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  1. I agree but after watching the O’s rush players for years I’m okay with them being slow to promote. Nothing wrong with spending an entire year in AAA.
  2. At the time he was here, I thought Jordan did a good job. In hindsight, that was because the guys before him were historically bad. Now I think he did mostly a poor job. Always liked the guy but, short of the no brainers, he didn't have a lot of guys that he found in later rounds.
  3. Wow! Adrenaline is a powerful thing. If he can maintain that, he may have just ensured his next FA contract as a back end BP piece.
  4. Wait, What? Is this true??
  5. I have often said that there is a lot of hidden talent in DII, DIII and JuCo. I am glad to see that Elias has the means to find it.
  6. MCO'sFan

    Gulf Coast League

    Actually, (and not surprisingly) not very different. Very athletic, big frame, plus runner. Average arm, hit tool is inconsistent. Routes are inconsistent in the outfield. Great attitude, great teammate and is eager to learn! He is the kind of guy that visually stands out. Just finished his Freshman year at ECU, not much PT. Can be solid prospect if it clicks. He is a LHH and thrower (Brother is RHH/Thrower). Gets out of the box really well, his speed surprises people.
  7. MCO'sFan

    Gulf Coast League

    Does anyone know what kind of prospect (used in its general sense) Andrew Jayne may be? I coached his twin brother this summer.
  8. Thanks for the reply. This may sound snarky but I don't mean it to. I am trying to reflect how silly this sounds to someone who doesn't know anything about defensive metrics. So the answer is because the want/need to.
  9. If this is all true, I can't imagine why anyone would put faith in these metrics. Can anyone explain why they do?
  10. Guys are always looking for perfect players. There are only a few truly complete players. I think it’s fine to discuss prospects and their flaws but some posters take it way too far and constantly beat them up. I usually just ignore their posts. I am very much looking forward to seeing RM succeed in ML
  11. I was not saying that Washington shouldn't get or didn't deserve its own team. I am simply disputing the claim that they didn't lose that many fans or that it was due to poor O's teams. I am sure that most of Maryland is still O's territory but MoCo and PG (two of the most populated) are not.
  12. Wow! This alone should cause you to be banned.
  13. I just don't agree with this statement. I know dozens of people who were O's fans who instantly became Nats fans when they moved in. The O's win/loss had nothing to do with it. I am sure that some people left due to the losing but it is a very small number based on my experience and opinion.
  14. The Nats move to DC absolutely hurt the O's tremendously. They took significant corporate sponsorships and luxury box owners away. They virtually lost all of DC, NoVa and most of MoCo and Pg. Losing didn't help but even when the O's had the best record in baseball over a 5 year period, attendance didn't improve to even close to pre-Nats levels.
  15. MCO'sFan

    Gulf Coast League

    Thanks for sharing. I coach his brother Christian Jayne (ECU) in the Ripken Summer League. I didn't realize he was in the O's system.
  16. He had a significant labrum tear and repair that took him about three years to come back completely. He was not at full physical capacity with the O's. He is one of the few that have come back from that better than before.
  17. I've been a member since 2014 and just switched over to PayPal. I have gone through periods when I post fairly often and then I don't for a long time. But I visit daily, usually multiple times a day. It's still the best source of O’s news and discussion. I've been through many number of post resets. I think I made it to over 1,000 once before going back to zero. Been through the Tony on active duty era (thank you for your service) sportsguy era and I hung on for the ride that never really came. I gladly pay to keep the site up and running.
  18. Thanks for the clarification. That all makes sense.
  19. I completely agree with this point. Here's what I think is the deciding factors before you consider an intervention. 1. Pain/Health - Are they experiencing abnormal/significant pain during the game or immediately afterwards. 2. Recovery - Are they able to recovery properly within the appropriate time frame. 3. Is their velocity/command on par with their peers. 4. Are they getting guys out. He checks all these boxes. Leave him alone until he doesn't
  20. Without getting into an argument (maybe I don't fully understand what you are trying to convey and I am not talking specifically about Grayson) but, I disagree with this statement. Linear progression down the mound, creates energy from the back side leg. This is critical for both velocity and command. I've been fortunate enough to discuss this a pretty good length with some very high caliber folks. If you are trying to say that not everyone has the same "optimal load" on the back side, then I agree completely. Everyone is different.
  21. I agree. September call up this year. May/June call up next year. You have to give most prospects a year, year and a half before you can expect them to be consistent MLB performers. We can't waint until 2021 to start that process with everyone.
  22. I like how you think. Especially since I rarely watch the games anymore. (Not by choice... I coach JuCo in the spring and in the Call Ripken Summer league so I miss most games).
  23. Ha Ha, I missed that entirely. I thought you were referring to Gunnar!!
  24. I don't know about that... I thought he was pretty bad. He sounded uncomfortable doing color.
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