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  1. I think they mean before PA steps in and slows him down!
  2. Bingo, we have a winner!!! Good point
  3. I think this alone should validate his credentials. His success with the Cubs was certainly mixed. Maybe he wasn't ready to run a "big market team." It seems to me that over the last 5 years with the Cubs he focused on scouting and player development and did a pretty good job of it. That is what he is saying he intends to do here.
  4. Bigbird had a thread last week about a lot of talks going on with the Angels. One can only hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Does the AFL use Gameday? I couldn't find it.
  6. The article is intended for tomorrow's paper.
  7. The post mentions that Jose Guillen and Robert Fick have filed. Any interest in either? I think Guillen could bounce back but, I don't know if he'll move to LF. Fick may be a decent back up catcher.
  8. I couldn't agree with you more. Burrell seems like the kind of player we always get. On the downside of his career due to age, injury or both. He's another David Segui to me!
  9. I am not apathetic about the O's. I have been a O's fan since I was 6 years old when they lost in the 69 WS to the Mets. I cried like a baby the last game at MS and I was nearly thirty years old. I die with every bad pitch and weak swing. I get just as frustrated with managers as anyone else. Just because we can read the same thing and come to different conclusions doesn't mean that I wrong. It means that we disagree. I also didn't suggest that we should blindly sit back and take whatever comes our way. When I said it is what it is I meant regarding PA's attitude. If that's not how it read then I didn't write it very well. I don't think that ranting on this board gets us anywhere. But, I do think that there are things we can do to voice our displeasure.
  10. I think you are taking what he said out of context. He's talking primarily about the fact that Boston has double the ticket prices. And, they have been more supportive of their team recently. Yes we have had 9 losing years and all that. But, I don't think he was blaming the Baltimore fans as much as pointing out the difference in revenue. I choose to let those things go. It's just not worth getting upset over. It is what it is...ranting on this board will not fix anything
  11. When you (or whoever) gave the attendance figures the larger park allows us to draw more than Boston can. That alone gives us an advantage when you avgerage or total attendance. For instance while we can draw mid 40's they can only draw mid 30's.
  12. Great find, I was impressed with the interviewer. I thought he was respectful but asked the right questions!
  13. I agree. The post says that his contract was not renewed. It seems to me that things are really improving. I have not seen the FA move this decisively since.....McPhail was in charge.
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