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  1. 1 hour ago, Frobby said:

    I’ve never seen any criticism of Mountcastle’s hands.    It’s always been his arm that was the big issue.   

    The guy would not have spent several years at SS and 3B if his hands and athleticism were poor.   I’d expect him to be fine at 1B and in LF, but his arm will still be below average.   

    IIRC, this is true. Could Mountcastle develop into a guy that DH's 2-4 games a week and then moves around a little between 1B, 2B, 3B, LF the rest of the time?

  2. On 10/12/2019 at 3:48 PM, Aristotelian said:

    Woah, never heard of the shaving cream thing. Is that for real?

    Yes it is real. Very old school. That's what we did in the 70's and 80's. I played against Traber in high school. He came across as a bully and I don't think he changed much by looking at that video. He was not a good guy back then. He is by far my least favorite Oriole player. Having said that, I am glad he got through his medical issues.

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  3. I think that Hyde will stay a few more seasons. I wouldn't be surprised if he is replaced when they are competitive again. I expect to see one or more changes on the coaching staff only because these guys were brought in late. I am assuming that some of the guys they wanted were not available then. I think part of the reason Hyde was hired (probably a small reason) was to learn what the Cubs organization was doing in player development. I think Elias even mentioned something to that affect at the press conference. Anyway, I agree that you can't really evaluate Hyde with this roster. 

  4. 1. Trade anyone who will be over 30 by 2022, assuming you get equal value for them.

    2. Start to bring up (real) prospects as they become ready.

    3. Release Davis (I don't think a buyout is actually a thing. I don't think the MLBPA would go for it and there is no incentive for Davis to do it.) Does anyone know of a buyout actually occurring? 

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  5. According to sources, the Orioles are parting ways with minor league hitting coordinator Jeff Manto, minor league catching coordinator Don Werner, special assignment pitching instructor Ramón Martinez, Single-A Frederick manager Ryan Minor, Keys pitching coach Justin Lord and hitting coach Bobby Rose, short-season Single-A Aberdeen development coach Jack Graham and Rookie-level Gulf Coast League field coach Carlos Tosca. Also, Calvin Maduro and Scott McGregor were let go. 

  6. Let's be happy for Mike that he is having a solid year. Who knows if he'll do it again. I would have liked to have seen the O's give him a chance with the big club but it didn't work out. I keep checking back on this thread for information on guys we purged but, it has been hijacked by little Yaz and lots of people just repeating themselves. This thread was about guys we purged at the deadline last year. It's way off track now. 

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  7. 1 hour ago, LookinUp said:

    You want the #1 pick, you just don't know it.

    If there's no consensus, that gives the #1 team even more leverage to negotiate an under-slot deal with multiple players, which leaves even more slot money available later in the draft. It's a big advantage to draft higher no matter the players you're picking from.

    This is why I posted the difference in slot money between 1-1 and 1-3. In 2019 it was $1.2M. That is significant. It will likely be a larger difference in 2020.

  8. 19 hours ago, bpilktree said:

    I think the Orioles will be fighting for a 4-8 pick next year.  I expect them to be better then the Tigers Royals Marlins, Mariners.  Then you have the next group of White Sox, Rangers us, Reds and someone in the Nl west.  It will depend on if we move guys in off season and what teams make moved if we get top 5 pick.  


    I think the Orioles may regress next year or stay neutral. I see them selling off any assets they may have this off-season. I think they will not aggressively promote the Bowie crop of pitchers (at least as a group) and even if they do they will struggle. I can easily see another 1-1 to 1-3 pick. I would look for a jump in 2021 as some guys get established and then growth into 2022-23

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  9. Congrats to Tom. Very nice man. I used to help out with the Brooks Robinson HS All-Star game and my son was around 7-8 and he was the bat boy. Tom Davis was doing the PA announcing but he would do it from the home dugout. He was very nice to my son and my son will usually say something about that when he sees him on the TV. The recently retired Keith Mills also filled in and one year the game fell on Father’s Day and he got my son to ask me if we could eat at hooters after the game. Both are good men. 

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  10. 5 minutes ago, DirtyBird said:

    You seem happy. Please give me some more tips on how to be as happy as you.

    Like several folks I have placed atomic on ignore. Problem is that his trolling still comes through when folks quote him. I guessing there’s no way to avoid that

  11. 1 minute ago, Can_of_corn said:

    They questions isn't if it hurt the O's, it is if he had a realistic chance to stop the move.  If you don't think he did he made out very well.

