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  1. I completely agree that scoring runs can help limit the high leverage situations and I am not suggesting that offense isn't important. I am just suggesting that I want MIF placeholders to be plus defenders above all else. If they hit well even better. But I'd have to say that watching the MIF guys we had last year (when Iggy wasn't playing SS) boot balls and sail throws had to pretty frustrating for the pitchers. Again, it comes down to one thing for me this year and that's to develop the young pitchers.
  2. I am not much into oWAR but this is pretty interesting and easy to understand. Thanks for posting and congratulations, that must be very validating!.
  3. That's not a bad comp as to the type of player I'd like to see acquired. But iirc his defense here wasn't great?
  4. While I would agree under normal circumstances. I am not expecting this team to be exciting other than to see the progression (hopefully) of the young players and more specifically the pitchers. I completely agree that his offense stinks and I won't be watching this team to see Sanchez hit. I don't care about that until they are ready to compete. He IS a placeholder. Since we need placeholders at in the MIF I want them to be plus defenders above all else.
  5. I really don't care how the SS hits. I want a plus (if not plus, plus) defender at SS to help our young pitchers. I was really looking forward to Iggy and SS and Sanchez at 2B. I am okay with the trade because it's the right long-term move. But I want great defense up the middle.
  6. Not a bad idea. From the baseball side of things. I am not sure from the $ side of it. Depends on where his salary lands. I still would like to see Bannon get a shot.
  7. Totally unrelated and unimportant side note. I had a guy named Eddie Rosario who played for me a few years ago. He was not good so for that reason alone, I say no!
  8. IIRC his defense was pretty good over there at least average. His arm look a little suspect to me this year but to be fair, I got used to seeing Schoop and his cannon at 2B.
  9. I agree that I would rather see Alberto there than Ruiz. My hope is that Bannon earns the job and they leave him there in order to see what they have. The more questions they can answer this year the quicker the rebuild will progress.
  10. I really like this deal. As I have said many times, this you should be about the young pitching and GG caliber defense up the middle is a big plus. I hope they keep him at 2B and come up with an acceptable player for 3B. This is what they should've done a catcher. Sign a plus defensive catcher and dumped Severino.
  11. I have no issue with the DH being rotated through. My issue is that Severino for 1.8M is not a good decision either from a baseball sense or a $ one. He is inconsistent offensively and defensively. You never know what you are going to get on any given day. This year should be mainly about establishing the young pichers which is primarily how the Os will be successful in the rebuild. You can get a really good defensive catcher for 1.8 and they would actually help the pitchers and not hurt them. While overall Severino's defense may be average but when he's bad... he's extremely bad. That's not a good way to support the young pitchers. My point regards to Nunez is that the Severino decision seems inconsistent with it.
  12. I agree with everything here... it must be that they have little to no confidence in Sisco. Assuming that is correct then I would have rather had them release/non tender both of them and sign a low dollar defense first guy who could actually help the young pitchers. They could've signed a really good one for 1.8M. Wynns would be fine as a back up for now. If it is truly a gap to AR then it's a waste of money. This year (IMO) should be all about establishing the young pitchers and figuring out who will stick in the outfield. They've done a good job with the MIF defense (assuming they hang on to Sanchez and dump Alberto). I like offense as much as anybody but, to me it is a secondary concern to the pitching.
  13. I am pretty disappointed with this decision. I also think it is inconsistent to some degree with the Nunez decision. I guess his defense is okay overall but I am just tired of watching him sleep behind the plate and miss pitches that rookie ball catchers should be blocking. Heck, when he is in his funk he even wiffs on strikes. I was hoping to give Sisco more ABs and going with a cheap catch and throw guy as a backup. 1.8M is fine but he is easily replaced for league minimum IMHO.
  14. You are probably correct in saying that the slash lines are pessimistic but call it the "Crush Davis" or "true outcome" effect but I have the sinking feeling that these guys will sacrifice contact for power. I think we saw that this past year in a SSS. I hope I am wrong because both have the potential to be exciting players. If everything clicks for them they could be 5 tool guys to some degree. I just feel like the hit tool isn't going to develop as the defense, arm and speed tools have.
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