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  1. I love a good salmon cake. I used to eat them in DC in churches who ran breakfast buffets.
  2. The wife and I had lunch at Rocksalt Grille today.
  3. I forgot how bad that September collapse was. They finished 75-87 or 4-17 after that date.
  4. I'm going to go with that I blocked out all memory of the 92 series because the Blue Jays won. 🤣🤣
  5. Let's hope there is less wind than there usually is in Sarasota in March.
  6. You maybe right... There are two images that I thought of when I made that comment. Schilling: bloody sock of course. I don't think Mussina pitches in that game. Mussina: After a Yankee's loss saying (I am paraphrasing a little) Well, I did my job and gave the team a chance to win.
  7. I agree. It makes no sense to actually say this out loud. He clearly thinks he's the smartest guy in the room.
  8. That and his politics. Since the HOF has turned into more of a place for very good players (IMHO) and I get that they need to put in players every year to keep the money rolling into town. I think Schilling should be in. I would rather have him pitch in a big game than ole' I did my job by giving my team a chance to win, Mike Mussina.
  9. That's an interesting question. It certainly is possible. I enjoy the twists and turns of threads sometimes. Like how an 5 1/2 year old poll turns into a thread about the HOF.
  10. I had not remembered it that way. Should've done more research. I guess that's what I get for trusting my memory.
  11. Morris was very good for about 10-12 years. It helped that he won WS with the Tigers, Twins and Blue Jays. One could argue that he was a difference maker with all of them.
  12. Seems to me to be a pretty smart way for a club in the O's position to manage the roster. I really hope that things get to the point where there can be some type of expanded fall league for MiLB players. The fall is really nice weather for baseball until mid-october.
  13. I have read that the first workout is on Friday but no real details as to the type of workout or what positions will be involved.
  14. Gotcha, I understand now. Makes complete sense.
  15. Frobbly, I wasn't speaking specifically about Martin here. I tried to say that when I said "historically." I was trying to say exactly what you said in this post.
  16. I find this post very interesting. Why do you think this. I didn't see where you expanded on this so I am sorry if you did.
  17. WOW! I find this post a little weird. But I will respond. I have no idea what I did or didn't do on a message board a year ago. I don't know how to go back and look at it nor do I want to spend the time to figure it out. But I'll take your word for it. Not sure what it means. But in this case I posted something about BA ranking Martin at 16th and stated my opinion that it was too high and that BA has historically been stubborn to admit when they had over/under ranked draftees/prospects (not specifically Martin). Then you came at me with the opening line of "This is just flawed logic." as if you get to decide what is logical.... you don't. You have opinions and I have opinions. Yes, I have been a member since 2004 and yes, my counter is currently at 284.... SO WHAT! I could have thousands of posts if I wanted to repeat my OPINIONS over and over and over and over... I have actually many more posts than that but I have lived through several resets that took my count back to zero. There are long periods of time when I have not had the time to engage on this board. That doesn't lessen my knowledge or interest. Ironically, I would engage more but for the folks who aggressively jump on posters like they just pooped in their yard or something. Just my two cents! I have a solid reputation on this board with zero warnings and a decent amount of rep points for my meager 284 posts.
  18. You are absolutely correct!! I posted about this earlier in this thread. Unfortunately, you can be one of those posters. I respect your arguments but, you seem (at least to me) to have a need to "win" a discussion. We are all usually talking in opinion and the hypothetical. There is no "winning."
  19. Wow, i didn't pay close attention and just assumed that someone was using the same name.
  20. Great post. I wish I had written it!
  21. I agree that this is a good post and represents a good sound argument for your opinion. I want to clarify one thing. I may not have been clear. It is not my opinion that Kjerstad was ME's top BPA. How could I know that? What I said was (IIRC) that I have no reason not to believe him when he says that. People were saying that Correa couldn't have possibly been their BPA when he was drafted. Maybe he was and maybe he wasn't. Let's just hope as O's fans that it works out as well.
  22. If the post wasn't clear then I will try to do better in the future but I am not sure how this means I don't think that underslotting had nothing to do with it? We won't know if these teams sign their picks for under slot until they are signed. I think it is widely expected that Lacy signs for slot. If that is true then it wasn't an issue with that pick. What I meant is actually what I said and not your interpretation. I am done discussing this with you. I will agree to disagree.
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