    I don’t have the memory or the expertise on that issue. I will defer

    to others who do. 

  12. 16 minutes ago, OFFNY said:



    (vs. NATIONALS, 8/27)


    After Hunter Harvey gave the Orioles and their fans a scare by getting himself in and out of a bases-loaded jam in the 8th inning, Mychal Givens quickly and methodically disposed of the Nationals in the 9th ........ Groundout, Strikeout, Strikeout, all on only )11 Pitches )(8 )Strikes, )3 )Balls.)



    I enjoy an O’s win over the Nats as much as a win over the Red Sox or Yankees! 

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  13. 6 minutes ago, Can_of_corn said:

    Nice research but I think the Baltimore/DC area is large enough for two teams and two teams have shared the market in the past.

    We’ve had threads about this since the move to DC became a thing. Of course DC/Baltimore can support two teams but if there was just one team that team would be better off. PA did give up certain rights by “allowing” the Nats in. It is only logical that the Nats hurt the O’s. I guess the real argument is how much. 

  14. 3 hours ago, Redskins Rick said:

    On the other hand, what if they suck on purpose, get Rocker and he turns out to be like Hobgood, which could happen?

    What would you have gained, by tanking?

    Well, I guess that could happen but the comparison of Rocker to Hobgood seems really a reach. The only thing they have in common is that they pitch. But, to answer your question... we have gained nothing except a wasted 1-1 pick which is just as likely to happen at 1-2, 1-3, 1-4 etc.... To turn around your question, what have we lost but for a few meaningless games. what's the difference between 100 losses and 110 losses (please don't say 10 losses). 

  15. 2 hours ago, Aristotelian said:

    The whole Delmarva staff has been so lights out, I would be tempted to promote Justin Ramsey to MLB!

    I've kind of followed him for years. I know him casually from pitching coaches clinics etc. He is of the same school of thought as Brent Strom, Derek Johnson, Wes Johnson, Eric Bender, Dewey Robinson, Chris Holt and others. He may have been a relative unknown to a lot of folks but he was well known in the pitching coaches fraternity.

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  16. 1 hour ago, Aristotelian said:

    Can we stick to the thread topic instead of rehashing DD's trades again?

    I still see Tate as top 30. He hasn't graduated yet, but has shown some upside as a short reliever.

    I was inclined to agree with McCoy, but his bat appears to have cooled off. .682 OPS at Bowie doesn't do much for me. How is that "nothing but hit"? He has a decent batting average but I didn't know it was possible to slug .347! Unfortunately that .900 OPS at Frederick is looking like a SSS aberration.

    Lots of pitchers to choose from at Delmarva. How about Tyler Joyner (30th round  2018 draft pick)? 1.98 ERA, 9 K/9 to 2.90 BB/9. Or Ryan Wilson (33rd round pick 2017). 9.89 K/9 to 2.76 BB/9? Stauffer too.


    It will be interesting to see how the Delmarva pitchers fair next year in Frederick. Also, I am excited to see who ME brings in as MiLB coaches and development coaches.

  17. 1 hour ago, Camden_yardbird said:

    I was going to mention Kumar Rocker but I guess hes a freshman.

    Yes he is, He is likely to be the 1-1 in 2021 and that is why its important that we totally stink next year. I am not usually a guy who goes for draft position but I really want Rocker. It would be a shame to be historically bad for three years and then just miss out on a talent like that by winning a few extra meaningless games.

  18. I think he'll make it to the last year and likely finish out the contract. I don't see him walking away and I don't see the O's eating it either. I think the plan is to be historically bad again next year so, I can see a true pitching prospect coming up here and there but, I don't see any of the position prospects coming up (other than September) until next summer. 

  19. 2 minutes ago, Frobby said:

    Apparently I’ve reached my limit of free articles for the month.   

    Here is a brief part of the technology description. I think I am allowed to post part of the article.

    Players wear K-Vests from K-Motion, which features motion sensors that track body movement in the pelvis, torso, arm and hand, providing real-time data in the cages.

    “It allows us to be more efficient in practice. It cuts to the chase,” Eller said. “It’s not like, ‘Oh I think I see this, I think I see that, I think you’re doing this.’ We have high-speed video. We have motion-sensors. We have 4D motion sensors that are on the body. We know what’s going on, and we know what’s effective and what’s not effective. I think it’s just going to allow the players to develop faster, honestly. It’s going to be great for the hitters.”

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