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  1. I'm in the sellers camp but even if I were not, I would not trade our number 1 prospect for a rental.
  2. I have not seen a source (I certainly may have missed it) so I am asking the question...do we know they didn't sign him due to a failed physical?
  3. I like the idea of shorter segments by position.
  4. Can anyone show a link that this is accurate. I've seen it many times but as far as I can tell it is pure conjecture!
  5. That's not how this works...That's not how any of this works. The days of pitchers running long distances are gone. They now have shorter more intense runs sprints. Most don't run more than a mile - a mile and a half. Some "old school" guys still do but, not many.
  6. We have a winner. Steve Phillips is the worst of the worst failed GM's who go on the air to second guess guys who are actually making decisions based on all the facts available at the time. Phillips and Jim Bowden are still chasing the fame.
  7. I'd rather not have Haskins if it meant I had to keep Edsall he was one of the worst football coaches in the nation. He reminded me of the Bob Wade era in UMD Hoops
  8. MCO'sFan


    IIRC Nolan played mostly in RF in the minors
  9. I know nothing about these prospects. I would be on the side of getting a more established player as at least part of the deal than just prospects. I am in the trade Britton camp. I think the pen is a strength and Britton is the best trade chip we have.
  10. Wow! Just wow. Hyperbole much? We were in contention last year and they all had down years.
  11. We don't know what the resources are yet so I am not concerned at all. We are never going to give out these stupid contacts to the top tier pitchers and I am grateful for that. Only a tiny percent workout and we would be crippled if it failed.
  12. Unless your are going to replace the entire rotation, it seems logical that there has to be reliance on the returning starters improvement in 2015.
  13. It's amazing how utterly and completely wrong most of these posters were wrong.
  14. The O's have won more than these two teams for the last three years. The Jays have not "won" anything since the 90's. Toronto is a much larger market with even larger resourses.
  15. The hyperbole on the OH never stops amazing me. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in this article or AJ's quotes that remotely suggest or hint that he would welcome a trade. Just the opposite...
  16. This is one of the most rediculous posts I have read on OH since I joined. This time last year we were the darlings of the baseball management world and other organizations coveted our staff and were eager to learn how we operated. I don't know how our FO or coaching staff rates by age but its irrelevant. Our systems are solid and they work. We can do better in the international market but that is not due to the age of our FO.
  17. This has always been the predominant hitting philosophy throughout baseball. I have never heard a single pro hitting coach suggest that hitters take "their" pitch in order to see more pitches or to run up a pitch count.
  18. Soon, you're saying you would get a hit? :beerchug1:
  19. I don't know if he's updated the article but I just read it and he clearly mentions Norris being DFA'd and explains that they traded Hunter to open up a second spot to allow for the Baltimore to Norfolk shuttle
  20. Sorry for the confusion. I am not suggesting that LL rules are better and that they should be used by other leagues. Frankly, it would make sense to play NFHS rules since that's what they'll use in HS. I was disagreeing with (what I thought) was your opinion that LL rules place kids at a disadvantage. I don't see it as "holding them back" like you stated. I simply don't think that is true based on my experience. Other than in a tournament for which they are not prepared, I just have not seen a disadvantage. Now, if you want to say that LL is similar to a "rec" league and the talent is not at the level of a true "select team", I would probably agree with that.
  21. Number 5, I guess we will agree to disagree. In my experience the LL rules don't put the kids at a disadvantage. There maybe a short-term adjustment when making the step to leads, pick-offs etc... But, they are overcome rather quickly. A few games or as much as half a season and the better players have pretty much caught up. Now if you take a LL team and put them in a tournament under different rules then I agree that they are under a disadvantage as any team would be. I am certain that if you take a player who is used to hitting off a pitcher that's 50-52 feet away and he is in a tournament wherein the pitcher is only 46 feet away then they would struggle to hit for a period of time. My overarching point was that MLB is suggesting that there be one set of rules and I agree with that point.
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