times. If I were dook (and what a horrific thought that is), I wouldn't want any part of Carolina any time soon.
  8. Even I agree with this. They're a lock already. The guys in my office are going to be really bummed to see dook make the tournament. The week dook was out of the polls, I had offered to buy everyone Burger King followed by beers if dook missed the tournament this year.
  9. Fair enough. My apologies too if I went off on you. I just had to stand up for my guys.
  10. Actually, the game I was referring to was Walter Davis. Charlie Scott was a different game, my mistake. Charlie Scott scored 28 points on dook in the second half alone (40 total) in the 1969 ACC Tournament final. In the game I was thinking of, Carolina was down to dook 86-78 with 17 seconds left (and no 3-point line in those days). Bobby Jones got fouled and hit both ends of a 1-and-1, dook threw away the inbounds pass and John Keuster scored a layup, dook threw away another inbounds pass and Jones followed up a missed shot to cut it to 2 with 6 seconds left. With 4 seconds left, dook missed the front end of a 1-and-1, and Carolina called timeout with 3 seconds left. And then Walter Davis hit a 28-foot prayer to tie it and send it to OT, where Carolina won 96-92. So it was 8 points in 17 seconds. In Carolina-dook, no game is ever over until the buzzer sounds, and even then, it's only to signal the next OT.
  11. Well, we've played more defense than your sorry team twice so far this year. People in glass houses... As for TH being in the game, you obviously know very little about UNC/dook. Or do I need to remind you about a guy by the name of Charlie Scott? 9 points, 17 seconds ring a bell? And besides, like I said, it's likely his last home game, so if he wants to stay in, I have no issue with letting him play. It's not like all 5 starters were out there and they were up 25. Besides, we're so deep, would it really have been so much different if we'd have had 5 freshmen out on the court?
  12. SG, let me apologize to you for my rant. You continue to conduct yourself with class, depsite rooting for the wrong shade of blue. Heat of the moment thing. There are some things that push my buttons, and calling a class-act like Roy Williams classless is certainly one of them.
  13. Sweeped? Is that what they teach you dookies? BTW, ever think that perhaps that might be Hansbrough's last home game, and Roy was just trying to let him have some fun in beating their archrival? Yeah, we'll savor the sweep, and while we're at it, we'll also savor the advantage we hold in the head-to-head series, the advantage we have since Ratface started, the advantage we hold in National Championships, and the list goes on and on and on.
  14. You know, I've kept my mouth shut so far, but this is out of line. Roy Williams is classless? Need I remind you what a freakin' rat your coach is? Need I remind you about the many ways he cheats? The many ways he whines and harasses the refs? The BS crying act he puts on for the media every year when his team is unceremoniously bounced from the tournament earlier than their talent level dictates? The endless self-promotion, the massive ego, the guy who runs off players after he out-and-out lies to them so he can get the big recruiting classes? I have just about had enough of your hating. I have done my utmost to show real class by staying out of this argument, but I'm not about to be lectured on class by a dookie. You and your greedy preppie types can go back to your hallowed halls and sulk about another loss to us. Maybe you'll find some sympathetic ears there, but don't start bringing your trash-talk and accusations toward Carolina. You're not only going to have your complaints fall on deaf ears, but your also going to make a fool out of yourself with ridiculous comments like these about a guy who is nothing but true class.
  15. This is correct. VT wins on the tiebreaker you cited.
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