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  1. I guess it doesn't really matter other than the additional $ if they are going to pick talent in the 8-12 range anyway.
  2. There are a couple things to like about our SP prospects. FIrst, we have some elite talent guys in DL Hall and G-Rod, I would put Bauman a tick or two behind them. Secondly, the depth behind them is significant. The hope is that a few from that group hit as at least #4's or #5's and some as solid pen guys. It is critical that one of Hall and GRod hit their peak. If both do then that's icing on the cake.
  3. I would think there has to be some positive affect for the O's. Otherwise, why wouldn't they just roll the dice and see if there is a work stoppage?
  4. IIRC I remember reading or hearing that the O's had the best record over a 5 year period. 2012-2016? I could be wrong but that's what I recall. But I agree with your point on defense.
  5. I thought the decision to not load the bases and set up the force play home and the double play was horrible. I don't understand how that doesn't happen after the runner took 2B on the wild pitch.
  6. I have made my opinion known repeatedly on this issue since the day he was not protected. This will be my last post on this issue. It was a stupid decision then and it is a stupid decision now and it will still be a stupid decision 10 years from now.
  7. There is varying research in the area of pitch type and stress on the arm/elbow. Here is an article from Driveline that discusses it. Overall, velocity plays a bigger role than pitch type. I don't think the article explains it but I assume it's because the arm speed (stress) is similar in each pitch type. Most kids I get (out of HS) don't throw a legit change up and it is stressful on their arms to learn it due to the early pronation. Once they figure it out though, the stress does lessen. So, what I am saying is the dead fish may or may not produce less stress on his arm than that of the aver
  8. This is not MASN's issue. It is the providers that have to provide the ability to authenticate the subscription through the app/website. Just like if you watch HBOMax using the app. You have to be able to activate the streaming using your Fios/Comcast login. It won't work until the provider creates that ability. Now I do blame MASN for releasing the streaming so late. No excuse for that. It's like they made the decision and then announced it 20 minutes later without laying any ground work to get it up and running on the larger platforms.
  9. I was giving Garceau the benefit of doubt when the team was on the road. I am sure that it's not easy to do PBP watching a monitor. But, he's been just as bad at home. I can live with his bland style. The unwatchable part that gets me talking to the tv is him constantly and consistently getting the players mixed up. He does it almost once an inning. It drives me nuts.
  10. Kind of a Frobby queson but How common is it for other teams to claim a rule 5 guy after he is placed on waivers?
  11. While I don't like to root for anyone to fail, I agree with Frobby!
  12. I was referring to the Pirates teams of the years around 2008 - 2013 (IIRC) and yes, the Padres tanked in the 2015 - 2018 when they first took over the team and brought in Preller prior to deciding to splurge on Machado and others. Which proves they were willing to spend money when they deemed themselves ready to compete. They are among several teams to tank during a rebuild. I didn't mention the historic tank job by the Cubs or Marlins.
  13. I find the comment interesting in that the O's are certainly not the first team to rebuild in this manner. They are not even the most extreme version of the tanking. The Astros, Padres and Pirates all come to mind as teams that have tanked it worse than the O's. But, I guess the record is not complete yet.
  14. Nope, not a thing! Looks like they are going to miss their target of opening day. Unless they release it at 2:10pm tomorrow which strikes me as something they would do.
  15. Hey that is my line (actually I may have stolen it from you... don't remember) but as I have said at nauseum since he was left unprotected, this is/was a bad decision. Frankly, I don't think it was even close... I had him lumped in with the guys they did protect. I get that he is likely a 1 inning guy but, I think he could be a late inning guy/closer. I like the movement and if he's sitting 96+ then he's a good bet to reach it.
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